Right-angled LED Watch Design

Design submitted by Lee from the USA.

Composed entirely of right angles, time on this watch design is easy to tell.  The 12 square LEDs on the left represent the hours, the middle ones represent 10 minutes group, and each of the 9 square LEDs on the right represent a single minute.  The LEDs can light up in green, blue, or red.  Switching between colors can be easily done with just a touch of a button.

This design is made attractive by the shape, colors, measurement, and placements of parts that serve the ultimate purpose of telling time.

4 thoughts on “Right-angled LED Watch Design

  1. The really new thing is the color change. I think I didn’t see that before. How about letting this happen randomly? 12-5-9 topic… the layout is nice but not thrilling. Not bad at all. Imaginable 🙂


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