(English) Chunky Style LED watch has a tough image.

(English) Design submitted by Gordon from the USA.

Gordon says: My friend told me I should make a large format watch so I did. Time telling is pretty obvious, I think people with pinky rings and those who want pinky rings will wear this watch.

This design is unique because it doesnt try to be different.

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(English) Chunky Style LED watch has a tough image., 3.7 out of 5 based on 66 ratings

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53 Responses to “(English) Chunky Style LED watch has a tough image.”

  1. avatar Cory より:

    Very strong, durable looking watch. It looks like a containment unit for some futuristic power source. Very clean lines and bold execution, Gordon. I could see this one with the strap as is, or like Satellite with a PU strap and steel clasp. Big vote, big yes in this corner.

  2. avatar Gordon より:

    If you would like to see more variations of this watch please visit my site http://www.coroflot.com/GordonLardi

  3. avatar Dennis より:

    CHUNKY!!! That’s an understatement! Thank you for your delicious variety of designs! Love the pocket watch. I’d buy one if my wife would let me.

  4. avatar colbyc より:

    Agreed, this watch has a very strong presence about it. Does it belong amongst the rest of Tokyoflash’s absurdly appealing complex time readers… I’m not so sure. Still a nice looking design though.

  5. avatar dzign555 より:

    Nice looking watch, Gordon. And I do love chunky watches! 5*/ Y from me.

  6. avatar Pete より:

    Nice robust looking deign with clean looking display. Love the black and natural carbon and the black and yellow carbon combinations. For me I would prefer a bracelet strap with chunky metal clasp but thats subjective thing. 5/Y Best of luck! Nice to see you back on the blog Gordon! :D

  7. avatar Krautesh Vakir より:

    Easy to read chunky awesomeness, love your other designs on your site too :) 5/Y

  8. avatar Gordon より:

    Thanks everyone glad to see there are fellow chunky lovers. Lol

  9. avatar Firdaus R より:

    Real men love chunky watches. I purposely wana say that I’m freaking love the concrete version with browny strap there. I like these idea dude, if TF is making these, they can be an digital and affordable alternative to these insanely priced masterpieces …. http://www.dzmitrysamal.com/en/collection2.html

    5* yes to Gordon-chin!

    • avatar gordon より:

      Wow! those are nice Firdhaus. Im totaly into the concrete look. Adimar Piguet uses a material called “forged carbon” for some of their cases, I would love to use that for this watch

  10. avatar Jose より:

    It really is a different design than the ones you see around here.
    I Like it and I agree with most of comments.
    Congratulations Gordon for the job.

    5* & Y -:)

  11. avatar xian より:

    Hi, Gordon! I really like the version with the red carbon fiber with yellow LEDs!

  12. avatar gordon より:

    Thanxs Xian, I like to mix it up because everyone has different tastes

  13. avatar Paolo Morrone より:

    I love the design (even though I don’t wear a pinky ring). I love the Oakley style industrial watches and this hit the spot for me. I agree with Pete about the bracelet. I prefer a full on strap to a clip on. Not too keen on those. Grey and black for me all the way!


  14. avatar Paolo Morrone より:

    By the way, what 3D modelling software do you use for your watches Gordon?


    • avatar gordon より:

      Thanks Paolo, I hear you about the clasp, probably more practical too. I like the cuff style because it is easy on easy off. The software i use is Solidworks.

  15. avatar Lana dEl Wray より:

    Oh and Gordon, your watch design is good and you should feel good

  16. avatar Gordon より:

    OMG!, don’t forget to look at the watch

  17. avatar Samukun より:

    Nice design – no doubt. Very cool color and material variants – hard to pic a favorite. Appealing geometry :) I’m not sure if the numbers are too traditional (definitely not nerdy) and if the look alone it spacey enough to be tokyoflashy. But I agree with what Toky said: if people like it, they should make it. It would be a cool addition to the catalog because it would cover a different kind of clientel.

    • avatar gordon より:

      thanks Sam to be honest the display part was not totaly satisfying me but i am working on somthing now that that i think might work better or at least different

  18. avatar gordon より:

    if you like chunky style check out the remix at the bottom of the pictures, more styles to come at http://www.coroflot.com/GordonLardi/watches

  19. avatar Makkovik より:

    The case overall look is nice, mainly because it look very durable & strong. ( specially the digits surunding area ) I like the band except the buckle area. Howerver, since I don’t wear chunky/heavy watches, I wouldn’t buy.

  20. avatar gordon より:

    hey thanx for takin the time to see the remix and commenting, i submitted and hope they will present it here on the blog

  21. avatar Gordon より:


  22. avatar xian より:

    Damn! That was harsh…

  23. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

    Hi El Wray,
    I am glad you commented because its a worthwhile discussion & good to hear a different view.

    I feel you are missing the point though because you are applying design rules to products that don’t wish to fit into “self-explanatory” – The whole point is to create & explore alternative ways to tell the time. We don’t want to use tried & tested methods of a traditional analogue or digital clock – we want to search out the bizarre & unnatural.

    Your comment only confirms that the alien designs seen on this blog are working because they jar so strongly with your human feelings!

  24. avatar Lana dEl Wray より:

    You are a pretentious donkey-bottom.

  25. avatar Ilovefancywatches より:

    It’s kind of weird to tie your sexuality so closely to a device that tells time. i too have never posted on this site, but there was something about the pretentious nature of your comment that was impossible to ignore. Your slavish devotion to the Functionalist school of design seems to have led you to believe that no other options are possible. I applaud TokyoFlash and all their designers for innovating and challenging perspective. Its a shame that such challenges are so threatening to some.

  26. avatar Firdaus より:


  27. avatar Gordon より:

    While I appreciate El Wray’s kind words, thank you, I must say that tastes are subjective as I am sure that there are people out there who don’t like this watch at all. This blog is a platform for freedom of expression one I am happy to be a part of. To be honest, I wouldn’t wear most of these watches but I always appreciate a fresh perspective and that’s why I follow this blog and sometimes you spot something that really speaks to you. You sound like a bright guy, why not join in with a watch of your own.

  28. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

    Hi Gordon,
    I felt your design was excellent & worth posting because of the textures & strong industrial chunky feeling. Even though the numbers are normal, overall the design is eye catching & unique.
    We don’t select designs on personal taste, we select them on what fits with Tokyoflash & if we think it will appeal to others or just uses a really interesting concept.

    My comment above is not directed at your design Gordon – I was commenting because El Wray was not being tolerant of other peoples tastes nor respectful to everyones hard work.

  29. avatar Gordon より:

    its all good just glad to be back on the blog

  30. avatar Cory より:

    The pretense of talent is not itself talent. One can claim capability, but until it is demonstrated, it is but smoke in the wind.

  31. avatar Lana dEl Wray より:

    But… you just answered me…

  32. avatar Cory より:

    I am the only one who has not spoken.

  33. avatar Cory より:

    Oh, and I’ve found your site. Good job ripping off the Tampa bay Rays logo.

  34. avatar Ilovefancywatches より:

    Please learn to read… I will answer you more “THOROUGHLY”.

    You should actually read what you wrote. The reading comprehension skills on your end are the ones lacking.

  35. avatar Lana dEl Wray より:

    That isn’t at all what you said. You said you’d answer once I more thoroughly have something demi-intelligent to say. But thanks for answering me once again. I like turtles.

  36. avatar Cory より:

    Someone has stolen your moniker, then. You should Google yourself sometime.

  37. avatar Ilovefancywatches より:

    I’m sorry it appears I did miss another poster equating chunky to “real men”. It you can clarify that post I would concede this particular point.

    It’s a shame the designs don’t make sense to you. There was something about your level of conversation here that implied you were smart enough to comprehend the various designs here, it’s unfortunate that isn’t the case.

  38. avatar Ilovefancywatches より:

    I think it’s amusing that ” I can’t understand most of the things rather than all” is in your world considered any kind of defense or justification. It fails to strengthen your point and makes you look like an angry little person raging at ideas far larger then themselves. Rather sad really, that you would spend all this time and energy decrying a blog which you so clearly fail to comprehend.

    But then, lack of comprehension seem to a running thread with you.

  39. avatar Gordon より:

    That’s cool!

  40. avatar Cory より:

    Yeah, I’m thinking this entire thread will be deleted first thing monday morning, lol

    Troll troll is Troll.