A concept that combines three colors to great effect; green LEDs, a black case and silver strap. The strap appears to be wrapping itself around the case in a manner that leaves an opening in each corner. The operation buttons are located on the right side in the spaces between the casing. The time is simply shown with hours 1-6 on the top row, hours 7-12 on the bottom row and digital minutes in the centre. When the watch is not on, it looks cryptic with its grid of raised blocks.


10 thoughts on “Direction

  1. I like a lot the new concept. It looks great with green LEDs. Looks very fresh, and modern. The silver strap is awesome. Especially the final link between the strap and the case (display) which is triangular (picture 2 and 3).

    I like that the LED’s are embossed.

    The point with the buttons on the corner, looks great.

    The concept is simple and complex, as all your creation. It looks very sport, goes excellent with casual clothes.

    How about to include a thermometer on the left side of the case ? I would love to have an watch who can show me how hot is outside, or how “hot” is the atmosphere in the dancing club.

    The problem is that we are looking at all these amazing watches, and I hope we will see some of them in the “online store” section.


  2. Yeah, loving this one. I have to say, I like black and green as a colour combination, it just looks cool, subtle at the same time as having a futuristic edge. My favourite aspect of this design is the way the silver parts seem to wrap around the case. It also reminds me of R75 a little bit. I own Tokyoflash Tibida and I really love the time display.

    I’m with Gabriel above though, would be interesting to see an additional function such as a thermometer or wifi detector incorporated. Something a little unusual 😉

    Keep the interesting designs coming. Favourite so far … RPM and Bright Time!


  3. Having just seen this I would have to say that this is possibly the best design to date.
    Would maybe like to see a version with blue LEDs or even the ability to change LED colours depending on your mood.

    I am also with GabrielBB and Avatara as it would be good to see an additional function included but something quirky.

    Maybe as its called “Direction” it could indicate which way is north

    I will definitely buy one if it makes it to production.


    • It’s called direction because the only way you can read it is vertically.
      At any other angle it would be difficult to tell the time because the two numbers connect.

      I think the animation for this should be like chevrons, a whole bunch going vertically across the face to light the whole thing up, then horizontally disappearing to reveal the time.

      If it doesn’t have the option to be always on, at least.

      Seems kind of like the scoreboard design I sent in a few weeks ago, actually.


  4. I like how it combines two different ways of displaying hours and minutes. I would love it if the LEDs were blue instead or better yet could change colour. I also like how “cryptic” it looks with the lights off. Nobody would be able to guess how it works.


  5. Yea your right It does look kind of cool but its just alright. I like the ones that you actually have to figure out the time in what appears to be a highly cryptic design.


  6. I like the case and strap design along with the positioning of the buttons. I like the concept for displaying the time, but I would use different colours. I am not sure that having the minutes digits the most prominent, is the best design concept. As always I suggest a day/date feature. I do like being able to see the hours and minutes at the same time.


  7. Love the case and lens design, but the the time telling is rather boring for my taste. I would love to see this design with a more interesting way to see the time!


  8. Damn, this one is so cool. When can I buy it, can I order it now?
    It’s really looks like something from the future! I love it. It simple enough to tell time with just a glance too.


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