An asymmetrical concept design with a curved, brushed metal case, black screen and orange interface.  The time is simply displayed with hours on the left, the space in the square indicating the current hour, and minutes in digits on the right. Instant time, futuristic design.




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  1. The watch looks very futuristic. I like how the face of the watch extends beyond the band (don’t change that). I think that if the hour part of the watch were changed to a circle it might look a little better but it looks great with this design as it is now. The minutes are nice but I wish they could be “unique” like all the other Tokyoflash watches instead of having actual numbers. The ability to change the color of the face to various colors (blue, green, red, etc.). Also a black version of the watch would look cool. I’m not sure if the watch has it already but an alarm mode would be a nice touch also.


    • I totally agree. The ability to change the color of the LEDs would be awesome. And so would a black band option. And the hours indicator needs to be a different shape. Either make it a circle or tilt the bottom edge (so it follows the shape of the actual face). Also, the hours indicator looks kinda pathetic. Either make it bigger (which would mean making the “jutting out” part larger too) or shrink the minutes indicator a little.

      Also, the curvy silver part on both sides of the actual face should be turned into links (one on each side). It would just look better. And this is really random, but in the last picture, the black part of the watch (on the right) face looks kinda marbleized. I love that. I’m not sure if its just a reflection, but it should be added to the design for sure.

      Additionally, the design reminds me of some kind of communicator or something in sci fi movies. At least add some sort of touch sensitive function. I don’t even know what exactly. A game? Bluetooth connectivity? It would just go so well with the design.


      • I agree with some of your thoughts. I think adding a touch sensitive screen would make the watch too bulky and unreasonable even though it would be a nice feature to have. Bluetooth on the other hand would be useful but not necessary. Again adding the bluetooth might make the watch face a little bulky. I like how the face sticks out but it looks a little funny because the top is flat and the bottom is slanted. Maybe making both top and bottom slanted would make it look better but it bothers me a little bit. The watch still looks great though. I forgot to add in my comment that an “always on” display like featured on the Rogue watch would be great.

        I like the idea of adding links instead of just making it a curved flat piece on the top of the watch.

        If you’re looking for a communicator style looking watch this one might suit your taste better.
        I like the overall shape of that watch more but with the solid black face of this watch.

        Something else about the watch is just bothering me but I can’t put my finger on it right now.


    • Stunning watch. You dont even need a PHD in cryptology to understand the time either.
      All i think you need is a black band option (personally prefer the brushed stainless steel).
      Maybe you could implement a way to change the LED lighting, like FuzzyGoodle said make links
      out of the slver bits around the face to give it a more clean look. Also maybe even a polished
      stainless steel version (give it a bit more classiness than it alredy has). Personally i would
      like to see some touch sensitvie or membrane buttons on the side or if not, make the buttons
      a bit more recessed.
      Really hope this watch gets into production.
      Definitely buying.


  2. How about if the hours went around the minutes section? Making the band smaller and tidy, perhaps different colour options too


  3. I like the shape of this one a lot, it is very futuristic and that looks great. I like the silver case better, but choice is always good, so it could come in 2 options – black or silver. I like the shape of the hours, but I think it is out of proportion with the minutes. The minutes seems much larger, and by the way, I cannot figure out how to read the minutes… Some arrows on the diagram may help to understand it. I am not sure why TFlash is reluctant to include a day/date feature in their watches (seems like a minority only have day/date fatures), but I think it should be included in this one. The suggestion above of having the option to change LED colour is excellent and I would go with it. It’s unclear if the time is always on or has to be switched on by one of the buttons.


  4. i love the design.
    GENERALLY Im wondering if it is possible to use a capacitive touch sensor for illumination instead of buttons and to conceal any time setting buttons, wheels, capson the back …


  5. I love this watch just as it is… as long as there is a day/date feature and an alarm feature. I love the asymmetrical design. I would hope that it would be water resistant, too. Not planning on swimming with it, but it should at least stand up to a little rain and sink overspray.


  6. Dear Sirs:

    Searching the net I found this site and soon watches extraordinary long time to buy one of them, in particular, its model Heko. ”
    It is a watch that I love: its design is sleek and very attractive. I love all your designs. If it serves as something I give you my humble congratulations personally and professionally.
    A few days to receive my watch, in a inexcusable neglect on my part, scratch the box. I contacted technical support via email and we agreed to repair at an affordable price. The repair I made myself with the part you sent me in a short period of time. Congratulations for the service, particularly for one “Paul”.

    After wearing the watch and investigate their designs I think I can make some suggestions:
    “The LCD screen should be always on ” to allow reading the time without pressing. LEDs are not much, but they must be added to give a more striking … if possible from a purely energy use LED always “on” would be great, but they consume too much energy and life span is limited. I think their designs would be equally good using LCD … indeed, the robotic animation should be programmable by the user, which is the user if you want each time you read when you have to do the animation … is a little tired, mostly in the dark, since the LED light is strong and almost hurts the eyes.
    “The box of watches and bracelets, at least in the model I bought, easily scratched … if you use LED to indicate the time windows are not needed, and less mineral class, because they scratch and break easily … instead a solid metal box full drilled in the right places to illuminate the LED would solve the problem of accidental bumps and scratches.
    “People usually wash your hands and shower or bathe with your watch on your wrist position. If you really like your watch does not want to take it off. But their designs are just splash water resistant. They should be at least resistant 5 atm, ie, submersible in the bath.
    – These days I am surprised that most of their models do not include an alarm on his watch as the “machinery” is digital and is very easy to implement in your circuit. In the same line that surprises me, for the same reason that some of their designs are not implemented to date.
    “I’m in favor of implementing USB sticks in the watches, I would encourage many people to buy one of them because it is something very useful … and understand that in this case the charge must be made via USB and a PC, MAC or PC, but do not quite understand why implementing the energy charges by USB if the watch has no internal memory.

    Otherwise tell them I love their designs, my watch “Heko” I love it and some like it and understand it, openness, and others do not like and find it unreadable. Anyway … so many people so many minds.

    I love their watches. If I could I would buy them all.

    Sincerely, my most cordial greetings.

    Estimados señores:

    Buscando por la red encontré este sitio de relojes extraordinarios y no tardé mucho tiempo en comprar uno de ellos, en concreto, su modelo “Heko”.
    Es un reloj que me encanta: su diseño es impecable y muy vistoso. Estoy enamorado de todos sus diseños. Si les sirve de algo les doy mi humilde enhorabuena personal y profesional.
    A los pocos días de recibir mi reloj, en un descuido imperdonable por mi parte, rayé la caja. Me puse en contacto con el servicio técnico por correo electrónico y llegamos a un acuerdo de reparación por un módico precio. La reparación la hice yo mismo con el repuesto que me enviaron en un corto periodo de tiempo. Enhorabuena para el servicio técnico, en particular para un tal “Paul”.

    Después de llevar el reloj y de investigar en sus diseños creo poder hacer algunas sugerencias:
    -Las pantallas deberían ser de LCD siempre “on” para permitir la lectura de la hora sin necesidad de pulsar. Los LED no están de más, pero deben ser un añadido para darles más vistosidad… si fuera posible desde un punto de vista puramente energético el uso de LED siempre “on” sería genial, pero consumen demasiada energía y su vida útil es limitada. Creo que sus diseños serían igual de buenos usando LCD… por cierto, la animación robótica debería ser programable por el usuario, que sea el usuario si desea que cada vez que lea la hora tenga que ver la animación… resulta un poco cansado, fundamentalmente en la oscuridad, puesto que la luz de los LED es fuerte y casi hace daño a la vista.
    -La caja de los relojes y las pulseras, al menos en el modelo que he comprado, se rayan con mucha facilidad… si se usan LED para indicar la hora no hacen faltan cristales, y menos de la clase mineral, porque se rayan y se rompen con gran facilidad… en su lugar una caja sólida de metal entero perforado en los lugares indicados para iluminar los LED solucionaría el problema de los choques y las rayas accidentales.
    -La gente normalmente lava sus manos y se ducha o se baña con el reloj en la muñeca puesto. Si realmente te gusta tu reloj no quieres quitártelo. Pero sus diseños son sólo resistentes contra salpicaduras de agua. Deberían ser, como mínimo, resistentes 5 atm, es decir, sumergibles en la bañera.
    – En estos tiempos me extraña que la mayor parte de sus modelos no incluya una alarma en su reloj puesto que la “maquinaria” es digital y resulta muy sencillo implementar en su circuito. En la misma línea decir que me sorprende, por el mismo motivo, que algunos de sus diseños no implementen la fecha.
    -Estoy a favor de implementar memorias USB en los relojes de pulsera, creo que animaría a mucha gente a comprar uno de ellos ya que es algo de mucha utilidad… y entiendo que en este caso la carga deba hacerse por USB y un ordenador, MAC o PC, pero, no entiendo muy bien porqué implementar las cargas de energía por USB si el reloj carece de memoria interna.

    Por lo demás decirles que sus diseños me encantan, mi reloj “Heko” me encanta y a algunos les gusta y lo entienden, mentalidad abierta, y a otras personas no les gusta y les parece ilegible. En fin… tantas personas tantas mentes.

    Estoy enamorado de sus relojes. Si pudiera me los compraría todos.

    Atentamente, mi saludo más cordial.


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