Robotic Shapes

It appears like layers of metal make up the case of this concept watch design. The various faces of metal run in different directions and at different angles creating a robotic look.

Bright blue LEDs display the time, the shaped segments running in line with angles of the case. Hours run in a clockwise direction on the left of the interface. Groups of five minutes run in a clockwise direction on the right, in the same position as numbers on a clock face. Four single minutes are positioned in the center.

8 thoughts on “Robotic Shapes

  1. amazing design, but i’m not really convinced about the way the time is displayed.
    something more abstract, i think, would go better with this design.

    for instance: a true binary system, where each lighted segment is a power of 2.


  2. I think the case and strap are good and certainly different. They have a very rugged look which could appeal to many. However the actual display of the time, could be improved, perhaps by using different colours. Also I would add a day and date feature and I am very enthusiastic for USB recharging.


  3. I really love this design. I love the shape: How the angles on the screen align to the sharp angles of the case. And the digital screen in itself is very cool and innovative: It’s a really unique interpretation of an analog face.

    My only criticism is about the numbers on the screen: As so many people are already familiar with analog watches, I don’t really think they are necessary. I’d prefer to sacrifice that tiny bit of readability for a more simplistic design that will still mystify others until you tell them. I thought that was the novelty of tokyoflash watches.

    If you can, please tell me if this watch goes into production. I can assure you I will be one of the first to get it.


  4. Really Loving this watch, only a few Suggestions

    1. Pleas have no numbers on this watch
    2. Have other color options if u can


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