Two Sided Triangle LED Watch

Design submitted by Leuenberger Stéphane from Switzerland.

Stéphane says: “12 and 9 are multiples of 3 which is why i’m going for the triangular shape. I’m going more for fashion appeal rather than for technical appeal. I’ve tried to respect the symmetry of the watch.”

This two sided LED watch looks very different and is focussed on being more of a fashion accessory – that’s what this design is about. Having fun with the shape and allowing the consumer to add fashion accessories will the give this design a personalized look. Love it or hate it you be the judge. We think it’s just plain fun, and that is what this design is all about!

スイスのLeuenberger Stéphaneさんの作品。



9 thoughts on “Two Sided Triangle LED Watch

  1. WOW, this is certainly original – something you might see in Harajuku maybe. Wouldn’t wear this one but it’s very creative!


  2. I like the general idea but it’s execution shown I can’t really get too like – not sure why… I think for me it’s too simple without a certain kick. Also I’d always be afraid that I’d impale myself with the pointy tips ^^
    A little different casing shape and a more intriguing display design and this could be really cool.


  3. Triangles are not very pleasing shapes. They where in the 80s though. But besides that, I think, with the right materials this watch would be nice. The 12-5-9 concept would fit in the tokyo flash catalog.


  4. Nice to see a few womens designs appearing. Most of the watches are for men, there should be a few more that appeal to women. Interesting to see.

    Its very girly & a very wild design. It does kind of make me laugh because its so bizarre – but im sure if it was on the wrist of some sexy girl I would certainly NOT be laughing, I would be saying how cool it is – ha ha!


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