(English) Asymmetry Analog watch hits the interstellar space lanes.

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(English) Asymmetry Analog watch hits the interstellar space lanes., 3.7 out of 5 based on 84 ratings

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39 Responses to “(English) Asymmetry Analog watch hits the interstellar space lanes.”

  1. avatar Samukun より:

    I like it very much. First of all case and material are very appealing – nice first impression. The display looks fantastic, draws attention if one sees the watch just shortly. The analog time telling is just fine. It looks effective with just little effort (normal analog watch mechanism can be used!). If it were in the shop, I would wanna get it. I like the red/white/black most, blue/white/black would work fine for me too. 5*/YES

    • avatar Cory より:

      Color variations could be endless with this design, I think. Me, I like the SS with blue/yellow then the red white black version, but many more could be envisioned. Thanks, Sam!

  2. avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

    Personally I like this a lot.
    Very easy to make, very easy to understand, looks normal if your wearing it at work – yet the face design is very sci-fi.

    The minute hand is great, bold & easy to see. The hour hand might need some extra thought; its likely to be difficult to see because not much daylight can get in though the thin lines. So perhaps making the red zone wider or having triple red lines like the minute would make it more obvious.

    • avatar Cory より:

      I thought of the difficulty with the hour hand myself when I saw the video after YouTube compression. Perhaps a thicker slot in the disk, or three slots with the center one being thickest so that it coincides with the minute hand’s dimensions.

      Thanks for posting the design and the feedback!

      Arigatou gozaimasu, Tokyoflash!

      • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

        It also occurs to me that you could print tiny minute numbers on the back dial which would only be visible where the minute markers are transparent. So you might see 46, 47, 48 in those 3 markers.
        Not sure if that would disrupt the overall feel, but just a thought.

        • avatar Cory より:

          I contemplated also having the hour hand revealing the background behind the hour tic marks that go around the edge if the design… Would be particularly interesting on the 11-12 line. It would give those dots a bit more of an active role in the display. Hmmm…

  3. avatar Firdaus public より:

    One of the best looking analog watches here, a veeeeeaary good start for the new year. I’d definitely, don’t feel like wana rock this in fallout, let it be in real life, thus, 5 stars and yeah.

  4. avatar Gabriel_BB より:

    great work Cory. I like it, and it has a tokyoflashy look. Actually at the beginning I thought that the design is presented by TF. :) congrats, 5 stars.

  5. avatar Pete より:

    I’ve always been a fan of Cory’s designs and this one is no exception, The presentation and renderings as ever are fantastic. I love anything to do with sci-fi so this works for me! The time telling is criptic but easy enough to understand when you know what your looking for. My on critism is that the hour hand could be clearer. I like the idea of another slot concentric with the original (another row of hull plating) the hour hand would then be visible on both rows and more obvious, whether this would spoil the look I dont know. Either way this is definately worth a “warp 5″ and a “make it so”! Best of luck Cory! :D

  6. avatar Gordon より:

    “WINNER WINNER” and the renderings are spot on. Good work Cory 5*

  7. avatar Patrick より:

    An interesting watch, a little wise, for my personal taste.
    But it is a beautiful work that deserves 5 ​​* / Yes!

  8. avatar MOODYELAINE20 より:

    Have a great academic life.

  9. avatar Cory より:

    Spam, Y U NO GO AWAY!?

    seriously, this spam **** needs to end. :(

  10. avatar Samukun より:

    I think this means: WHAT A COOL DESIGN and I must say, it’s not exaggerated.

  11. avatar Cory より:

    Google translate magic tells me he wants us to buy metal roofing in Kiev. I’ll pass.

  12. avatar Firdaus より:

    Thanks ZaharovValerii-Baka for your time to comment here, kisama….

  13. avatar NL1 より:

    The global shape is rather classic, but is the strength of this design. You can wear it in almost every situation, while keeping a “subtle wow effect” :) The display is inventive & looks futuristic. Good one !

  14. I agree with TokyoFlash opinion, the red mark seems so small, it would be really hard to spot at a glance.

  15. Cory, can we feature your work on our website?

  16. avatar ninjadude38 より:

    this is definitely one of the most creative and sci-fi watches I’ve seen on here. A super cool, abstract way to read the time, and a watch I would be proud to wear. Bravo!

  17. avatar Cory より:

    Tuvie design blog has posted this design :)

    Thanks Tuvie!

  18. avatar VGMStudios より:

    ugly looks like you ripped off my design.

    • avatar Cory より:

      I’m sorry you feel this way, but quite frankly, I have done no such thing. People would also be more inclined to discuss things if politeness was present. Most on this blog are quite pleasant and amicable. Can we keep it that way?

  19. avatar Samukun より:

    Good luck Cory! Analog watches rock!