Futuristic GPS Watch – Designed For Space Travelers

Design submitted by Vincent Rhodes from the USA.

Vincent says: “A wide watch, the Yajirushi (Arrow) comes in two styles: Fire (brushed brass color finish) & Ice (brushed slate/steel color). Offering two visual styles for displaying the time, this watch attempts to evoke a worn futuristic aesthetic. The arrow-shaped case and curved elements juxtapose a space-age vibe with the worn, comfortable feel of a leather, cuff-style band featuring a double buckle.”


“I included a “dream feature” that allows the wearer to lock a GPS location into memory (or sync with another Yajirushi watch) and point back to that stored location or source. Find your parked car or your friend with a button push.”

アメリカのVincent Rhodesさんの作品。




Interesting watch design Vincent! It is indeed very reminiscent of a sci-fi gadget of some kind, Captain Kirk would be proud to beam up with this one. Unusual colours are used for the lights, which means composite LED’s (mixing colours) rather than normal red or green LEDs, but some people prefer the non-standard LED colours.

Steel and IP Black are our usual choices for case options, but a brass finish is of course possible. A brass finish would have a used look, it would get dirty & might scratch, perhaps not a bad thing? As time progresses your watch would look like it has seen more active space duty.

We like the canvas style strap you chose. Velcro fastening might complete the look & make attaching it anywhere possible. The case itself looks like it could be removable from the strap & then this opens up the possibility of the watch being used as a belt clip, should the wearer choose.

GPS function could be possible to record your current position, but it would require a wi-fi connection as well if you wanted to send & receive information about your position or another wearers position. Could be over complicating this accessible watch design. In theory its a nice idea, but then how do you input wi-fi login details etc.

Overall this watch design fits in with Tokyoflash very well. We can see it being straightforward to produce, it has some different features such as brass case, canvas/velcro strap, RGB composite LED’s, and the time is easy to read with a great futuristic look.






11 thoughts on “Futuristic GPS Watch – Designed For Space Travelers

  1. Oooh, I like this one! Good effort Vincent! Love the layout of the display and the sci-fi looks. The shape is a bit “far out” for me to wear. I personally do like the LED color combination.

    Surely the GPS would have to enable you to relocate the planet you visited last week 😉


  2. Oh yes, cyan and purple as LED color is pretty unusual Along with the shape its a matter of taste 😛 Case shape and LEDs color fit together well. Traditional LED colors would be good I think.

    The minute display is very cool! Maybe this should be done for the hours too.

    The rectangular plate underneath the curved triagular case destroys the strange look a bit. Of course you need to attach the strap somehow, but maybe it is possible withouth the plate. The rounded rectangle plate is just too innocent for this watch 🙂

    The gps oprtion is nice. Hard to find your memorized location with only a pointer, besides the fact, you remember your location anyway. But nice feature. If you really get that wifi connection, I think coordinates are pretty cool, like 52° 31′ 18” north 13° 25′ 01” east (my city) – displayed in the same way as the time of course xD A more possible option would be a radio controlled watch. Then you always have the current time (for the ones who are lazy to adjust the time, tehehe) Maybe you can add the a display of the current time zone (GMT, PST, EST, CET, etc.) in the three circles, then you it would be a nice alternative to the pure gps.


  3. Thanks for posting my idea! I knew the GPS idea was a bit of s stretch, but I thought it would be fun to mention. Personally, I’d probably prefer a cuff-style leather strap rather than canvas (maybe as an option for a second, changeable strap?). I did use a canvas texture here in the image (Chalk it up to my limited Photoshop skills!) and like your ideas for being able to attach this on a belt, etc.

    I thought the brass case/brown strap would be a different option (but then you’d need the red, orange and purple LED color combination for LEDs). I have a couple Tokyoflash watches so, of course, many in my collection already are black or silver. I need something brown!

    I agree that minimizing the rectangular plate might look better. I just wasn’t sure how much of it would be needed to attach a strap (minimal would be best to keep the arrow shape the focus).

    Even without a GPS feature, I’d love to have this watch… Hope it gets a good response!


  4. Ooooooo very cool indeed. Case reminds me of a Hamilton watch I saw once before, but it works a lot better on this design. The way the shapes all don’t fit together BUT fit, if you know what I mean, looks great! Never seen LEDs in this color before, looks cool.


  5. very cool design – very well down – I like how the display design fits very smoothly into the casing design – great design consistency ! I think the color are perfect just they way they are presented, because the make the futuristic impression even stronger! also it’s is great that, despite it’s alien nature it is still very easy to read.
    The only thing I don’t like is the strap – I think some smooth bracelet kinda strap would look way better and more consistent at this casing.


  6. I m not very keen on this watch design but the concept of arrow and the lock a position and find your way back thing is really clever and very simple!!


  7. I love this design! And when it is produced, I’m going to be near the front of the line to purchase at least one! I have a few friends I’d buy this as a gift for, also. Great job!


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