(English) ADJUST Concept Watch, uses triangles instead of numbers

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(English) ADJUST Concept Watch, uses triangles instead of numbers, 4.5 out of 5 based on 192 ratings

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84 Responses to “(English) ADJUST Concept Watch, uses triangles instead of numbers”

  1. avatar Pete より:

    spoooookey! now this is a cool concept. Great usage of the underlying leds and different filters and covers.
    very fresh! 5 stars and yes sir! nice work Nico! :)

  2. avatar onisan より:

    wow… this is great. I’m loving the different textures on the lens. Very easy to read but with a cool twist so its not 100% obvious. Thats the perfect TF watch. Top marks, thanks for sharing.

  3. avatar dagplaytune より:

    This is really a nice watch. fresh concept remaining cryptic but fast to read. being modular will appeal a lot of people.
    5 star and yes.

  4. avatar The Fancy Walrus より:

    I like the idea of changing the colors of the face! It’s a feature that a lot of the watches on this site are lacking. Also, the triangles remind me a lot of the stage set up Daft Punk used in their alive tour. 5 stars! Very well thought out! :D

  5. avatar Samukun より:

    Epic. Just epic. Variable, cryptic but simple, stylish. 5*/YES and good luck cause my wrist already preordered it.

    • avatar NL1 より:

      Well, I like your summary. Thank you Sam and, btw you should have received a mail from MY wrist, regarding a Cypher order.

  6. avatar Heather より:

    love the time display. love the ability to change colors. great animations! 5*/no – only because it doesn’t feel very feminine, but i would consider buying it as a gift….

    • avatar NL1 より:

      Some combinations can suit a girl, for instance white case with pink filter and “circles” cover (yes, too cliché maybe :) ) but it keeps a more urban-casual feel, I understand your point of view. Thanks for sharing, Heather !

  7. avatar Cory より:

    I like the dystopian future you paint with this watch. I think it would be right at home in the movie Equilibrium. Very cool idea!

  8. avatar Firdaus public より:

    I have nothing to say but this is the BEST OF 1ST PAGE now! Sorry all, this is too awesome to be ignored!

  9. avatar Gordon より:

    I must say this is an excellent watch, full of thought and looks like fun

  10. avatar diclonius より:

    excellent!! i love it!!

    GREAT presentation too btw. the music track with the video was a nice touch. it got me pumped :)

  11. avatar Patrick より:

    Nico came with heavy artillery, I thought this watch was already in store at TF.
    A good 5 stars and yes, god verdom!

  12. avatar Pete より:

    I do wish TF would remember to share these entries on their FB page, that brings in a lot of shares and votes!

  13. avatar Lohest Marianne より:

    Bravo! Partagé sur FB!

  14. avatar Avatara より:

    Really nice design. I didn’t get it straight away but now it’s clear and I really like it.

    It has the perfect balance between readability at a glance and being unusual enough to be unique.

    I quite like the tinted filter idea too. Personalisation is fun.

    • avatar NL1 より:

      “It has the perfect balance between readability at a glance and being unusual enough to be unique”
      Exactly what I was expecting ! I like the idea to be able to read my watch even while I walk or do sport.
      Thanks for your comment Avatara.

  15. avatar christian lequeu より:

    This is awesome, i really love the concept of your new watch, you’ve got a lot of Creativity, Congratulation !!!!

  16. avatar David Tran より:

    Hopopopopop…Once again, greatfull job from the designer Nico L1. Really nice sci-fi style. I want one…

  17. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

    I totally want this..sorry but..its awesome

  18. avatar Sandra より:

    Oh my… This is so cool! I wish there was a feminine version for ladies too… Either way, I want one!!

  19. avatar Keiron より:

    Wow! nice design! the anamation is amazing.. and the design is great too, love the layout pattern and the customisation features. Would definately buy it! :D

  20. avatar GEEK より:

    OMG, YES! Bring it on! Definite buy, 5/YES. I love the personalisation part of it. The watch itself is gorgeous, and those who disagree can just change themselves :D

  21. avatar Pete より:

    Another nice thing about this design is it lends itself to future other models based on the same platform with minamal tooling. I got a design that would fit perfect on this. I submitted it ages ago but hasn’t hit yet.

    • avatar NL1 より:

      Good idea. Is that design on your blog yet ? TF used to do that with previous models, such as Traffic/Broke/Changin Lanes, Light speed/Transit/Joypad, or pimp series… On the other hand, I wonder if this concept could even be based on Console or Satellite, with little modifications.

      • avatar Pete より:

        Hi Nico,
        Its a sensible and cost effective means of develoing a range and in my mind makes the concept even more viable, my design I mentioned hasn’t made it onto the blog (yet). Its on my FB page if you fancy a look (Digit) best of luck!

  22. avatar Gordon より:

    Well done! Great presentation and unique design.

    I’d definitely wear this one!

  23. avatar Liam より:

    I like this design, it is easy to read and graphically clever. Plus, I like how you can change the color filters. This is great for people who scratch the crystals on their watch all the time. With this watch, the covers are protective as well as cool looking. Nice design!

  24. avatar mike より:

    Would definitely buy, awesome design. Make it so it so you have the choice to make it do a wicked but short animation every minute or every 5 minutes. Red lights and black case would be the key to me purchasing personally. Also as Liam said very easy to read making it a must have even for the people that usually wouldn’t purchase from tokyo flash.

    • avatar NL1 より:

      There are a lot of possibilities for the animations once you start playing with the triangles. My idea was to have the ability to choice between some presets.
      Black and red is a good combination, but anyway you could change the color later, following your mood !
      Thanks for your comment Mike

  25. avatar Lighting Designer より:

    Ohhh, I would like this… now… :) ) if you can I would like to order :)

  26. avatar Robert より:

    I really think it is a nice concept. I’m not sure if I would buy it because I am not into clunky watches. If Toykoflash decides to put their technology on a diet – say 6 mm thickness – then I would order it. Watches are allowed to be elegant and technologically modern at the same time.

    • avatar NL1 より:

      I agree concerning the combination of modern technology and elegance, this is why I used that trick with the “hidden” metallic case, to make the outter part look as thin as possible, while keeping makable dimensions.

      Glad that you like the concept, thanks for commenting !

  27. avatar anamentum より:

    Yo quiero uno!!!

  28. avatar Mistr420 より:

    Amazing design, gotta have one. Would love to market this in US.

  29. avatar Super_Dork_42 より:

    Took me a few minutes in MS Paint, but I think it makes my design clear.

    • avatar NL1 より:

      Hi, the main concept of Adjust watch is to reproduce classic digits. It uses the fading of the light to highlight one side of each triangle and build digits with these pseudo-lines. Your display idea is interesting, but changing this principle makes it another concept (maybe a submission to TF ?).
      Thanks for your interest in this concept !

  30. avatar rudy より:

    Magnifique ta montre!! Sort la stp ;)

  31. avatar Brain より:

    Definitely do it this is an amazing design idea. I would buy it for sure!

  32. avatar Laszlo より:

    Big idea, great presentation I would like to see more like this!
    Congrats, 5 stars and yes!

  33. avatar Nigoma より:

    And buy te white and violet for my brother :p

    • avatar NL1 より:

      If you buy him the white version he’ll have the violet light, but also the green, the red, the white… and as many screen covers ! Thanks for your comment.

  34. avatar krls より:

    WOW!!! I will buy it no doubt!! hope you made it and sell it in Mexico To, we really appreciate designs like this!! god job!!

  35. avatar Jenna より:

    I would definitely buy this watch. Have never seen anything like it! Love the interchangeable covers for a different look. It would be awesome if it was water proof as well. I’m pretty active and love to surf. Water proof is a must.

    • avatar NL1 より:

      Hi Jenna. Most Tokyoflash watches are waterproof. For this one, proofness would just exclude filters and removable screen, but it should work pretty well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts !

  36. avatar NL1 より:

    Thank you everyone for your support and feedback !

    Glad to see how the concept is received here and elsewhere:


    Now let’s hope it will interest TF team as much as you and me.

    Thanks again !

  37. avatar Pete より:

    Congrats on the sucess this concept has had! Its got to be a contender! Lets hope TF think the same!
    Best of luck Nico! :)