Get the full Spectrum of design.

Watch Design submitted by David Brophy from the UK.

Watch the Rainbow. 2 red lights, 4 orange lights and 6 yellow lights represent 1 hour each. 8 green lights represent 4 minutes each, 6 blue lights represent 3 minutes each, 4 indigo lights represent 2 minutes each and 2 violet lights represent 1 minute each.

イギリスのDavid Brophyさんの作品。


6 thoughts on “Get the full Spectrum of design.

  1. Looks beautiful with the display of different colors but I think it would take a little longer to read than other Tokyoflash watches.


  2. Hm yes, counting the minutes takes a while. Maybe 5 minutes steps would be easier. But after some time you can read it just like you read an analog clock (where you also don’t count the minutes, you just look at it and understand) I so like the colors of the rainbow! The case exploitation for the actual time reading display is ok. There are some fake LEDs above and below the display, am I right? That’s a nice trick to fill up the area 😛


  3. The colours & layout of the face are beautiful, however the time telling is over complicated.
    Hours are fine, everything is on the left side, you just count them.
    Minutes is a bit of a nightmare – dont divide minutes by 4 or 3, its too troublesome to work out – 5 or 10 is better.

    Why not just have the centre green lights as 10 mins each, & the remaining lights on the right as 1 min each.
    Yes, there are more lights than needed in this case, but you dont have to use them all – 5 blue, 3 purple, 1 pink, should be easy at a glance to see how many are lit. The lights that are not used for time telling can still be used for animation mode & to balance the design.

    Its worth getting that time telling to be really logical on this one, because it is a very attractive pattern of lights & would make a great watch. A shame if it was too difficult to use.


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