An e-paper design that shows the time in two different ways in one watch; digitally and with lines.

The wrist band is made of a thin sheet of stainless steel that wraps around your wrist like a bracelet, the e-paper is positioned beneath this band to form the time and information display.

The watch vibrates to give message, mail and call notifications from your cell phone and these will appear on the screen via Bluetooth wireless technology. With this design, the buttons are positioned at the top of the band.

11 thoughts on “E-Clock

  1. Oh please oh please make this watch. I’ve always hated watches but I would wear this one to my grave!


  2. Oh I would definitely get a watch that looked like this. I’ve been looking for a stylish and modern e-ink based watch for a while.

    Though a suggestion, perhaps have two versions, one with and one without the bluetooth connectivity so that one will be cheaper and have a longer battery life.


  3. Please build a few. I know they would sell instantly. I have a Phosphor E Ink calendar watch but want this one too.


  4. Nice concept, but i don’t like color for the e-paper sheet : no blue please, keep it full monochrome ! May be the steel will be black, and i will buy it immediatly.


  5. This definitely has a futuristic look in both the materials used and the visual display of time with the different increasing sized line segments.

    A suggestion about the line segment indicators… With 12 line segments for the hours (1Hx12) and months (1mX12), it can be difficult to figure out the exact number with some of the middle-range numbers. So perhaps consider making every 3rd or 4th segment longer. If you do every 3rd segment, then you can make the 3rd and 9th segment a little longer than the rest of the segments, and the 6th segment a little longer than the 3rd and 9th segment.

    Similarly, for the 1dX9 and the 5mnX9, consider making the 5th segment a little longer. It would probably help a lot when making a quick glance at the time.


  6. A very cool design. If a back light could be incorporated into it then it would be perfect.

    Also – with the bluetooth version would incorporating phone transmitted information like caller ID and battery power be overkill? If we’re going for a slick futuristic piece of wrist gear why not squeeze in every bell and whistle you can? My car has bluetooth phone tech and the radio displays caller ID for incoming calls, phone battery power and call timer. I know you have very limited room in the watch to work with but if the mobile phone broadcasts all that why not have the watch able to display some or all of it?


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