Global watch revives retro sci-fi

Design submitted by Bryce from Belgium.

Bryce says: I’m a fan a geek vintage: pager, old computers, science fiction movie from the seventies/eighties, etc.

Since a long time, I dream about a watch with a vintage leather strap that is able to display time like a fictional computer in a (old) science fiction movie. I want a watch with a clean and simple design and a leather strap a little bit “handmade”.

I was fed up to wait for THE watch, so I designed it.

To keep the vintage spirit, I did it on a Pentium 2, with Windows 95 and Paint!

To tell the time, you just need to practice! Have a look at the example: it’s not that difficult. You just need to complete the police and you can see the numbers.

The real difficulty is the second indicator. It’s a point that goes all the time from left to right (30 steps for 30 seconds) and then from right to left. It’s in memory of the red light in front of K2000 in the Knight Rider (have a look at:

Geeks, nerds, ICT lovers, vintage addicts, fashion fellows, who want a watch with clock, date, chronometer and alarm.

Added values of my watch are the mix between vintage and design, and those really nice numbers.

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147 Responses to “Global watch revives retro sci-fi”

  1. avatar Pete says:

    Hello Bryce, welcome to the blog.
    It’s nice to see one persons specific dream of “the” watch. I love the fact that you drew it up on a old computer to go with the retro theme, very artistic/poetic. I like this, it’s very tricky coming up with new digits that are like nothing seen before yet are still recognisable as numbers. They look good to me! My only tweak would be to either make the background slightly red or have red tinted glass to add to the retro feel. 5/Y best of luck! :D

    • avatar Brice says:

      Hello Pete.

      Thx a lot for your feedback.

      I hope a lot of people will like my concept like you did (^_^)

      I love the idea to create something retro with retro tools. It was not easy to repair and install the laptop pentium 2! But, as you understand, it was important for me to respect the concept :)

      Have a nice day and thx again.


  2. avatar gordon says:

    definitely blog worthy, nice time display 5

  3. avatar fx says:

    Very nice watch design !

  4. avatar Slim says:

    Best design I’ve seen since now !

  5. avatar Rose says:

    Very nice design, non-conformist! I like it very much!!!!

  6. avatar MC says:

    Très chouette concept, simple et efficace!

  7. avatar jonas says:

    Original, disgn, la classe. Très belle montre qui sort du lot. Bonne chance.

  8. avatar emmy says:


  9. avatar Gex says:

    Réal new design!! Like this :)

  10. avatar Chantal pinosa says:

    J’adore cette montre. Sa ligne très épurée en fait un modèle de choix. BRAVO

  11. avatar angelo Pinosa says:

    Je collectionne les montres et j’avoue que j’aimerais ajouter celle-ci à ma collection car je la trouve originale avec son design très réussi!

  12. avatar Berenice says:

    Très beau modèle, le mariage entre le moderne et l’ancien est vraiment très bien pensé!
    J’ai hâte de découvrir la collection complète!!!

    • avatar Brice says:

      Merci Bérénice! Pour une collection complète, il faudra petiente, même si j’ai déjà un deuxième modèle qui est dessiné.

  13. avatar Josiane Jacob says:

    Très belle montre. Son design est simple et efficace. J’aime beaucoup.

  14. avatar pagnoulle cindy says:

    Intrigante, élégante, rétro elle a tout ce qu’il faut.

  15. avatar c@ro says:

    Magnifique! J’adore

  16. avatar gordon says:

    hey, hey ,hey!! when did this become a French Blog? lol

    • avatar Brice says:

      Well… my fault :-p I share it on my FB and Twitter ;-) In Belgium, we speek 3 languages: french, dutsh and german. Be happy: I only share it in french :)

  17. avatar 4821 says:

    Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantttttttttttttttttt ! Perfect mix between Star Trek and Mad Max!

    • avatar Brice says:

      lol! Thx a lot 4821 for your energy and your comment!

      You create the perfect definition of my watch.

      The leather strap is really inspire by Mad Max.

      Big up to you°°°

  18. avatar Aline says:

    You did this with Paint ? Really ?

    I love it. 5 points: no doudbt!

    Good luck!


  19. avatar Baro says:

    Modern and elegant. Rolex definitely passed away

    • avatar Brice says:

      lol! Well… You taje a risk: never say that in Switzerland ;-)

      Anyway: thx a lot to put your life in danger for my watch project!

  20. avatar Soret says:

    Extra, très bon concept, cela ne m’étonne pas de Brice au sommet de son art ;-)
    NB : le temps n’existe pas !

  21. avatar Emma says:

    It’s very interesting indeed! It’s a happy combination of elegant and sophisticated in a classical way! I love it; 5 points without any doubt!

  22. avatar Tom says:

    Don’t get it, just loooove it :)

  23. avatar pascal says:

    Great design! Would definatly buy that watch! Hope it gets to production.

  24. avatar Emmanuel says:

    Very nice design, perfect balance between modern and vintage

  25. avatar Jan says:

    Really nice design but based on your info, I have the feeling that this wtach is to huge ;-)

    For me, the maximum size is

    about the number: just great! Perfect balanse between design, fun and difficulty ;)

    • avatar Brice says:

      You point of view is interesting.

      You are right: perhaps it’s a little bit to big BUT I already made some prototype of leather strap and the results show a different view on the problem.

      Example: I have a thin elbow. This watch is really to big for me and a little bit ridiculous for ;-) But, with a handmade leather strap, it look great! Have a look at the picture:

      I have made other prototype and all results are the same: if you have a massive / impressive leather strap, you can have a bigger watch.

      All hand made prototypes are available here:

      Of course Jan, if the watch will be produced by TokyoFlash, we will study deeply your idea!

      Thx a lot!


  26. avatar Angiz says:

    Ce Brice alors, toujours de brillantes idées!
    Bon, sinon, j’en veux bien une moi !

  27. avatar Jacques says:

    Nice Design !!!

  28. avatar Bertrand says:

    J’adore le design des chiffres, vraiment parfait ! Assez sobre mais efficace !

    On croise les doigts !

    Bonne continuation !

  29. avatar Panier says:

    Super beau design et excellent concept. J adore :-)

  30. avatar Bostan Cemal says:

    Hello Brice, very nice design. Good luck.

  31. avatar Maggy says:

    Superbe montre,élégante et moderne.

  32. avatar Luca says:

    Original, tendance, design et masculin. Très réussi, bravo !

  33. avatar xian says:

    Alright. Looks like I have to dig into the archives to resist this watch concept!

  34. avatar Didier CALLEMART says:

    Merveilleuse épure Brice ! Tout ce que j’aime, simplicité, efficacité, fonctionnalité … Du beau très beau travail !

  35. avatar Laurence says:

    Simplicité et design : félicitation!

  36. avatar Sylvie C says:

    Très original look science fiction.
    Une montre digne de de M. Spock ! Bravo !

  37. avatar Patrick says:

    Salut Bryce, 5 étoiles et Oui, en solidarité avec les personnes qui disent “septante” et qui comprennent ce que signifie une “Musique à bouche”.
    Bonne chance !

  38. avatar Laurence says:

    Très belle montre! Bravo l’artiste!

  39. avatar Pernelle says:

    J’adore! Simple, design, fonctionnelle et surtout un style unique. Bravo! et bonne chance!!! :-) Bisous

    • avatar Brice says:

      Oui, l’idée était en effet de créer un style unique! Reste à espérer que KISAI va apprécier ce design :)

  40. avatar Julie says:

    I love it! 5 points! I really hope they will pass it in production :) and I can wait to see a version for women!

    good luck Brice

    • avatar Brice says:

      Women version ? You are not the first woman who makes me this comment. It’s true that Tokyoflash doens’t sale watch for woman… They have to think about it… A smaller watch… more… like… girls power ;-) I already see it in my mind! Thx for your comment and have a nice w-end.

  41. avatar JLC says:

    Nice concept: 5 for the numbers!

  42. avatar Angelo Pinosa says:

    Oui oui oui…. S u p e r b e !!!!!!

  43. avatar Echan jacob says:

    I love it!!!! Top!

  44. avatar Maggy Bigoudy says:

    A great design. This watch’s beautyfull!

  45. avatar Benjamin says:

    Even though I’m always late, I’ll be glad to buy you one!

    Nice and catchy design this is all I need. Yes, N E E D! :-)

  46. avatar Sam says:

    I’m agree with teh point of view of Jan: it’s perhaps to big but it’s a project so you can modifty it.

    In a way I had a look at your pic on Instagram and your prototypes are a really good argument to ;-)

    So: 5***** for the vintage spirit and those amazing numbers.

    Good luck.


  47. avatar Alina says:

    I like this model! 5 points from me! good luck

  48. avatar Patrick22 says:

    Just perfect! Where can I buy it ?

    • avatar Brice says:

      Hello Patrick22: well you have to be patient ;-) It’s a conquest. So the jury of TokyoFlash has to decide if my watch will be produced or not ;) So, come back time to time to the website and cross your fingers for me :) )))))

  49. avatar JJ says:

    Impressive! I love the look! I want it: I will be the king of the lan area :) )))))))))))))))

  50. avatar Arnaud says:

    Superbe! Design et fun à la fois!

  51. avatar Steeve says:

    I saw it on twitter, I follow the link and… bang! An amazing concept! I love it! Congratulation!

  52. avatar Jess says:

    Really nice work: 5 stars !

  53. avatar elena says:

    looks nice, congrats!

  54. avatar JoJo says:

    You did THE watch! 5 stars!

  55. avatar Cosmin says:

    Brice, esti bun! Chiar imi place! O sa fiu primul care cumpara acest ceas! Bafta multa!

  56. avatar Andreea says:

    Asa arata viitorul, foarte interesat designul! Felicitari!

  57. avatar Myriam jacob says:

    Very beautyfull. I love it!

  58. avatar Alain Latteur says:

    This watch’s very original.

  59. avatar Pascal D says:

    Bonjour Brice,

    Je viens de lire l’article qui t’es consacré avec intérêt. J’aime bcp l’association d’une montre “futuriste” avec le look retro
    Originale, sobre, intéressante
    En résumé, je l’achèterais!

  60. avatar Benoit lambert says:

    Je suis un collectionneur acharné et je serais heureux de pouvoir avoir ce petit bijou à ma collection!
    J’espère que tu gagneras le concours
    Bonne chance!!!

  61. avatar Binice says:

    Génial! J’adore ce modèle! Il est complètement différent de ce qu’on voit habituellement!
    Je l’achèterai bien pour mon compagnon!!!
    J’espère que tu vas gagner…

  62. avatar B financial says:

    Very beautiful!!!! A spécial and modern shape!!!
    I want to buy one of them!!!
    Congratsss and good luck

  63. avatar Flavien says:

    Super projet, une belle montre bien SF :)

  64. avatar Séverine says:

    Très belle montre !!! Bon courage.

  65. avatar annie says:

    très jolie montre. Bonne chance

  66. avatar Makkovik says:

    I like the overall look. It’s a nice 2×2 grid watch. I like the seconds animation. It may be difficult to accurately tell the exact second, but it’s not a necessity, since 2×2 grid watches don’t have them.

    • avatar Brice says:

      Hello Mokkovik. You’re right: really difficult to read the seconds but perhaps we car think about doing a bigger scare to makr the 10 and 20 seconds… It can help… Have a nice day.

  67. avatar val says:

    My geeky boyfriend would LOVE something like that :)

  68. avatar Nancy Godinas says:

    This watch is beautyfull. Ik like it. A gift for me???

  69. avatar Maryse Pinsar says:

    Une très belle montre. Très originale!!! I like it!!!!

  70. avatar Hoa says:

    Great idea :)

  71. avatar Ramona says:

    Very interesting concept, I will buy it for my husband! and I,m waiting for the women model.

  72. avatar Cori says:

    I like the concept, it’s very artistic and original, I think; it`s something else comparing with other models. Congrats to the designer and I hope to find it in the stores!