The Elements – LED Watch Concept

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

This watch design is divided into three parts that symbolizes sky, earth, and water.  ‘Sky’ shows hours, ‘earth’  shows 10 minute groups, and single minutes for ‘water’.

Time is an easy read and the monotone color theme gives the whole concept an elegant and chic touch.

9 thoughts on “The Elements – LED Watch Concept

  1. You have cool watches. I personally like to read watches intead of counting. But the strength of Tokyo Flash watches wasn’t their readability but their cool displays (wich work of course). Your watches would continue that tradition.


  2. This is one of the design i like the most. It has a nice zen touch to it : the link with nature, and how each section looks like a sun beaming down. Maybe by permitting the user to choose the colors of the led at will would be an awesome feature.

    This would be a quick buy for me! Congratulations!


  3. I find this design extremely striking. Reminds me of a laser show. Very easy to see the time as well. Good luck and hope this gets made.


  4. I really like this design, well done again Laszlo. It’s simple, smart and has a kind of geometric feel. I’m a big fan of these case/strap designs too. It all fits together nicely. Please make this one Tokyoflash!


  5. really really cool laszlo!! Once again 🙂 I m not sure where are the elements but it has a bit of the japanese flag on it.


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