Artic Ice Flow Watch Concept

Design submitted by Carmine from the USA.

Inspired by travels to Alaska, the angular shapes represent the fractured nature of ice along the arctic ice flow.  Gentle curves are drawn from the endangered Polar Bear while negative shapes are inspired by the majestic Blue Whale.

Straight forward and easy to read in 90 degrees horizontal form.  Two blue buttons access the date and time.  Red button activates a slide show of images downloaded via Wi-Fi.

Large E-ink display has curved mineral glass crystal flush mount from edge to edge suspended between brushed stainless steel shards of metal.  A corrugated polyurethane band gathers the floating elements into one.  Backlit, sand blasted translucent LED buttons provide a unique accent to interrupt the visual flow.

22 thoughts on “Artic Ice Flow Watch Concept

  1. Thats a hot watch. Oh, I mean cool! It is so edgy but it is not too much. The big screen rocks! The time and date display are very stylish. The image slide show is a nice idea. You could upload own images as nice background… Good work Carmine!


  2. This one’s got my vote as well…Not only very eye-catching, but also – As someone who *loves* frostbitten, mountainous Worlds – One that sits quite close to my heart! >:-)

    A couple of options that I’d like to suggest for it though:
    1. Choice of screen colour: Personally I’d prefer a red display on mine, and having the option to select a screen colour would make it more attractive to a wider range of buyers,
    2. Option for a steel/aluminium strap: A lot of the stuff that I have tends to go through the mill in day-to-day use, and the option to have a more durable Steel band instead of a polyurethane one would be handy.

    Farewell for now, and ‘Grats to Carmine for coming up with an ace design! Here’s hoping that TokyoFlash do put this one into production! >:-)
    +++ DieselDragon +++


    • Hello everybody, first of all, thank you for the positive response. I really appreciate all of your feedback.
      Now to your questions:

      1. I did consider screen color choices in my concept stage and I think it’s defiantly doable, just didn’t want the rendering to be all over the place with too much saturated color. I was even considering interchangeable colored glass as a possible option.

      2. With regards to the strap, your point is well taken, but if you look at the last picture with the black colored watch (Carbon), my intent was exactly what you have suggested, metal all the way around. Brushed metal with a spring loaded clasp so it would appear as one piece and not links.


  3. Too amorph shape for me, but still imaginable. The style of the numbers is cool. Other color option would be nice later. Good work!


  4. very cool and very futuristic. my concern is how it would look like in real life. I really like the font for the numbers.


    • I share your concern. If the real watch would look like this, I would buy it immediately :-D. I hope you will be able to make a prototype, because the design is absolutely fantastic.


  5. Extremely cool design! I especially like the wallpaper option. If this were to produced, I definitely would buy the black one!


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