Edge – A Watch Design For Bio-Mechanically Enhanced Humans


Design submitted by Peter from the UK.

Peter says: “I was driving in my car and I noticed a trend with modern cars to have strip LED tail lights and running lights (halo style lights). This got me thinking about digits being displayed in thin strip light shapes. I then imagined these forms extruded and metallic and ended up with this watch design.

The time on this watch design is displayed in a very conventional digital style, the four metallic “ribbons” display a single digit each. The display is activated by controls in the chunky asymmetric strap in the form of the KISAI logo, these controls would include time, date, animation and settings.

Although the inspiration is from a fairly mundane and conventional source the result looks like something from a post-apocalyptic future where the machines have already taken over. This watch design would look good on any bio-mechanically enhanced human or would-be cyborg fighting for the resistance… or your average Joe on the high street!

I think the display method using the metallic “ribbons” seperates this design from others. This format means that the electronic internals are now housed in the chunky asymmetric strap, which would also house the controls (inside the enlarged KISAI logo) and any necessary ports etc. The packaging is different but the technology is proven.”


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65 Responses to “Edge – A Watch Design For Bio-Mechanically Enhanced Humans”

  1. avatar Lance D. より:

    that is really freakin awesome. DO WANT!

  2. avatar Pascale より:

    I’d buy this…. definitely ****

  3. avatar diclonius より:

    VERY nice!
    i would buy this 100% for sure……as long as it not plastic :P

  4. avatar mushy より:

    Well done Pete! 5* and Yes!

  5. avatar Gabriel_BB より:

    I will buy imediately. 5 stars and yes. Awesome watch. Very simple, intuitive and very Tokyoflashy.

  6. avatar yoann より:

    Man, i love it !! :-P you turn the classical digital numbers into a cool and futuristic thing !

  7. avatar Laszlo より:

    Simple, eye-catching, airy frame, fresh.
    No tricks just the time… I want!

    • avatar Pete より:

      I want you to have it!
      Yeah its nice and simple this one, the date could also be shown with this princple but thats enough infor for my tatste! Im glad you likey! Thanks for the comment! :)

  8. avatar Pete より:

    Thanks TF for adding this design to the blog! :)

  9. avatar Patrck より:

    The more that goes, more Pete improves his projects!
    My vote will be positive with lots of little stars…

    • avatar Pete より:

      hehe thanks Patrck! I could hardly get worse could I! lol
      Im glad you like it and thanks for positive vote and the bunch of little stars! :D

  10. avatar Alain より:

    Very, very pretty, I really like, super modern, it TKF was willing to carry it out, I buy now, again very nice idea for this watch :-)

  11. avatar Samukun より:

    A watch from 2050? I can see the advertisement: “Enhance your already enhanced wrists with EDGE. This beautiful bracelet tells time in the good traditional way with four stylish numbers and is the perfect accessory for the modern cyborg. Love and energy to everyone. Don’t forget the new emotion download at 50.00. Tokyoflash, we made you look.” 5*/YES/where is my time machine

    • avatar Pete より:

      “Ummm Upgrades!” I think your time machine is in Zone 1, Row B!
      Your positive comment is within tolerable parameters! I thank you for your imput! :)
      Energy core depleted, must recharge! etc etc Thanks for the positive comment and the vote Sam!

  12. avatar Dek より:

    Wow! I’d give my right augmented leg for one of these! Make it happen TF! 5 stars/Yes

  13. avatar Clare より:

    This is cool, very futuristic looking! Its very criptic looking but easy to read actually. I dont think it would suite my wrist but would make a great present! 5* and Yes!

    • avatar Pete より:

      It is a little industrial looking so wont suit everyone, Im glad you like it even if it is not for you. Thank you for your comment and the all important stars! :D

  14. avatar Gordon より:

    this is so industrial, I love it 5*

  15. avatar Ranjan より:

    You got nice EDGE … nice creativity :-)

  16. avatar Heather より:

    I love the idea…but too chunky for me to wear. Creative idea to have the electronic internals housed in the strap. If it was adapted for a more feminine, less chunky version, I would wear it. 5* for creativity. :D

    • avatar Pete より:

      I do think it would be possible to do a more compact version with softer lines perhaps, depending on packaging. So anythings possible, Im glad you like the priciple if not the proportions. Thanks for the feedback! :)

  17. avatar Cole より:

    Wowsus! Im loving this! This is sooo futuristic, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this before! If its doable this has to be made! 5 huge STARS and YES!

  18. avatar Firdaus より:

    UNIQUE !!
    ORIGINAL !!!!
    STYLISH !!!!!
    FUTURISTIC !!!!!!
    ARTISTIC !!!!!!!
    FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!
    CREATIVE !!!!!!!!!!
    INSPIRING !!!!!!!!!!!
    MESMERIZING !!!!!!!!!!!!

    DA BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tokyoflash Ni multicolour LED
    Sensai Black
    Twelve 5-9 Q version black
    Shinshoku / Corrosion
    Kisai RPM Acetate granite
    Kisai Kaidoku black+blue LCD
    Kisai Seven white LED

    • avatar Pete より:

      Wow Firdaus, that is da best comment ever! Im going to put it in my scrap book! Thank you very much! I hope TF agree with you! x^^x :D

  19. avatar Dianekmt より:

    Industrial, masculine, and stylish at the same time. I could see engineers and techies especially loving this.
    Very nice!


    • avatar Pete より:

      Yeah in its current form it is probably a bit industrial to suit a ladies wrist. But I could imagine a smaller softer version with a few more curves that may appeal to the fairer ***, if TF chose to take it further.
      Thanks for the comment Diane! :)

  20. avatar Robert より:

    Relax Peter! Well this doesn’t say anything wrong! Indeed love it! I want!

    • avatar Pete より:

      Sorry If I sound like im shouting, but its hard not to take critisim personally.
      Thank you Robert, I appreciate the vote and the 5! :)

  21. avatar nouky より:

    I love it!

  22. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

    They are defo gonna make this, they can change it anyway they want…no matter what they do this will always look awesome i dont give a dam nwhat anyone says they are gonna make this

    • avatar Pete より:

      hehehe I hope your right Jun, I think that a lot could be changed and it would still retain its identity.
      So would be open to change if it was chosen for the next step. Im glad you like it Jun, thanks for the epic comment! :D

  23. avatar i m より:

    \mL THIS ROCKS!!!

  24. avatar AcanthaceousShrike より:

    \mL is a sign you make with your right hand saying rock on! I agree, this watch would rock so bad in the club. you are now one of my favorite designers. this concept is outstanding! I doubt that tokyoflash can make it so you have to take care about it peter. hypothetical *****************/YES

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi Acan,
      Crikey thats a great comment! Thats one hell of a compliment to be one of your favorite designers too! Im glad you like the concept, I submitted another design using a similar principle which is probably more makeable, hopefully it will hit the blog eventually too. Thanks for the comment and the hypothetical stars!

  25. avatar Youri より:

    I love the silver-blue combination, really hope this is gonna be real.

  26. avatar Charles より:

    really nice!
    But I have a question, how would the numbers light up on such a thin surface? anyways the design is awesome, the design photos look like REAL photos! hope it wins :)

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi Charles,

      I imagine that the illuminated faces are very thin stip LEDs similar to the ones used in Night Vision.
      Obviously I dont know how physically large the parts of the LED are that you cant see on that model.
      But if they turn out to be too large it would be possible for the ribbons to be made of a coated transparent material connected to leds contained inside the strap by fibreoptics. There would need to be a tape style cable connecting the two.
      Failing that there could be a body at the base of the ribbons with the leds inside which would require mirrored faces to give the hollow look.
      I have submitted another concept on that basis which hopefully will hit soon.
      Obviously this is merely a concept at this stage which may be or may not be physically possible it its current format. Im glad you like the concept! We will just have to wait and see if TF think its possible or more importantly think its worth researching! Thanks for the compliment on my renderings!, they are slowly improving! Thanks for the comment! :D

  27. avatar Qopel より:

    I love it! I want one in every color!

  28. avatar adam より:

    Holy **** this watch!

    things ilove

    - all around contact on wrist>> no hair grabbing, no akward blocks, no uncomfortable feeling
    - the design is just amazing
    - the reading of the watch is so interesting
    - i normally dont like metal bands but this actually ooks amazing with metal’
    - love that tere not really any physical butons just subsurface
    - looooooove the black and white display


    -different colors avaiable for display
    -plastic or suedo leather band
    -usb rechargeable
    -make sure when the band closees it doesnt grab hairs especially for longer haired people

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi Adam,

      Im glad you like the concept and thanks for the comments on the things you like.
      Regarding your comments and suggestions:
      -If the design is feasible I would imagine that TF would be able to use all the current range of LED colours that they already use, so there should be plenty of choice.
      - The black strap on the black and metal version would be plastic so that is covered, I agree that a leather/leather effct strap would be nice especially with a steel or chrome housing.
      - usb could be easily incorporated into the a-symentric strap and would proabbaly be a standard feature as it is for other models in the range.
      - The strap clasp would be something that TF know plenty more about than me, I used a butterfly stype clasp on the concept which I have never had issues with on my own personal watches but this is something that im sure TF consider.

      Thanks for the positive words and the appreciated feedback Adam! :D

  29. avatar Cole より:

    I already commented on this one but I love it so much I have to comment again!
    I would vote again if I could, theoretical 5 stars and Yes (again)

    • avatar Pete より:

      Thanks for reminding me about this entry, I had forgotten about it! lol
      Thanks for the comment and the theoretical stars! :D

  30. avatar Essa より:

    in short, make it and I’ll buy it

    5 stars easy

    • avatar Pete より:

      Concise and straight to the point, I like!
      Im glad you like it and I hope you one day get the chance to buy!
      Thanks for the comment and the vote Essa! :D

  31. avatar Pete より:

    This entry ends very soon so all thats left to do is thank everyone who voted, commented and shared.
    Hopefully TF saw some potential in this concept. x^^x

    Kind Regards

    Pete from the UK :D

  32. avatar Samukun より:

    The numbers, the edges, the case, the straps – all super cool. Maybe too much for 2012′s Tokyoflash but a piece of cake for Skynet’s Tokyoflash division of 2027. Wherever, whenever, this watch rocks.