(English) Trylon LCD watch: Time-travellers wrist wear.

(English) Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: This is “Trylon LCD” an LCD version of the original Trylon concept.

Like the original design this watch is inspired by the image of the “flux capacitor” from the time traveling Delorean from the “back to the future” movies combined with a hint of Cylon.  The name “Trylon” came from the combination of the “Y” shape face and Cylon like display.

The watch consists of three display areas in a “Y” shape using a 12-5-9 format. Like the original design the vertical display describes the hours, this can be in either digits or 12 x hour blocks, the left lower display describes the groups of 10 minutes again in either digits or 5 x 10 minutes blocks. The lower right displays shows the single minutes in digits or 9 x single minutes blocks. When the time is displayed in blocks like the original design the even numbers are shorter for easier reading. The 3rd, 6th and 9th blocks could also be different to aid the time reading.

This version also has a couple of twists that set it aside from the original, the first is the fact the watch housing can be removed from the strap (it simply clips into the strap) so the watch can be worn on a chain or cord like a pocket watch.

The second twist is the “Y” shaped face is a hinged cover again like a pocket watch. Opening the cover reveals the hidden parts of the display which home the touch sensitive controls similar to the ones used on the Kisai Rogue touch screen. This design maybe usable in existing Rogue housings, which may help viability.

The design has a very industrial sci-fi feel which will appeal to those who like engineered products and mechanical gadgets. The 12-5-9 time telling method will keep the interest of existing Tokyoflash customers who are comfortable with that method of time telling.

The geometric form combined with the the “Y” shaped display makes this design stand out. The choice between regular watch mode and pocket watch sets this watch from others. The face cover could have matching or contrasting finishes giving the design a sense of customisation.

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49 Responses to “(English) Trylon LCD watch: Time-travellers wrist wear.”

  1. avatar James より:

    Oftentimes when I see a watch preview on the TF facebook page I just glance at the page and move on. But the design of this intrigued me enough to really read your design. Love it.

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks for checking this out further James! The thumbnails don’t always do designs justice so it’s always best to check out the posts. Cheers for reading it too! I wrote a bit of a novel up there! lol
      Thanks again! :D

  2. avatar Heather より:

    Pretty cool. Gmta about the display coming off the strap and used as a pocket watch..i just submitted a design that uses the same concept. ;) I like how the cover opens, and I like the option of using digits..5*

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks a lot Heather! I look forward to seeing you submission with the removable case! It’s nice to give the customer wearing options! Cheers for the comment and the vote! : D

  3. avatar Firdaus R より:

    Masyuk gile design ko nih… mantap siot siap leh jadi poket watch…

    • avatar Pete より:

      Sorry Fir, google translate refused to help me I don’t know what this said. I will presume it is was nice tho! ;) cheers for the comment! :D

  4. avatar xian より:

    Awesome renderings, Peter. I would pay you to teach me how to produce renderings like this. As far as the pocketwatch, I get nervous when things are designed to separate, because invaribly those things will separate unintentionally–’Do you have the time?’, ‘Sure, it’s…an empty strap!’ *sob* :(

    • avatar Pete より:

      Theresnit secret to the renderings, I use solid works with its own render package which has its own materials and lighting environments, so most of the works is done for me. Just a case of combining the right materials with the right lighting really. I’m glad you like the design. Regarding the removable case, the premis is that you would only be able to do so when the watch is not fastened around your wrist. That way you should avoid accidental removal. Cheers for the feedback Xian! :D

  5. avatar Pete より:

    Cheers TF for adding this design to the bloggiest of all the blogs!

  6. avatar Anders S より:

    Great one Pete! I really like the display; distinctive without being too gimmicky. The optional time-telling is also very nice, and I am always partial to modular design (strap vs pocket-watch). And the images themselves look good enough to eat. All thumbs up!

    • avatar Pete より:

      Couldnt put it better myself! lolol You are too kind sir and I thank you! :D
      Would you like a nice Merlot to go with your meal? Cheers Anders! :D

  7. avatar mushy より:

    I liked it last time Pete and I still do. :) 5Y

  8. avatar Patrick より:

    Pete still will say, that I’m too nice, but the movie “Back to the Future” is my favorite movie.
    Like Mushy, I voted the maximum for the previous version, I like this one too!
    Removable dial, that’s genious.
    Superb project that deserves 5 ​​* and my approval.

    It is really strong this Pete!

    • avatar Pete より:

      Yep too nice by far! but thats why we like you! that and your crazy imagination, both qualities are to be encouraged. Im glad you likey sir and cheers for the support! :D

  9. avatar niels より:

    LOVE IT! Specially the one that says 5:37. Would buy it immediatly!

    • avatar Pete より:

      Yeah the distressed metal and red display really works. The 12-5-9 time telling would be an optional mode so digits could also be displayed on that version too! Cheers for the support Niels! :D

  10. avatar gordon より:

    Oh yeah, time to break out out the super bowl chicken dinner for this one. I love it ,one of my favorite of your many great designs

  11. avatar alex322 より:

    Make it a real watch!!!!!!

  12. avatar Samukun より:

    LUV THIS. Awesome work Pete. Looks great. Works super. Cool idea to cover the extra function and making them accessable. The tripody display rock!! I really like the scratchy one with red display. Wanna have :) 5*/YESSS

    • avatar Pete より:

      Yay! Thanks a lot Sam! I’m glad you likey sir! Yeah the battle scared metal one with red display is my favourite too! I hope this one stands a chance! ;)

  13. avatar Peter より:

    Thumps up for this one… nice work!

  14. avatar NL1 より:

    This would for sure appeal to a lot of people, and despite the original case you describe an easy way to make it.
    good job Pete !

  15. avatar Cake より:

    Love this watch, I would buy it immediately, especially the metal one with the red LEDs

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks a lot for liking! Yeah the metal and red so far seems to be the favorite! Cheers for the feedback!
      Now I want to buy cake immediately! :@~~

  16. avatar dzign555 より:

    Hey…this is ultra cool. Don’t know why I didn’t check it out sooner! Love the colours and the customisability. It would be great to have lots of different bands and the option of different colours, like the Adjust watch.

    5 yeppers

  17. avatar nioupy より:

    Ohhh! I told to myself I wouldn’t buy online again as it was too difficult to get my Kisai Rogue out of custom in my country…
    But this watch… This one… I’ll gladly go through half a day in the custom again for it! Guys, make it real, I want it !!!

    I really like the Removable Dial idea and I hope that when Tokyo Flash makes this watch a real product, they’ll make sure that it doesn’t become a problem for the watch. I would hate to loose my dial :(

    Now I’ll have to come again and again and again on TF website to know if it’s out…

    • avatar Pete より:

      Great comment Nioupy!
      I too know your pain with the customs people and the rediculous tax and admin fees they charge! But the end allways justfies the means! Im glad this design would tempt you through such pain again! :) Fingers crossed TF make it possibile! :D

  18. avatar Samukun より:


  19. avatar Krautesh Vakir より:

    Just as awesome as the first version, like the worn metal finish with red display best, 5/Y :)

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks a lot Mark, the battle scarred metal does seem to be popular. its got a retro futuristic look look, kinda steampunkt I guess. Cheers for the comment and the vote! :D

  20. avatar Jose より:

    I really like the concept.
    Great job as usual. I think you’ve gone to get, easy to read, beautifully designed and very versatile finishes and in combinations, animations, etc. Good luck Pete
    5/Y_ :)

  21. avatar RyanMcG より:

    Pete I think this is one of my favourite designs of yours of the past couple years. I would pre-order it if that were an option. Awesome work. 5/5

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks a lot Ryan, this is one of my favorites (of mine) too. Im glad you likey! I wish you could pre-order too! ;)
      Cheers for the cool comment and the vote! Cheers

  22. avatar Metaltronix より:

    This is a really sick design!! but, it would be a lot better if it was a LED watch. There’s too many LCD watches on Tokyoflash right now I would like to see more LED watches.

  23. avatar Makkovik より:

    I love a lot of thing :

    1) LCD screen
    2 ) Pocket watch convertion capability ( like the “bovet fleurier amadeo” and “Chopard L.U.C Louis Ulysse Tribute Convertible Watch” )
    3) the cover covering the touchscreen control
    4) I like both version ( digits & lines )
    5 ) my fav model is the 7th picture ( rusted metal look )
    6) I love the animation ( 1st pic ). Perhaps it could be use everytime the # change.

    & 7 ) you used all my suggestions, on the original post.

    So, 10* & I would buy !

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hehe Thanks a lot Makko, Yeah this version was very much inspired by the great feedback the original one recieved. So I must thank you sir and everyone else that made suggestions on the original post.
      Thanks a lot for the great comment, support and the big 10! :D