Vector Watch Concept

Design submitted by Tamas from Hungary.

This watch design is an eye-catching watch that tells the time as a traditional clockwork but looks futuristic and clear.   Tamas used the Gyroscope rotation concept which is an unusual device that has never been used in a watch before.

The watch has a clean stylish face in an almost invisible LCD or e-paper display.  Once it is activated, time and date will be highlighted in a triangular form instead of a traditional clock hand.  Hours, minutes, and seconds can be determined by observing the distance between the triangle peaks and the center point.  The point that is nearest to the center corresponds to the hour pointer, the middle point marks the minutes and the farthest point marks the seconds.

There are two date scales on the edges.  Top scale represents days and left scale represent months.  Time and date can be read from the scale where the crossing dashed lines intersect.

14 thoughts on “Vector Watch Concept

  1. very good concept. It is simple, innovative, clever enough, I will not modify it. I will buy it like it is.


  2. Oh pretty clever indeed.

    The gyroscopic rotation is very cool, but the horizontal axis of the watch has to be parallel to the line, your eyes lie on. If your hand is higher than your elbow, the watch is turned and therefore the display is turned, no intuitive reading possible (+- 10 minutes). But thats why you made the hints – wise decision 😉

    The triangle with the different distances is simple looking but contains all the information you need, very good. I submitted something slightly similar to this idea, maybe Tokyo Flash will show it. Well, that’s a tokyo-flashy watch in my opinion. Hard to read and strange but stylish looking.


  3. I didn’t get this at first. I liked the design but couldn’t understand it, then i suddenly realised its actually quite simple.

    Very clever design.


  4. WOW. I’m arguing between this one and the DK concept watch. This is awesome, I love it. It’s SO simple! Bravo!


  5. Good, clear concept, easy to read, no learning or math required to tell the time, yet still abstract enough to feel totally different. The Hints feature is very nice.

    My only negative comment would be to place some more time on the style of the wristband and watch face. I also think e-paper is a bad choice for display in this case. This is because originally vector graphics were bright lines illuminated on a dark background. Since your design references that, e-paper would make it appear washed out or watered down in terms of concept.

    What you are doing here in a way is celebrating vector graphics, so focus on that.


  6. Will make a pretty nice effect as the seconds tick by, at some point the triangle will become a line for a moment > 3:15 & 15 seconds for example, but then it will come out the other side.
    Id like to see this in action on a flash video or something, the animation is really going to be a big part of the effect.


  7. クール!秒の表示も付いてるから三角形が少しずつ変化していく感じがおもしろそうですね。ただ、時間と分が同じ場合どうなるのか疑問?


  8. Tamas, indeed very clever and quite an interesting one! Love the idea, very nice innovation! Keep up the good work! I would like to own this one too 🙂


  9. Tamas, here’s the translation of Honda’s comment… I guess that is Japanese, hope I got this right!

    Cool! That sounds like fun but we’re changing a little bit with the display of the second triangle. But what happens when the same question time and minutes


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