Molecular Timing

This will take you back to high school chemistry class. Five purple molecules, five blue molecules and ten orange molecules create the time display on this concept. Time reading is simplified by color coded LEDs.

Each molecule appears to be trapped beneath the acrylic lens, the surface of which is raised and runs over the edges of the case to emphasize depth.

The curved stainless steel case blends into the strap and achieves a good fit with the display. This design has the added benefit of a USB rechargeable system to ensure battery longevity and maximum brightness.

8 thoughts on “Molecular Timing

  1. I like that watch! It kind of make me think of a spirit level… maybe it could be a 2nd function or an idea for a light animation?


  2. I like the trapped molecule look and the different colours. I think the USB charging option is a great idea, does this mean the battery never needs changing or just less frequently? The strap seems to be the same as the ‘radar’ watch. I would suggest a day and date feature. An animation would be good as well.


    • Hey pm, thanks for your great feedback. With a USB rechargeable battery, the lifetime will be longer than a standard battery. It depends how often you use the watch but based on average usage, it should be many years. It can be changed like a standard battery too.


  3. the concept is really cool… and geeky. like it should be 🙂

    but it seems a little too organised to me; maybe a little more random placement of the diodes (instead of the grid-like arrangement shown), and certainly mix up the dots a bit, since they are colour coded, it should be easy enough to figure out hours/minutes from counting the various dot colours. i do also like that the dots are raised a little bit, sort of resembling the ball and stick models used to create molecular models.

    the numbers i could do without; guess that is a personal taste thing. overall, i like the idea and direction this is going!


  4. Great concept! Perhaps the strap could continue the dotted design of the face somehow, like 3 raised dots per link of the same size as the dots on the face! That would add some interesting texture as well!


  5. this isnt one that’s very high on my list, however because it’s unique, it would be one that i would own as compared to say a timex or armitron. It’s a different idea, but sometimes different isnt always good 🙂 in this case it’s good, just not blow me away good like you guys are always known for.


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