CMYK Color Analog Watch Design

Design submitted by Stefano from Italy.

Another concept from Stefano that is both simple and fun. The strap and case are quite standard but the display is unusual and uses four a combination of colors to show the time. Hours are shown on the inner most ring by the yellow circle that overlaps the yellow and blue zones. Minutes are on the next ring out and are shown by the magenta circle that overlaps the pink and blue zones. Single minutes are shown on the outer most ring by the black circle.

5 thoughts on “CMYK Color Analog Watch Design

  1. Oh that’s a creative watch. I like the artistic style – you have a thing for that 🙂 Not as geeky as other watches in the blog but a stylish enrichment. Cool analog watch!


  2. Great idea Stephano!
    I was more impressed by your numb watch but this one is really cool too!
    I have to say, I would not wear it myself though. But that’s personal taste!


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