Breaking Glass watch design

Watch Design submitted by Tomek from Poland. (14 years old).

Touch the sensor on the screen to initiate the blue LED display. Hours emanate from the center of the display, the space in the display showing the current hour. Five minute groups are shown around the outer edge of the display and single minutes 1-4 are shown in four groups in between the hour lines, three lights indicating one minute.



6 thoughts on “Breaking Glass watch design

  1. I have this image of a bullet hitting the watch like I was shot at by some Gangsta, and this watch saved my wrist, making me look like some bad ass! Fun Design Tomik. Maybe TF will make this one???

    One suggestion. Add an alarm that sounds like a bullet Ricochetting off your wrist.


    • That might be popular for the young crowd. Guns seem popular with the Hip Hop Gangstar group. Not sure if that is really Tokyoflash though. 🙂


  2. Too complicated to read the time, looks cool enough but it still needs to tell the time in a somewhat intuitive manner. and the gunshot thing I don’t know if that is a good idea. Guns are not cool neither is shooting a gun. Might I suggest if there is any sound it would be just a cracking of glass sound.


  3. Very nice design. The strap is good and the LED display is very interesting, but I have to agree with the others that reading the time is rather complicated to figure out. I think it could be tweaked into something really good.


  4. You should always consider that you can learn to read the time. Remember those binary watches. They look cool but noone can read them. After some exercises anything is possible.

    The case and strap look too cheap. Make it more stylish.

    The broken glass idea is really nice. Fresh and yes, it kinda gives the impression, a bullet was blocked by it 😀 But then I would make thinner lines and make them dark, so it really looks like the display is broken.

    Well I hit YES because if TF takes care of this, this would be buyworthy. The presentation is a little cheap, but I have imagination 😉


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