Japanese Themed Watch Design

Design submitted by Faisal from Indonesia.

Inspired by the Japanese flag symbol (rising sun) to bring together a sense of nationalism with a style.

This watch design utilizes LED technology.  Time is activated by the middle red button.  Yellow LED indicates hours which resides in a red transparent protective glass mounted to 12 grooves.  Minutes are represented by a blue LED in 3 grooves, each representing 20 minutes.   Date is displayed along with time.  12-month group is located in the middle in blue LEDs.

13 thoughts on “Japanese Themed Watch Design

  1. Interesting.. Good idea..
    it have unique technique to know the clock, the date, etc.
    Good innovation..

    Good luck mr.faizal


  2. This one is way to complicated… and somehow doesn’t feel so much Japanese… i’d rather use YAMATO theme 😡


  3. This is fascinating. To be honest, it’s not my style, a little bit too eccentric with the shape and colours. Fantastic effort though.


  4. Man that thing looks like it’s on fire! Definitely has an Asian look to it. May appeal to some. I have a gold PIMP watch and most of my friends back home hate it, but my friends who are all Expats love it, so think it really depends on where you are in the world and how cutting edge the fashion is. So this maybe very popular in some parts of the world.


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