(English) Wordcloud watch uses creative typography.

(English) Design submitted by Cory from the USA.

Cory says: Wordclouds are a new phenomenon that has shown up in internet culture. It seems that a watch using E-ink that displays a wordcloud of the current time or date in interesting fonts would be a cool thing to have on your wrist. From this idea Clouds emerged.

The word cloud always displays a ten minute segment of time. The current minute is the largest of the cloud, and the size descends for four minutes into the past, five into the future. Hour is always displayed in an all caps word, and minutes are always displayed in a lower case hyphenated word, or phrase like “half past” or “quarter till”

Those who enjoy the light weight, long battery life of E-ink devices would enjoy this simplistic design. The interesting patterns generated by word cloud software on the watch face will never be the same arrangement twice.

The semi-gloss polyurethane strap coupled with an ultra thin light weight case makes for an interesting combination. Any font can be uploaded to the watch via USB which makes for endless combinations of clouds.

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(English) Wordcloud watch uses creative typography., 3.8 out of 5 based on 120 ratings

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28 Responses to “(English) Wordcloud watch uses creative typography.”

  1. avatar Samukun より:

    Ultra thin ultra contemporary e-paper wordcloud watch? Bought! *waving with some € bills* This one’s using the full potential of e-paper! Cool straps too. 5words/YES

  2. avatar Heather より:

    i like this a lot. great use of e-ink. i like the idea of uploading fonts too. :D

  3. avatar Gordon より:

    nice watch Cory,very fresh thinking 5*

  4. avatar Firdaus public より:

    Interesting. Contemporary. Fashionable. Feel like want it ;-)

  5. avatar Sandra より:

    Very cool, Cory! Nice job. I really like the thin strap and I bet this watch is very comfortable to wear. I also like the idea of endless combinations which makes each watch a little bit different.

  6. avatar jascry より:

    Beautiful design but I don’t love the text on the band. A simple black band would suit in better in my opinion. As for the watch face itself, I love it. I love using a test clock on my Android phone and I think it’s an elegant concept for the wrist. Being able to customize the cloud is just icing on the cake.

  7. avatar Cory より:

    Thanks Tokyoflash for adding this design to the blog!

    Also, thanks for the remarks, all!

    @Heather: This being my first E-ink idea, I wanted it to be something that made use of the technology, having it customizable with different fonts seemed like a no brainer.

    @Sandra: I agree that it would likely be a comfy watch. I have several metal link TFJ watches, but I have to say that my Satellite’s PU strap is more comfortable, better for casual attire too :)

    @Jascry: TFJ usually does several variations on a design, a plain black strap would be an easy choice.

  8. avatar Pete より:

    Hi Cory,
    I like the idea and the result looks neat, this feels very Tokyoflashy.
    But for some reason its not doing it for me so I have rated it 5* but no as I can’t imagine me buying it. Best of luck tho! :D

    • avatar Pete より:

      Its probably best to mention that my comment is in relation to the blog and TF’s existing range. If I were to see this in a shop at the right price I would probably buy it.

  9. avatar Patrick より:

    It’s always interesting to have new ideas for the “e-paper.”
    Following is a question of taste.
    All this deserves 5 ​​* and Yes, for the good work and idea.

  10. avatar Swift_451 より:

    I like this design. I don’t know the limitations of e-ink but I think it would be cool if the face told the time and the strap said the day, date, month, etc. They could also switch so the face said the date and the strap said the time. I can see the cloud including the words for the time of day: morning, afternoon, night… and possibly the seasons. Make it change it up so it doesn’t always say the same information other than the actual time and it would be quite entertaining. 5* and very likely yes (depending on what TF did with it) Good Job

  11. avatar Cory より:

    This one is getting interesting feedback.

    @Pete: Tokyoflashy has become a great compliment on this blog :D Thanks for that!

    @Patrick: Hopefully the taste of Clouds would be palatable.

    @Swift: Bendable E-paper has been put forth by several companies, so I think in the near future having the whole band as a changing display would be feasible, and awesome!

  12. avatar NL1 より:

    Good Idea Cory ! I like your display. It could be a good app, too

  13. avatar Ebu より:

    I really like it! My favourite design :)

  14. avatar Ari より:

    I like this. It is VERY unique. Unique is what I go for. It doesn’t have lights or bells etc but that’s ok because it is SO unique that collectors like myself would snap it up before it’s uniqueness.

  15. avatar Cory より:

    Thanks Nico, hmmm… wordcloud app… :gears turning:

    Ebu, favorite design! sweet! love to hear this :D

    Unique and sleek! It’s what I was going for, Ari. Good to hear.

  16. avatar Hugii より:

    Wow! Looks nice and well! I use already a Seiko EPD on my wrist and a Qlocktwo at home… to combinde both highlights is a great idea! If the price is well I will buy two of them immediately! Congrats for this very stylish design!

  17. avatar Dianekmt より:

    I think this is very interesting!
    If it could be made in a narrower design as well,
    it could be more feminine,
    appealing to women, many of whom (like me),
    find it uncomfortable to wear chunky watches.

    It does look rather poetic though.

  18. avatar Cory より:

    @Hugii: Thanks for the immediate buy! Good to see you think it’s stylish :)

    @Dianekmt: A more feminine version seems doable, perhaps a narrow case and strap would look more suitable on a lady’s wrist. Poetry as a timepiece :)

  19. avatar docrbob より:

    I agree on all comments particularly the removal of the text from the band. It should be black.

    Nice work.

  20. avatar Marco より:

    I like the face of this watch. As many others have said, please remove the text on the band.

    Also, a choice of black or white would be awesome.

  21. avatar Cory より:

    @docrbob and Marco: This seems to have become a consensus of most commentators. I think perhaps a plain black strap with ‘Clouds’ as a small, unassuming indention on one side, and the ‘Kisai’ logo on the other would be more palatable. Thanks for the input :)

  22. avatar Hugii より:

    I would buy this masterpiece of design even with or without text on the strap. But this could be a good markting-issue itself: provide the watch with a black and a white strap without text and a white and a black strap with text and a small tool to change the strap.

    I am so in hope that this watch will be produced in some weeks…