Centrifugal Force

The USB cable appears out of the top of this speaker design creating a very unusual appearance.  Plug into your Mac or PC and the sound will emanate from the holes around the bottom.

An equalizer on top in neon green will create an electrifying animation and the volume control is neatly situated above. The sleek, mirrored case gives a scientific, futuristic look.

5 thoughts on “Centrifugal Force

  1. Very nice 3-D modeling. Might I suggest a recessed top platform and jack hole? It might be more interesting to create the same affect on the top of the cylinder as it is on the bottom, creating a sort of “hourglass” form.


  2. I’d like it more if the cable would not stick out on top as its always touching the casing of the speaker. Even thought it would look odd except you’d user a special, pre-formed cable.

    For now I’d like a cable like on the “The Ripple Effect” design.

    Anyway, the volume control knob on top of the centrifugal is just plain awesome.


  3. I like the way it looks absolutely nothing like a speaker and more like some kind of scientific device. I would buy this if the finish was of a nice quality.


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