Cassiopeia Inspired LED Timepiece

(English) Design submitted by Sam F from the USA.

Sam says: A good timepiece should be stunning and attention-grabbing without being confusing. I was drawn to a concept that grouped lights by location, and realized that sorting the LEDs by color the design would be even more abstract and interesting, and stay simple to read.

Named and shaped after the constellation Cassiopeia, the timepiece features colored LEDs twinkling like stars. Though abstract and mesmerizing, the time is simply read by counting the number of individual lit colors. The watch is shown with, but not dependent on, an open style band.

The stylish, bracelet style design works across very different styles without looking generic. Turn on the display, and it grabs attention at a club or trade show, without losing a touch of class. Let it time out, and it blends in with more subtle attire.

It’s a straightforward, colorful, bracelet-type design that stands out from everything on the Tokyoflash front page, without deviating from the technical aesthetic.

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23 Responses to “Cassiopeia Inspired LED Timepiece”

  1. avatar awambawamb より:

    …as I love my Shinsoku, I would definitely appreciate a time arrangemente like that, with 3 colors: one for hours (12), one for 15 minutes (3), and one for single minutes (14).


  2. avatar Caleb Moss より:

    definite buy from me if you make that watch. I love the multicolored lights and Cassiopeia mythology. I’m also in love with how the watch is read.

  3. avatar Samukun より:

    Hi Sam :)

    This one is not something for me because of the big zig zag and fact that it’s a bracelet (of which you said, it doesn’t have to be one). So I wouldn’t buy it. But besides that I like the simpe geometry and the way you embedded the LEDs and how you use the materials. Cassiopeia is a beautiful name for a beautiful bling bling. I can imagine this watch in a shop. It’s stylish and fashionable on a mix between girly and strict.

    One thing confused me at first. Blue x1, green x2 etc looked like i have to calculate but it simply means that you read the time blue green : red pink. Awambawamb made a suggestion, mine is similar. Maybe 12 (hours) 5 (10 minute steps) 9 (single minutes) would work better. Maybe. It’s fine to divert from that (already) classic time telling mode.

    ★★★★★ for this beauty and good luck!

    • avatar Sam F より:

      Thanks for the advice! I like the alternate time telling suggestion; the watch filling up with light as it fills up with time is a nice metaphor. But I figured the less math one had to do the better :-P

  4. avatar Anders S より:

    Another Sam? Are they multiplying? =)

    Seriously though, it’s a fine concept. Not something I’d buy, but I like the idea and the styling. My only gripe with it is (unless I’ve missed something) that you have to keep track of which colour represents which number which could be a little tricky even if there are only four, and the random display would slow the reading. I really like the twinkling lights, but in a hurry it might be useful with a mode where the lights are sorted by colour? Just an idea, of course…=)

    • avatar Sam F より:

      Fair comment about keeping track of color, but I think as far as learning curves go it’s relatively slight.
      I like the thought of sorting by color; it would complicate production a bit, but also allow for really interesting visuals.

      And nothing wrong with more Sams in the world :-)

  5. avatar Pete より:

    It’s a very striking liking design. Love the zig-zag shape and the lights. I think the time telling would take time to learn as you have to remember which colour means which number. A temporary key would help. Also some of the colours would look similar in different lights. Would be cool if the lights could twinkle a little like stars appear too. Great concept, 5/Y best of luck and welcome to the blog! :D

  6. avatar dzign555 より:

    Hi Sam. I’ve given you 5 for the design, but I probably wouldn’t buy it (maybe for my sister?), as it looks a bit too feminine. It’s good having a more feminine looking watch though – something for the ladies!

  7. avatar Patrick より:

    It is still a beautiful watch Sam, it reminds me a bit of a model that I proposed, with a zigzag reading.
    5 * / Yes.

  8. avatar Krautesh Vakir より:

    Very nicely presented idea, not something Id buy for my self but 5/Y anyway. I’m sure there are plenty of girls that would like this.

  9. avatar Leonard Lee Kah Khiong より:

    This is very beautiful, elegant, very high tech yet futuristic! But, it look more like a bracelet than a watch! I attract by the beauty of it as a piece of jewellery (the LEDs just like precious stone like diamonds, ruby, sapphire, emerald, … that sparkling at light.) But as watch, sorry it failed to impress me.

  10. avatar Firdaus R より:

    Hi Samuchin B-)

    This is completely super awesome! Why every Sam has alike thing like me? 0:) I will definitely support this design! You are and Im you, in other dimension :-B

    Tokyoflash we have another Sam now :*)

  11. avatar mushy より:

    Yeah it looks pretty and is nicely presented, Sam, but I think the time telling needs to be made easier for people to read quickly as others have said. Anyway, good luck with it and welcome to the blog. :)

  12. avatar xian より:

    I knew there must be another Sam kranking out all these beauties! But seriously, cool design.

  13. avatar Brice より:

    sorry but can you explain to me how to tell the time?
    where the hours and minutes?

  14. avatar Bárbara より:

    I woul definitely buy it. I mean, it’s junst amazing. The colors thing, the design.. Everything just sounds beautiful

  15. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

    This is a great idea based on constellations. The colour choice of LED’s is nice because enhances the star light feeling.
    The time telling 1, 2, 3, 4 – count the lights for each colour is easy & a good solution.

    My only reservation is that because the placement of the lights is random, its a little hard to count the purple & not get confused by the red in some situations. – im sure this would be ok though if the position of the colours were changed slightly to avoid any mistake.

    Good job Sam F & welcome to the blog!

    • avatar Sam F より:

      You bring up a reasonable concern, and I think you’re right that there are simple solutions for it: careful light positions, blinking colors in turn, etc.

      Thanks, it’s good to hear the positive feedback!

  16. avatar Fluid karma より:

    I love this watch saw it on pinterest and I want this so badly! Truly amazing concept it would be awesome if it twinkled… I know at least twenty people who would get this. The minute this is out I’m ordering one.

  17. avatar Makkovik より:

    The look is nice. But I’m confuse about the way to read the time. It would be good if it was a mix between the 12-5-9 and binary system. If it was made as-is, as a guy, I wouldn’t buy it for myself.

  18. avatar Maria Mania より:

    I love that it’s a cuff rather than a traditional band design. I want it!