Four-handed Wrist Watch Design

Design submitted by Anders from Sweden.

The idea for this unique watch concept came up when Anders was considering different ways to display numbers 0-9 that could be arranged around a clock face with four hands showing the time.  Anders used numerals in Japanese characters for this watch.

The design revolves around the four hands which each indicating one digit of the current time; with an LED sweeping around the base of the hands showing the seconds.  Time is read from the smallest hand to the biggest.

The clean design would appeal to many, especially those wanting a watch that looks normal at first glance.  The simple shapes are carried through the red and chrome watch body and buckle connected by a minimalistic carbon-weave wrist band.

11 thoughts on “Four-handed Wrist Watch Design

  1. Wow I like this watch. 4 hands: very good idea! The 2nd and the 3rd hand are a little too similar, but that’s a smaaaall detail. Kanji: yes please! Black-white-red: oh yeah! The round display wich morphes into a rounded square is a nice idea. The straps… nice materials 🙂 Very strong design Anders!


    • Finally, someone likes a strap design! =)
      Seriously though, thanks! I’m hoping to break the 4.0 rating barrier, and it looks like this one might…
      I know what you mean about the 2nd and 3rd hand… I made the centers of the hands in groups of 2 (easiest to see on the screen diagram) do differentiate between hours and minutes, but since I also made the second hour hand longer (to have the same clearance to the next hand), it became too similar to the next hand… Figures…=)


  2. Oh steampunky again. Four hands are a clever idea. I better don’t say something to the strap, since the mood is pretty bright right now. The red metal is nice. The numbers look cool, everyone (except chinese, japanese) would look at you and say “what?” Cool thing!


    • Steampunky? Really?

      Hehehe, If you don’t like the strap then say so, maybe I can make my next submission better…=)

      Thanks för the comment!


      • Yes a modern subtle steampunk. The four hands are the reason 🙂

        The straps start with these metal things, they are not my taste. The straps themselves are too thin, but the material looks wanteable. I think, the only rounded and red thing should be the case. The rest can be simple and “quiet”. But it is all a matter of taste. Technically this watch rocks!

        I think Tokyo Flash will rework the designs anyway, if they take a watch (or two or three…) so I say, make your own style and let Tokyo Flash decide the deeper details. On the other hand, it is good to follow the critiques of the crowd 🙂 I wish I could do what you all can. It’s cool to see so many creations here.

        ps: You have “ö” in sweden? You accidently wrote “för”. In germany we have it too.


      • Ok, I thought it was the screws fastening the straps…

        Yeah, most of the concepts here seem to need some adjusting to make them manufacturable…=) But then that’s the point of a concept, it shouldn’t be fully constrained by what’s thought to be possible… If they were, there’d never be anything really new…

        Yes, we do…=) incidentally, ‘för’ actually translates to ‘for’… For any linguists out there…


  3. I love the 10 digit dial! My only question, does the hour x 10 hand just go back and forth? I might prefer it to sweep around, but wouldn’t know how to implement that. I could probably get used that hand going the other direction. But I do love the four hands and the kanji. It reminds me of the Fossil watch with the kanji, but I like this much more.


    • Thanks!
      I suoppose the hands could move either way, but I tihnk it’d look better if they sweep around rather than go back and forth… It’d probably be fairly easy to do, just a few lines of code, probably…


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  5. I kind of agree with asphono. The 4 hands concept is really good. Maybe if the hour hands and the minutes hands could be more different it would be easier to read. As for the design itself, it s a bit too much for my taste. Same for the kanji.


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