(English) Raptor LED watch races onto your wrist.

(English) Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: This is “Raptor”. I didnt really have a preconception for this design. I simply wanted to create an organic design with a simple time telling method. I started off sketching simple organic snake like forms which subconsciously became more engineered.

I soon came to the realisation that a lot of human creations have shapes and forms taken from the natural world shaped and formed to suit their application. So I decided to make the design organic, engineered and abstract. The shape will resemble different things to different people.

I like sci-fi and motor-racing so to me this shape looks somewhere between an F1 car and a spaceship, to others it might look like an alien or a snake.

The time telling method is a back to basics LED 12-5-9 format. The 12 x hours are displayed by the central rear array, the 5 x 10 minute groups are on the front left hand array and the 9 x single minutes are on the front right.

Due to the abstract form suggesting different things to different people I have shown it in different finishes with different colour LED combinations. This gives the customer a certain amount of customisation. To take this further still I have also included a couple of special edition based on my personal interpretations of the form. These are based on the Mclaren F1 car and a race-ship form the wipeout 2048 computer games. To make this a customisation feature I suggest that these could be self applied skins made form self adhesive vinyl. These could perhaps be sold as a printable decal sheet with a CD with template software which would allow the customer to use their choice of image simply printed onto the decal sheet then peeled and applied. This would also act as protection to the watch like often used on mobile phones.

The abstract and slimline form gives the watch a wide appeal, the time telling method is simple and easily recognisable. The added bonus of the customisation feature and choice of colour combinations will add to the universal appeal. The simple time telling method also makes this design viable from a production perspective.

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51 Responses to “(English) Raptor LED watch races onto your wrist.”

  1. avatar Romain より:

    I love this design. 5*/yes

  2. avatar Samukun より:

    FEISAR EURO POWER!!! Hehehe, luv this texture :D

    Omg Pete, this watch rox. It looks good with texture and without it. The shape is so myum ♥ Time telling is easy, looks good and is perfectly combined with the shape, looking like exhausts or speed indicators.

    Maybe the strap segments have to start earlier to make the watch fit to more wrists – piece of cake.

    So great idea with the special editions! The high speed vehicles fit well and although it’s cheesy, I like it. Luv Wipeout ^^


    • avatar Pete より:

      hehe I wondered if the “decaled” ones would be too cheesy and a bit much but I wanted to show a customisable element. Skins seem to be a popular means of customisation for personal electronics so why not watches.
      Yeah there is no reason the segmentation of the strap couldnt start sooner, starting at the half way point is force of habit. Cheers for the positive feedback! :D

  3. avatar tigroo より:

    it’s really beautyful, of course i’ll by it, particulary the sylver and pink, just hope the size could also be for women this time…tokyoflash often made only for men, means big size :(

    great job peter

    • avatar Pete より:

      I see no reason this couldnt be small enough for a ladies wrist, in mettalic finishes it could look quite jewelry like (briel used to make snake like jewelry a couple of years ago) Cheers for the great comment Tigroo! :D

  4. avatar Krautesh Vakir より:

    Wow this is awesome. The wipeout and F1 versions look sweet and works well. *looks for pre order button* 5/Y

    • avatar Pete より:

      Yeah they should have a pre-order button shouldn’t they. Mind you if they did I would be in huge potential debt! lol Cheers for the comment and the vote! :D

  5. avatar Zammy より:

    OMG I love Tokyo flashes designs but this tips it all well done

  6. avatar Pete より:

    Thanks TF for adding this design to the blog! :D

  7. avatar gordon より:

    WOW, this is the funnest lookin watch i have seen in a while. The F1 decal was brilliant 5* y

  8. avatar Cory より:

    It’s better without the decals, imo. Your designs are good enough to where you need not use other IP to boost the likes, Pete.

    I loves me some F1 and Wipeout is one of my favorite racing franchises of all time. That said, the design is strong enough without them.

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi Cory, the decal examples are just examples. They show things that I like and see in the shape. I was temped to do kind of Xeno style one but lazyness got the better of me. Yeah I think it fine plain straight out the box but I tried to cater to as many peeps tastes, and some folks like to customise. Cheers for the feedback :D

    • avatar gordon より:

      yes but its still cool

    • avatar Cory より:

      OH! and, carbon fibre for me please.

  9. avatar logan より:

    Reminds me of a driver’s watch, which makes sense. Very creative!

    • avatar Pete より:

      Yeah the angle of the displays does lend itself as a drivers watch, I wish I could tell you that was fully intentional! But it was a happy accident! lol cheers for the comment Logan! :D

  10. avatar Mike Cummings より:

    If your going for the organic approach stay simple. Elegant lines , I say keep it. I want one.

  11. avatar Jerry E より:

    Like it! It’s not hard to read the time, serious futuristic design, and really attractive. No one would suspect it’s a watch.

  12. avatar Jonathan より:

    5 and a yes from me. Hell yeah I would buys something like this. I love the ambiguity of the design! I can see how it can look organic to others and how it can look technological to another. I love it! It looks like something out of Alien!

  13. avatar Jerry E より:

    Tokyoflash read this: make this watch real. Wipeout HD and McLaren editions are so outta this world!

  14. avatar Dave より:

    So want this! I love how organic yet pissed off it looks.

  15. avatar Dianekmt より:

    Very sculptural, a real work of art, and the different designs on the band are a great option.

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks a lot Diane, I have focussed on more industrial imagery but I think the shape would also lend itself to more softer suble themes which hopefully widens its appeal.
      If anyone knows someone arty who would like to add a theme to an image and post it here please feel free. Would be interesting to see someone elses customisation ideas. Cheers for the great comment :D

  16. avatar Makkovik より:

    The F1 car / race-ship special edition are nice. ( I like to watch F1 races ) I don’t like the plain version because something is missing. ( but it’s nice that you show them so we can appreciate the overall look )

  17. avatar Pete より:

    Time runs out for this post very soon, so just wanted to say cheers to anyone who voted, commented and/or liked/shared. Thanks for TF for adding it here and any external blogs that featured it on their sites.
    Cheers folks,

    Pete from the UK :D