SuujiMaru Watch transforms numbers into alien symbols.

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: This concept began experimentally with sketching for hexagon based numbers. After a while, the numbers developed into these round ones, that consist of six circle segments and a center dot. I played with the number layout and soon everything reminded me of some sci-fi technology.
I continued with this theme and so SuujiMaru was born.

The numbers are aligned vertically and framed by a rounded, also illuminated border. Numbers and border are connected by extra segments within specific rules and create an alien looking circuitry. Time reading is more or less challenging. One rule has to be kept in mind, then it’s super easy: Each circular number is a direct transformation of a classical 7-segment number. Maybe a circuit-off mode would be helpful to get used to these numbers. The long and slim rounded case was a logical consequence of the display. It’s based upon a cone and forms a smooth geometry with the straps.
Summing up, SuujiMaru is a stylish geeky piece of technology for sci-fi fans.

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SuujiMaru Watch transforms numbers into alien symbols., 4.7 out of 5 based on 131 ratings

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38 Responses to “SuujiMaru Watch transforms numbers into alien symbols.”

  1. avatar Pete says:

    Wow very striking design, loving the look of this thing. The numbers take a little getting used to but well worth the effort! 5/Y Best of luck! :D

  2. avatar dzign555 says:

    I feel like I’ve just been beamed up! No time to eat any watches…just enough time to give a …5*!

  3. avatar Firdaus public says:

    I think I’ll try to buy this watch and accept the reality that the shape of the face is actually very unique. The Numbers, so clever you Sam-chin! The watch is just so yours! 5*

  4. avatar Patrick says:

    Before there was “Champollion” and now there Sam!
    Where can I buy this watch it is for a gift?
    5 * / Yes, otherwise how to vote?

  5. avatar Samukun says:

    Thank you Pete, DZ, Firfir and Patrick! Cool you like it!

    Oh I can read simple hieroglyphs Patrick ;) Your name is Carpet, Eagle, Bread, Mouth, Reed, Hill :D Actually the border around the numbers is inspired by pharaoh name cartouches.

    For all who are interested, in japanese a maru suu ji is a number in a circle. The long form is maru tsuki suu ji. Those numbers are often used for listings or logos (…). I changed the name a bit for this watch putting the maru at the end, keeping the important words but distinguishing from the commonly used term. Fun people, it’s fun :D

    Thank you Toky for posting this concept!

    • avatar Makkovik says:

      The “pharaoh name cartouches” inspiration is nice. I love that it use a dot in the middle instead of a vertical line. The number are easily recognizable. my only concern, for now & if I buy it, is the height. I would buy. 6*

      • avatar Samukun says:

        Cool, thanks for your comment Owl, Eagle, Hill, Quail! You mean horizontal lines but I see the point – the dots make the numbers look extra alien :D I’m glad that the numbers are relatively easy to read. I’m not sure how flat such a watch can be, but if it can come with less height, I’m in.

  6. avatar Scott G says:

    Damn that looks good! It has a crop-circle-alien feel to it. The white LEDs compliment the design well. Surprisingly easy to read too. 5* YES

    P.S even if only half your designs get made i’m still going to be broke! :)

  7. avatar Victor says:

    Honestly I am not a fan of the shape of the watch but the symbol idea is awesome and I would love to see that implemented :D Great job! Definitely have my vote

  8. avatar mushy says:

    It looks very nice Sam. :) 5Y.

  9. avatar Heather says:

    those digits are the best cryptic yet easy digits i’ve seen!! (i might as well stop trying to come up with new ones – i’ll never beat this!) ;)

    • avatar mushy says:

      Heather, just do a Google search and you’ll find lots of fonts like this.

      • avatar Samukun says:

        But that’s not a font. Well, at least not the digits. Might be that others had the such an idea too. I thought about making a font of it even but once some incoherence sneaked in, I gave up. I wouldn’t fish in the internet for my numbers and wouldn’t recommend to do so too – the lesser the risk of getting accused for theft :) If it’s a coincidence that someone made such numbers to, my conscience is still clean.

  10. avatar Jens says:

    COOOL, cryptic and yet chrystal clear.
    I do like the connecting lines betwwen the frame and the digits, looks almost like a mould for casting. Is it available with red LEDs ?

  11. avatar TheWhispofSmoke says:

    another amazing design sam

  12. avatar Samukun says:

    Thank you Scott, Victor, Lloyd, Heather and Jens for your thoughts and votes!!!

    Scott, your money would be in good hands ;)
    Victor, that’s fair enough. Thanks for the honesty!
    Heather, there are a couple hundred ways left to make digits, please keep summoning the world of creativity :D
    Jens, that’s a nice analogy. How’s this ?

  13. avatar TacoDude says:

    Nice watch looks real cool it also looks alien signs to, good job!

  14. avatar TacoDude says:

    Oh it is alien signs I didnt read it……..

  15. avatar Eduard Korho says:

    Best design since the Tron watch! This NEEDS to be made!

  16. avatar robdukarski says:

    The design seems to be too rectangular for my taste. I’d rather buy the “purple” V-BL47 today than to have this come onto the market before it.

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Oh thats a nice insight, thanks for sharing! Yeah the design doesn’t leave space for curves cause it’s already super slim. Cool you’re referring to the V-BL47, I love that piece :D

  17. avatar diclonius says:

    one of your best designs!
    keep up the good work :)

    • avatar Samukun says:

      I’ll try diclo ;) I do vary alot cause all those ideas require different handlings. Some more, some less. It’s fun when I reach you people with my work!

  18. avatar treusser says:

    I like it. Unique design yet easy to read. I’d buy one.

  19. avatar treusser says:

    I know this is a frowned-upon “double post” but there doesn’t seem to be a way to edit. Just another thought…I’m assuming you press a button to illuminate the numbers. I prefer an LCD-based “always on” display with a back light that you can activate with a button.

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Post as much as you like, if it’s related to the watch or the blog in general :D

      I agree with the always on LCD version. Carying an alien pattern around throughout the day is much more epic hehe. Thanks alot for your comments!!

      • avatar Makkovik says:

        I wouldn’t mind having just the bracelet on ( when the time is off ) because i have a few watches that are like that, but the alway on is nice.

  20. avatar Makkovik says:

    4.7 at this time. this is nice. i hope they do it.

  21. avatar Samukun says:

    Ok this watch takes a rest. That was a good month! It’s so cool how this concept has been recieved. I was afraid that the border connections make the display too hard to read, since I got used to them and I can’t see things with innocent eyes anymore. But nopes, all was fine :) Thank you everybody for your input and your support!

    Sam from Germany