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Turbofan Mechanical watch with armour plated blades!

July 6th, 2012
Turbofan 04

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: This is “Turbofan” a remake of an earlier design called “Fan”.

The face of the watch is inspired by the blades of a fan. This inspiration makes for a technical looking dial that kind of looks like armour plating that constantly animates with the movement of the hands.

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Code TFT watch emulates computer terminal.

July 5th, 2012

Design submitted by Scott from the UK.

Scott says: I’ve watched a fair amount of sci-fi, from Star Trek to The Matrix and of course Tron! ;-) In nearly all of these there are super hi-tech computers and interfaces that look unbelievably complex, almost impossible to understand; yet they always have someone happily pushing buttons seemingly understanding everything?!

I’ve always thought they must know something we don’t, there must be some kind of trick or some sort of ‘code’. So i decided to see if i could come up with my own interface/display that would look like gibberish to most, and obvious to others.  Kind of like the dreaded ‘Blue screen of death’ on a broken computer.

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Revelation watch features pop-up cylinder.

July 4th, 2012

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam Says: The inspiration for this watch comes from a cylinder watch I made years ago from a normal battery clockwork. I wanted to make an analog wrist watch which shows the time on the outer edge of the case, not on the top.

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Encryption LCD watch with morse code style display.

July 4th, 2012

Design submitted by Lloyd from Australia.

Lloyd Says: ”Encryption” is an LCD concept watch that displays the time and date in an enigmatic way using what appears to be Morse code.

Don’t worry you don’t need to know Morse code. If you just ignore the dots, you’ll see that the remaining dashes form 4 digits giving the time or date.

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Pulse watch follows your heartbeat

July 4th, 2012

Design submitted by Talgat from Kyrgyzstan.

Wished to make biotechnology but, to animations био it is not so similar))) It will pulse together with human pulse.

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CK12 ‘cold-war’ LCD watch

July 3rd, 2012

Design submitted by Anders from Sweden.

I was reading about the Swedish cold war fighter-bomber JA37 Viggen, in partiular its computer system; the Centralkalkylator 37 (or CK37). It used ferrite core memory, the principle of which I found very cool. I’ve wanted to incorporate it into a watch concept for a while, and here it is.

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Neon watch takes us to an Alien future.

July 2nd, 2012

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

I always liked neon tube displays in sci-fi movies. Back then, when CGI wasn’t used for every little thing. I liked the fact, someone actually built alien symbols of neon tubes, that really work! I was sketching for minimalistic, square based numbers that make a cool neon tube display.

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Moire Patterned Analogue Watch

June 29th, 2012

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

This watch design has two printed acrylic rotating discs that create a moire effect to indicate the tme.   The inner dot shows the hour and the outer dot shows the minutes. Read the rest of this entry »

Veer – Classic to Cryptic Time

June 28th, 2012

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

The basic idea for this watch is “changing the classic numbers with a simple operation to let it look cryptic but easy to decypher”. The simple operation this time is slicing the numbers diagonally and moving the resulting parts along the slice. As reaction, different parts of the numbers create new alignments letting the new numbers look like alien symbols. Read the rest of this entry »

Predatime – Predator Inspired Watch Concept

June 28th, 2012

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: This is “Predatime”, a watch inspired by the Predator character from the films of the same name. This is a popular inspiration, with most people choosing the self destruct mechanism as the basis for their design. I decided to use the mask image of the iconic character for my design. Read the rest of this entry »

Colour-Coded Concentric Circles Watch

June 27th, 2012

Design submitted by Dietrich from Australia.

Dietrich says: I was looking at designs on Tokyoflash website and thinking that many of them are based on “codes” of some sort. Then I hit upon the idea of colour codes. Read the rest of this entry »

Simple LCD Watch Concept

June 26th, 2012

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

The time reading is very easy on this one hand watch.  Similar to an analogue watch, the twelve big segments in the middle of the screen indicate the hour, smaller sixy segments indicate minutes, and the last segment shows seconds.

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LED Evolution is the next step of time telling…

June 26th, 2012

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: First there has been the sun dial. That has been mechanized and so it became independent from the sun. Then only the relevant numbers have been taken and time telling became digital. Later, these numbers have been represented by shapes and colors and so time telling became artistic. It’s time for another step, a watch that fuses all information into a compact display. Read the rest of this entry »

Tripod – Pods That Display Time

June 25th, 2012
Tripod Preview Animation

Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: I have allways been interested in sci-fi films and wanted to design an unusual alien looking watch. I didn’t have a specific image in mind but the watch evolved into something that resembles a cross between the “Tripods” of “the war of the world” films, the little spacecraft/aliens from “batteries not included” and a mechanised turret. Read the rest of this entry »

The Turbine V3 LCD Touch Screen Watch Concept

June 22nd, 2012
Pete-Fir TV3 01

Design submitted by Firdaus (Malaysia) & Peter (UK).

Peter and Firdaus team up to design another version of Turbine inspired watches. The Turbine V3 is an always on LCD watch design with touch screen function. The design element was inspired by the turboprop of aircraft with sharper blade-look. Read the rest of this entry »