Sound Check, 1, 2 testing, ahemm

Design submitted by Jeff Beamish.

This watch design is based on a digital VU meter for audio equipment, where the coloured bars are the low, mid and high frequency indicators from the EQ display or VU Meter. Hours (12) are the low bars on the left, 5 minute groups are in mid bars in the center and single minutes are the high bars on the right. Input indicators low and high show am/pm and the track number is the date, read as month and day.

Jeff Beamishさんの作品。


One button push animates the bars as though they are picking up sound from an audio file. The colour bar across the middle would animate from left to right, as though it is a graphical representation of the audio file, perhaps a drum beat. After a second or two of animation, the watch would settle into the static display of the current time.


9 thoughts on “Sound Check, 1, 2 testing, ahemm

  1. The scrolling graphic is just there as a visual ‘add in’ during the animation sequence before the current time is displayed. The idea is for it to be similar to the digital representation that you see when recording music on a PC based recorder and you see the audio track representation as the recording is active.


  2. I like this one. It’s original and readable. Good use of colours and I also like the strap of fine links. This design could also easily accommodate a day/date feature. Excellent effort.


  3. Oh thank you, traditional LED’s in red, yellow and green. That has a retro charme wich I like. The audio topic is nice. The animation is cool, really tokyo flashy 🙂 The waveform (I think) doesn’t fit in the display I think. But hey, it’s a nice watch.


  4. I like the waveform as part of the design. It would be cool if the watch had a small microphone to pick up ambient sounds and dynamically create the wave form when the display is activated… You’d see the wave form for background music, conversation, etc.


  5. OOh, Varhodes. I like the idea of the built in mic. That would make the animation more of a random thing, dependent on the current environment. Very cool idea.


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