Pipe Mania

Reminiscent of a video game of years ago, this smart concept uses different colored pipes to display the time in a new way. The case shape is simple and features a raised area around the face. The wrist band blends in with the overall design.

Hours are displayed in red, like numbers on a clock. Five minute groups in orange are read in the same way and four single minutes in yellow are positioned in between.

The display looks mysterious when the lights are out and when the time is displayed, the light will diffuse through each shape on the lens. This design is USB rechargeable which means ultimate brightness and longer battery life.

8 thoughts on “Pipe Mania

  1. I like the overall design of the watch itself, although I completely agree with Dorraj that the band needs to have a little more flare to compensate for the plain look of the watch when the LED’s arent lit. I also think that this watch although aesthetically pleasing to the eye when it’s on is going to be way to complicated to read and actually get the time correct. I think that when you have so much going on in such a little space that your eyes tend to get confused when it comes to trying to figure out what the time really is. I love the pipe idea i just think it needs to be a little more refined.


  2. I agree that the strap needs improving. I also agree that reading the time on it will be difficult. I am not sure about the colours either, yellow and gold seem very similar on the monitor, unless there would be more distinction in real life. Not my 1st choice of watch.


  3. i’m not at concerned about the difficulty at all, mainly because it is watches like this that has made Tokyoflash popular in the first place… things that are so geeky or different that they simply stand out for their uniqueness. These watches aren’t about being able to read the time as easily as a traditional alarm clock on your night stand, but taking your time to appreciate the design and training yourself to adapt to its method of telling time.

    All that said, I really LOVE this design. Part of me wanted to see it in a square or rectangular face at first, but the circular face works just fine too. The description doesn’t mention the materials for the band, but as long as it is a durable metal (not rubber or plastic), the band is fine in my opinion. But the bezel around the face or the button/knobs could use a little more decorative touch…either chrome, a different colour, etc. It would also be awesome to see other colour options for the lights on the face.

    Pipe mania… can the next one be “Jumping plumber mania”? 🙂


  4. I think this is my favorite round watch design so far. I think it would look much better in real though. Maybe the display rendering doesn’t show off how nice this watch really is. Really nice design for sure!


  5. This is a really fun design, although I think the flat outer part of the case could use some rounding out on the sides. The flatness seems to counteract the overall round feeling of the design. The pipes in the middle are a very interesting concept!


  6. When I first Seen this Watch, I said “Pac Man”, i love that game and this concept, Nice Idea For the watch to be Rechargeable to Have a brighter Lights (assuming that feature is to help us see the time During the day).

    Watch strap need improve

    (just Read the first Part of the Article) – Maybe you should get with the company of the game u thought of and see can you make a crazy design Using their Character.


    • Yes, has that Pac Man feel to it for sure. Never really put the two together till you mentioned it. Noted about the strap, can do. Thanks for your comments.


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