NEMOTO Vibration watch

Design submitted by Akinori Nemoto.

Nemoto san says: “This is a minimalist watch design. As a result, the time does not appear at all. The time is communicated through vibration (Morse code). However, it is difficult to adjust the time so a radio clock function would be integrated.”

Here is a great idea that I haven’t yet seen produced and is worth discussing – the NEMOTO vibration watch. Designs have been done for blind people in the past, usually talking watches, and even some braille watch designs have surfaced over the years, but this is the first time I have seen the time done using vibration. Really thinking outside of the box.

Akinori Nemotoさんの作品。


今まで見た事のないような、このすばらしいアイデアは検討する価値があると思います。 過去には、視覚に障害を持った方の為の時計として、音で時刻を知らせるものや、点字の方法を利用したものがありましたが、バイブレーションで時刻を伝える方式はこれが初めてだと思います。

This could be good for non blind people as well – it would freak people out, you could say that you can sense the time by not even looking at the time – could have some fun with that! It also opens up the possibility of making the watch into 100% a fashion accessory keeping the outlook clean and simple. I could imagine some nice metal bracelet with some cool inlay and no one would know that it was anything but a bracelet. Great concept.


10 thoughts on “NEMOTO Vibration watch

  1. Smart concept. Could see that working well when in a meeting, and don’t want to check the time as it would display that you need or want to leave. Just tap the face and you can feel the time. Hey that is a good name for it “Feel Time”.


  2. Nice idea =) I wouldn’t buy it, as i don’t get the Morse code, but still the idea is interesting and promising 🙂 The design is quite simple and straightforward 🙂


  3. I am fond of the shape and the simplicity and yeah I guess it would be perfect for blind people. If it had some kind of display too, I might consider it, but then that would take away from the minimalist look I guess.


  4. Very sweet idea – although I am not very keen on the design and color… I think I’d prefer a dark colored casing in contrast with a polished or brushed metal plate as vibrating membrane. The whole watch in a more elegant classical design.
    While the idea is original, I have doubts about it’s practicality. Getting signals via vibration is really hard to “read”. Also it takes quiet long to vibrate the message or it would be too fast – in both cases people would get confused very easily.
    I was radio tech in the navy and at the beginning we had to try to learn and listen to morse code. But beyond a certain message speed you just can’t differentiate the signals anymore – it got fuzzy and blurry. It’s a genetic thing how good the “acoustic interval resolution” of your brain is – for most people its quite limited. My guess would be that it is analog with “haptic resolution”….


  5. Make it black, avoid the ipod-ish look and make an easier vibration code and I buy it in an instant 😀 I love the idea that the time is hidden and you only can tell it. It’s magic 😀 This is the extreme opposite of what tokyo flash watches. No symbols wich need to be interpeted, no lights – just the strap and a button.


  6. wow
    love this idea! Would be nice to get it with a better design… I m not sure an iphone shape makes really sense here. What about a “blind watch”: a regular watch without hands on it and no lens. People would definetly wonder how you can magically tell the time with it and you can come up with some crazy explaination!! That would be terrific!


  7. interesting concept…
    but the shape, colour, rubber band etc is very feminime..
    and i frankly don’t know one single girl/woman who knows morse code or would be willing to learn it for a watch… (not saying they don’t exist, but i think there are fewer women than men who would go for morse code)

    so in conclusion i like the idea, but the design need to be worked on in my opinion…


  8. This is an original idea, but I would unfortunately not buy this design: the way of telling the time just does not interest me. However, this is an idea worth exploring indeed!


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