Water Watch With Accelerometer

Design submitted by Felipe Eiji Takahashi from Brasil.

Tokyoflash Says: We love the idea of accelerometer in a watch and having liquid graphics sloshing around on your wrist. This idea really has potential! If you splash the display around though, how can you tell the time? Well, im sure there would be some nifty way to keep a marker of some kind – perhaps its oil & water, so the lower level doesn’t slosh too much and the liquid above is just for fun rather than time telling.

The time level could be a physical barrier between the oil & water and when you move the watch around the two liquids bubble into each other, but you can still see the line between them, like a kind of lava lamp snow storm  – lots of possibilities im sure!

ブラジルのFelipe Eiji Takahashiさんの作品。


10 thoughts on “Water Watch With Accelerometer

  1. Oh, now this is interesting !!! I love the idea of the accelerometer being used – thing is – you’d have to hold it level to get the right time. Hmmm… Maybe when you touch the button it automatically moves to the right time and the rest of the time the water level moves around as you move the watch…

    I’m not a fan of the roman numerals showing the hours, seems a little old fashioned to me. Great effort though!


  2. I like this design quite a bit. The Roman numerals don’t bother me at all. I think Avatara’s suggestion of pressing a button to get the correct time (regardless of angle of your wrist) is a goo done. I also think it would be great if you could cycle through some options for colors to get that lava lamp feel mentioned if you wanted it. (i.e right now the two colors are blue and black so it looks like water and empty space. imagine being able to select the lower section and cycle through some colors, then select the upper section and select another color (not just black). Very customizable!


  3. One other thought: If you didn’t want to have to press a button to get the time, the minutes could show up as small LED lights (like the hours) at each point on the left and right arrow points. Then you’d just need to add four LED’s (perhaps along top or bottom) to show 1-4 single minutes.


  4. Pretty nice idea, I like the 2 columns on the watch.
    Roman numerals does look a little out of place, but a small detail. What does look a bit confusing is realising if 9 or 10 is lit up because the dot is in between the two. Perhaps slightly small numbers closer to each dot, so you can tell quickly & easily.
    Water animation would be cool if you can figure out how to read the minutes even when its tilted.


  5. Nice idea. You could have seconds dripping in as well. or a bubble or wave effect. Call it the Tsunami watch. hahaha


  6. This little aquarium watch is an eye-catcher. Indeed many possibilities here o.o

    I would use one column for the hours and one for the minutes. More justice 😛 How about writing the numbers (if even needed in a tokyo flash watch ^^) underneth the liquid then? If the liquid flows around and gets restricted when u press the button, it would be cool.

    I’m not sure how you can control the liquid there, but if you can, I buy the watch 😀


  7. I love the design of this watch! Very eye-catching. The blue color against the metallic silver and black is just great! Just wondering if too much wrist movement will cause time to be all over the place. 😛 This should look cool with LED too.


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