UV LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Logan from the USA.

Logan uses UV LEDs that emit no visual light for this watch design.  The LEDs are never seen directly, but their UV light activates fluorescent paint that shows the time.

One digit is displayed at a time.  The LEDs turn on and off one-by-one in a sequence that “draws” the digit on the fluorescent paint.  After the digit has been drawn and all LEDs are off, the digit fades and the next digit is drawn.  The LEDs’ optics create wide-angle beams so the light from the adjacent LEDs overlaps and activates a continuous line of paint.  An anti-UV coating on the top of the glass prevents sunlight from activating the paint, so the watch stays black until the UV LEDs turn on.

6 thoughts on “UV LED Watch Design

  1. I think there is a germ if a good idea here. I like the cleaver approach to numbers that fade out instead of blinking like a Christmas tree. I would like to see more attention to the style of the watch as well.


  2. ダイレクトな光だけじゃなくてこういうものアリだと思います。実際は表示がどんなかんじになるかわからないけど、もしかしたら幻想的なイイ感じになるかもしれないですね!


  3. I’m not sure how this works technically, but I agree with Skinbyte, there’s something in this. I too would like to see this idea developed with different displays.


  4. Oh I had a similar ideas. Maybe I let it out of my sketch book:) The idea is very nice. I wish to see this animated, because that is the clue of this watch. 4* for the idea.


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