TOKYO Watch Design Concept

Design submitted by Logan from the USA.

Here is Logan’s own interpretation of submitted concepts with Japanese themes. The watch says it all – the word Tokyo in Japanese Kanji characters split into 12 segments for hours, 5 segments for tens of minutes, and 9 segments for single minutes.

Logan describes it as “thematic, but still bold and not too gimmicky”.

Another unique Japanese-themed watch design and we are constantly amazed by the ideas!

10 thoughts on “TOKYO Watch Design Concept

  1. This was love at first sight! But then reading the time is too difficult. Hours is good but the minutes is tricky to follow and read instantly. I guess you would learn it in a couple of days though. Would like to see it in black and red.


  2. Aw! Yes, it’s love at first sight for me too! I agree with Avatara that reading the time may be a bit tough. But still I love it! I like the casing too. I’d like to see more color variations.


  3. While the idea with lighting up kanji part is really nice, I wouldn’t walk around with a watch that says Tokyo… (or any city name for that matter)

    I don’t find it hard to read, but I don’t like the way the half lit-up kanji look…

    Really nice casing though!


  4. 東京の漢字だよね。 Cool thing! I must say, even if the idea is a little cheesy, I would buy it. But only in Tokyo as a souvenir. Then I would have a personal connection to it and I forget about the cheesy part 😀 I love red-white-black! Kanji style is nice how it is. Cool interpretation of the 12-5-9 topic!


  5. Pretty good. Hey, how about having 3 kanji & the number of strokes tells the time?
    So you need a 12 stroke kanji, a 5 stroke kanji & a 9 stroke kanji.
    Can you think of a cool word that can be made up like that?
    Someone Japanese will have to think about it, not me.. ha ha.


  6. Wearing that would makes you look like a geek but the truth is, I think it s kind of fun! And the case fit pretty nicely!


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