Shadow, Grand Lodge wristwear

Design submitted by Gabriel Balas-Baconschi.

This watch design is based on the masonry symbol. Since they are like an organisation in shadow, I think the black colour is great. The compass has 12 LEDs, which show the hours and the square has also 12 leds, each one for 5 minutes. The letter G from center, is divided into 4, each part for one single minute. In the top of the compass, there is a circle, which care show am/pm. The outer circle, is made like a star, each line for one second. I think showing the seconds looks very dynamic.

Gabriel Balas-Baconschiさんの作品。


6 thoughts on “Shadow, Grand Lodge wristwear

  1. I am mega happy that you like my ideea of this concept and put it here in this section.

    The 3d view is awesome, I like the black colour and the embossed metal strap.

    Please, produce it !


  2. Very smart design Gabriel. Following on from the shadow theme it would be really cool to see a “Big Brother” version where the “G” is replaced by the “All seeing eye” inside a triangle. The three sides of the triangle would indicate the first 3 minutes and for the fourth minute the eye would light up to give the appearance that the watch is watching you, every 5 minutes.


    • Thanks David. In fact, I thought that an Illuminati theme sounds pretty interesting. I will think about it 🙂 it reminds me of Orwell’s novel, “1984”, with the first mention of the Big Brother 🙂


    • I am not part of this community either. But I like the shapes of the symbol, and the equilibrium between the compass and the square. This is the reason I develop it.


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