Yin and Yang Time

(English) Design submitted by Erik from Colombia.

Erik says: I figured a diffent way to tell the time that has little to do with number or the conventional ciclular form.

The clock has two circles, each representing six hours period. Between them there is a progress line bar. When this line fills up, it lights the counter for minutes, each counter representing intervals of five minutes from 5 to 55.

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13 Responses to “Yin and Yang Time”

  1. avatar dzign555 より:

    Fantastic design, Erik. This is a winner for me. Just needs to be LCD and always on. Also, I think you need to include more pics, and a better explanation.

    Cheers, and good luck! 5*/ y

  2. avatar Samukun より:

    Hm, this is not my style of watch but I see the creativity and the thoughts that have been put in it and I can imagine it to be sold. It’s an elegant design with a nice inspiration. I guess the progress bar can have four states (1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and full) for the four necessary minutes. Actually pretty cool to use the border between Yin and Yang. Also nice asymmetry that gives the watch a certain dynamic. Will the right hour display fill up in black? Then I would say the example time is 10:16. Erik, very nice work. Good luck!

  3. avatar mushy より:

    I like this one Erik. Cool design. 5Y. :)

  4. avatar Pete より:

    I really like the look of this. Theres been a couple of Yin and Yang inspired designs before but I think this is my favorit so far. Love the way you linked the two dials together. I did something similar to one of mine thats yet to hit the blog, it makes it look very intersting. 5/Y Best of luck! :D

  5. avatar Krautesh Vakir より:

    Love the look of this one, nicely done. 5/Y

  6. avatar Firdaus より:

    This is artistic out of modern architectural inspiration. I could suggest better reading time and eliminate the pie chart display, but since you designed it, I believe you like it that way. 5* nevertheless!

  7. avatar Dianekmt より:

    Very cool design!


  8. avatar svenvonk より:

    Like the stylish look and the way all lines interact. Would like the hours to be more fluent though, in stead of boxed pieces of pie if you get my drift, perhaps make it look more like the minuteline and the way it interacts with the 5min. lights.
    Other than that, really like the design and would probably buy it.

  9. avatar Hook より:

    It is fantastic, innovative, very good looking. I really would like to buy it.

  10. avatar Patrick より:


  11. avatar JP より:

    Awesome awesome awesome. Make it mechanical and this is an instant classic. Always-on LCD and it’s still a purchase from me. This watch would work just as well with steampunk couture as it would with a dystopian aesthetic.

  12. avatar Makkovik より:

    I like the idea. It would be nice to have the 4 single minute. A steampunk style case would be soo nice. ( but not a necessity ) An always on tech would be better. I like the pie chart ( TF would need to try different angles ), that both circles are not the same size, that 1 is higher than the other and the transition between two display. 4*.

    It would be nice to have better explanation files. The 2nd pic could have been 2 times shown with the time written under them. And/or the 3rd pic could have had the number 1-12 written on the pie chart, or at the right side of the right one, if the number would be too small. ( and I guess that the 5 min go left to right ) Also : Do we count the black segments or the white one ? ( I prefer white to be the same as the 5 minutes increments. )