AXYS watch converts analogue to digital.

Design submitted by José from Spain.

José says: Here again, to share with you a new concept to read and present time. AXYS watch.

AXYS watch, comes from the intersection of the horizontal (X) and vertical (Y) lines.

My approach to this concept comes from the analysis of conventional analog dial (as shown in the attached AXYS Dial diagram). On it, I have changed the way circular reading by the intersection of a column of numbers (1-2-3-4-5-6 ) vertical reading with another horizontal number line (7-8-9-10-11-12) and I’ve only kept in position the markers of minutes, making the reading of the hours / month, either from top to bottom or from left to right exclusively.

For increased accuracy in terms of measurement of time, I have added a small LCD display for viewing digitally seconds / day according what the user selects.

AXYS, has a center pushbutton that manages information with LEDS according to press once (show hours, minutes and seconds / day), or twice consecutively (show day of week, month, and day of the month), elapsed time display information AXYS is in standby mode until the user decides to go back again.

I think AXYS is easy to understand and read, is a new concept, unique and very versatile, so that be interested to many types of people because it supports several finishes and several combinations between materials.

I hope you enjoy this new concept.

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AXYS watch converts analogue to digital., 4.5 out of 5 based on 156 ratings

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47 Responses to “AXYS watch converts analogue to digital.”

  1. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio says:

    Thanks Jose. I really enjoy the Circuit board one.
    I know its been done before & a bit cliche, but in this case it just seems super cool! I would wear it.

    • avatar Jose says:

      Ooops !!..
      Sorry for the delay in the reply.
      Just saw the publication now. Thank you very much for adding this concept to the blog and for your kind words.
      I would really like to develop this concept. Also I’d like to wear one of these …
      Thanks again!!

  2. avatar Joe says:

    Great watch! I really hope I can buy this watch soon.

  3. avatar dzign555 says:

    Looks fantastic. In terms of time-telling, I wouldn’t want to have to toggle the joystick to read the time – I don’t think this should ever be necessary. Apart from that, it looks stunning!


  4. avatar Pete says:

    Very fresh time telling!, I have to agree with Toky, the circuit board one looks cool! The red and black one for me please! 5/Y Best of luck Jose! :D

  5. avatar Laszlo says:

    Black and blue one for me without seconds or the seconds be similar like the minutes!

    • avatar Jose says:

      I’m glad you like it Laszlo…
      At first, I had thought about using a second to run over the same line of the minutes, but finally, I thought it better the option of a small screen to display the day and optionally the seconds, according to level of accuracy in the measurement of time that the user want to have.
      Thank you very much for the comment and for your support.

  6. avatar Trayo says:

    This one in non glare fully black aluminum and this neon blue light would be cool. But, for myself the hours are illogical. I saw the picture with 4:50am and thought “okay, right lane from in to out 1,2,3 down lane from in to out 4,5,6 and so on. This would be more comfortable. But yeah, I would buy it.

    • avatar Jose says:

      Trayo thank you very much for the comment and for your support.
      The idea is that the reading of the time is the result of the intersection of the vertical and horizontal lines of the dial as shown in the diagram above and therefore, just from top to bottom and from left to right, but could also be a version what you propose.

  7. avatar mushy says:

    Good job José! :) 5Y

  8. avatar xian says:

    Beautiful renderings, José! What software did you use? I really like the clean modern design.

    • avatar Jose says:

      I am very glad that you like the renders.
      Xian thank you very much for the comment and for your support.
      I use Rhinoceros and V-Ray

  9. avatar Gordon says:

    Pretty cool, reminds me of a safe combo

  10. avatar Alberto says:

    Jose expectacular, me encanta el diseño sigue una linia futurista ¿saves cuando sale al mercado? pues yo quiero uno
    Sin mas un saludo

  11. avatar jascry says:

    Very clean look and easy to read time. I like it. Personally I think the simple non-circuit board style gives it a bit of an elegant look and definitely would be my preference. Very nice work.

  12. avatar Jesús says:

    Bravo Jose; es una magnífica propuesta, muy creativa, imaginativa y original; ya era hora de romper con los viejos conceptos, no sólo con el diseño exterior, sino también, y especialmente, en el sistema de lectura.
    Ya conocia anteriores trabajos tuyos que me sorprendieron y con esto te has superando. Un abrazo y ojalá todo salga como te mereces.

    • avatar Jose says:

      Jesús, muchas gracias por tu apoyo y tus comentarios.
      Me anima mucho a continuar por este camino tu valoración.
      Un abrazo.

  13. avatar sya5 says:

    precioso relog y muy facil de entender.yo quiero uno

  14. avatar Bonesey says:

    I love the fusion between old school and new school. Even as someone who has a preference for mechanical watches I think I would definitely buy this one!

  15. avatar BB says:

    Me encanta. Yo quiero uno pero en pequeñito que mi muñeca es XS. Este sí, por favor que yo lo quiero. 1 besito.

  16. avatar Juan says:

    Espectacular diseño basado en una línea muy atractiva al hombre moderno. Sin duda una alternativa diferente de la que cabe destacar su importante elegancia. Un gran reloj sólo para muñecas distinguidas.

  17. avatar dani says:

    hi jose,
    i like three features in this watch:
    -i think it’s functional, i mean, it is easy to read in a different way than traditional but it is not a puzzle and it contains a lot of info, and i think it would be easy to add more features as chronometer, alarm…
    -the design is so elegant. I love the mode off without pressing any button, and lateral buttons are great!! i’d press them all the time as a child press a light switch..
    -not sure about this, but i think it could be cheap cause there is not anything difficult to produce… though maybe i wise it would be cheap to buy one

  18. avatar ZOE says:

    this design is incredibly spectacular. I love it. is beautiful. is useful. is modern, and above all, unique. A GREAT DESIGN

  19. avatar Unknown Guest says:

    Realmente asombroso el diseño de tu reloj… me encanta, no le falta de nada y se adapta a cualquier evento…
    Me encantaria poder regalarselo a mis 7 hermanos (bueno, una hermana y 6 hermanos)
    Quiero 7

    • avatar Jose says:

      Muchas gracias por tus amables palabras y por tu apoyo a este concepto.
      El pedido me parece bueno….ojalá que se cumpla tu deseo…. :)

  20. avatar Dolores Fuertes Debarriga says:

    J’aime vraiment cette montre, est moderne, fonctionnel et s’écarte des classiques.
    J’aimerais l’avoir dans ma main.
    J’en veux un

  21. avatar Yalotengo Kasitodo Porelmorro says:

    Eine prächtige Uhr, bis zu modernen Zeiten, in denen wir leben.
    Ich mag das Design sowie das Management sencilled.
    Kaufen ein.

  22. avatar Fedor Dostoievski says:

    Очень хороший дизайн, классический и современный, большой, я люблю его.
    Я хочу один

  23. avatar Makkovik says:

    I like idea for the hour & the overall look. I like the added precision offered by the second subdial. My fav is the gray case with black dial ( the 1st pic ). I don’t like the circuit board versions. I would buy. 5*

  24. avatar Jose says:

    I would like to close this entry, thanking TokyoFlash Japan Product Design Studio, the opportunity to show this concept.
And of course, I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to see, appreciate and support this concept.
    I take this opportunity to wish all members and followers of the blog, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
See you in the next submission.
    Until then … Enjoy! :)