Night Vision Key Chain Concept

A new concept from the Tokyoflash Design Studio, this time an adaptation of the Night Vision concept. This is a great alternative to wearing a watch in the traditional manner. The image below shows the time piece attached to a key ring but this is a concept that would also look great on a key chain or worn on a chain like a pocket watch. This design has blue LEDs, rather than green in the previous design. Do you have an LED color preference?

The shape of this concept is unusual but is definitely original. As you can see, the time can be read at a glance; hours around the edge of the hexagonal shape, the gap in the lights showing the hour. Digital minutes in the center.

TokyoflashDesignStudioから以前に掲載された、Night Visionの新しいコンセプトデザインです。クラシカルな懐中時計を、フューチャリスティックに再構築した新しいアイテムです。まったく違和感なく、美しく延長されたボトムケースには穴があり、ホルダーとして機能します。このホルダーにキーリングやチェーンなど、さまざまなアイテムを追加して使用することができます。また、グリーンのLEDからブルーのLEDにアップデートされています。


8 thoughts on “Night Vision Key Chain Concept

  1. I was a big fan of the Night Vision concept and I love this key chain concept just as much. Blue is my favourite colour and it goes so well with black. Just can’t take my eyes of the display, it’s so clear to understand but has a glowing amulet kind of appearance. If I had any requests, I would be keen to see how this would look with a different shaped hook on the top (where you attach your key or chain or whatever). I like the hexagonal shape and I think a smaller hook might show the shape off more.


  2. Is that a “Time Flies LED Pocket Watch” in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Love the keychain prefer the watch and prefer it in Green LEDs. Make it come together so well in the watch version. As much as I lobe Blue, green works best with this design. Still I would buy it!


  3. I would prefer the green LEDs too. If you really wanna keep the night vision theme, then please greeeeeen 😀

    Key chain concept look good. Quite a nice pendant. Would be nice as an attachment to a trouser loop or for a necklace… many possibilities. the night vision series – how do you wear it?


  4. i’m still in love with the “Night Vision” concept…
    I prefer green over blue though, personal taste, and i feel it fits the night vision theme better.

    i love how it looks so clean in design, and i would like it even more if you removed the button on the side, and instead had to push the face of the watch down to show time.

    and i would prefer if it didn’t say “kisai” on the front, and insted was just completely clean in design.


  5. Good idea, but I still prefer the original concept. As for the colors, maybe it’s possible to offer many choices when the customer order a watch : all blue, all green, outer lights red and inner lights blue, etc.


  6. A key-chain timepiece is a great idea, although I’d like to see more designs before I say if I like this one. As for colors, my favorite combination is black watches with red LED’s.


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