Cubic LED Watch

Design submitted by Logan from the USA.

This watch design is all about creating depth in a flat LCD display which is always on and with adjustable color LED.

Hours are shown on the twelve cubes at the top, tens of minutes on the five cubes in the middle, single minutes on the nine cubes at the bottom.  In each group, the position of the cube with the black top indicates the value (value=0, if no cube has a black top).  The cubes that are used for telling the time have a partly shaded side, making them easier to count.

An intriguing always-on display that looks more like a piece of modern art than a watch.

8 thoughts on “Cubic LED Watch

  1. 積み木のようなパターンがクールだけど、時間の表示がややこしいです。もうちょっと簡単に時間が読める方法はないすかね。


  2. Once again a very good concept. Could be very hard to read the time while you are drunk, but it looks excellent.

    I like a lot the strap with particullar segments. It reminds me about Geomesh.

    Logan, even it is hard to read after several biers, I will like to have one of these. Congrats !


  3. Cool pattern with hidden time… just like in a good Tokyo Flash watch 🙂 But please rethink the display, it is a little hard to read. Maybe you really make three colors. I would also continue the pattern until the edges of the display, you could use the “empty” cubes for that. Nevertheless, cool idea. You make more watches, will you 🙂


  4. sold on this one!
    i like designs that seem confusing at first glance, but hide a very simple time telling technique.
    the process of getting used tp the display and after a while being able to read off the time with a quick look is very rewarding.
    plus i like the overall design.


  5. It would be great if it would be more a 3D impression and the digits would be more hidden in it. I think it always works better this way rather than counting blocs.


  6. A very nice design that appeals to my liking for M.C. Escher’s artwork, there! 🙂

    Like others have said, reading the time looks to be a bit of a struggle…Even with the guide above, I struggled to read the demonstration images. How’s about flashing the whole block for each time element when the button is pressed (I.E: Flashing 4, 40, and 3 for 16:43) instead? 🙂


    • @DieselDragon Flashing the blocks is a good suggestion, at least as an option. I agree it would make the time easier to read.


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