Place Your Bets On Casino Watch Design

Design submitted by Akinori Nemoto from Japan.

Akinori-san has upped the stakes with this watch design with a Casino theme. The display uses either a miniature colour LCD or e-paper to represent detailed graphics as if you were actually sat at the poker table. The cards & chips you have are used to represent the time. The design explains that cards 1 (ace) to 10 are used for hours, & then Jack for 11. 12 o’clock would be either Joker or King depending on AM or PM. I suppose also diamonds or clubs could be used for AM/PM during other hours. The minutes are shown by the number of face-down cards in your hand & your remaining chips.

日本のAkinori Nemotoさんの作品。


Its quite an ambitious way to tell the time, but it does work quite logically. If you like betting, casinos and the bright lights of Vegas im sure this will appeal to you. I dont know if the casino security will suspect you of card counting, I guess that is another gamble you will have to take!

Tokyoflash once before had a Gambling themed watch, although nothing like this. The “Jackpot” watch had a 4-digit LED display, that told the time in a regular way – but it also included a game mode where you could place bets & spin the digits to match up symbols like a 1-armed bandit. Perhaps this watch design could take it to the next level & actually allow you to play poker? It might be fun for long journeys, or even if you are just waiting for the race results.



4 thoughts on “Place Your Bets On Casino Watch Design

  1. This is a really fun and creative concept but I don’t think i’d wear it. Love the idea though and am curious about e-paper. I guess the display could be really detailed. Love the thought of cards showing the time. It’s really cool.


  2. Wow this is going to be one hell of a cool watch. Why there’s no 3D rendering images? This would make a unique watch that grabs everyone attention.


  3. oh wow – this is crazy!!
    I guess if you have an LCD screen like that you can do anything on there.
    Maybe this kind of watch could have updates you can download onto your computer – with new themes, like golf or football.


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