Cypher – Rotating Quarters Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

There are three rotating 3/4 circles in this watch design.  The clockwise end of the 1/4 circle gaps mark the time in analog format.

The innermost segment shows the hours, the middle one shows the minutes, and the outer one shows the seconds.  The biggest segment can be best seen moving which gives the case an impression of self unlocking combination lock.

All moving segments are connected to transparent planes which in turn are connected to the analog watch mechanism.  Below the three watch hands is a translucent layer of metal faking plastic.  Underneath is a light source which makes the time readable in darker areas.  There are no indicators on the watch to keep the case pure in its expression.


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83 Responses to “Cypher – Rotating Quarters Watch Design”

  1. avatar Josue Silva より:

    Hey man fantastic design. I hope this one becomes reality. Love the complex yet simple design

  2. avatar Firdaus public より:

    This one must be made. Really fantastic design Pete!

  3. avatar Jared より:

    This must be made. I will buy one the day it’s released.

  4. avatar Rodolfo A. Lopez より:

    Sam you always have great ideas!!! I would buy it!! :D

  5. avatar Tzu より:

    Best watch you have ever made. 5/Yes

  6. avatar Anders S より:

    I’m starting to get annoyed with you, Sam…=) Would it kill you to have a merely decent idea once in a while?
    Seriously though, this design is right up my street; deceptively simple, stylish, just the right level of ‘techiness’, good choice of materials… To me this is the best version of your series of ‘rotating circle segments’ watches. Yet, I should probably add… =)
    It reminds me slightly of an idea I’ve got sloshing around in the back of my head actually… I just hope it’ll be as good as this. Fingers crossed…=)

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Oh I’m flattered ^^ You know, I like your mechanical ideas, especially this

      Talking about decent, I looked at my concept when it was finished and thought, wow, that is simple… should I do something more, add more detail, some ornament, ehm… what can I… ehm no, it’s really done.

      Thank you and yeah, good luck!

      • avatar Anders S より:

        I know what you mean, it reminds me of an old adage: in anything, perfection is achieved not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away…=)

        By the way, are you on Google+?

  7. avatar Laszlo より:

    Simple, elegant, very masculine. I want this!

  8. avatar Patrick より:

    Aaah, finally, this beautiful watch that I have the chance to know and as I already told my friend Sam, she is very beautiful!
    5 * Yes, it is among my favorite, like much of watches of Sam.

  9. avatar Pete より:

    Spooky, you show it on your page, the next day it is here.
    Quick predict my lotto numbers while your predictive skills are still working.
    As I said on your page this is a serious contender and my favorite of your more recent designs, and if it doesn’t get the ratings if deserves I will eat my hat! I still haven’t bought the hat yet!
    If I were to be picky I would say than the clasp looks a little large but thats being uber picky.
    Other than that is coooooooool! 5* and yeah baby! :)

  10. avatar Pete より:

    Thanks TF for adding this design to your blog, its not mine but its sweeeeet!

  11. avatar Keiron より:

    Very attractive, minimal, bold and mechanical. Would definately buy. Exploded diagram looks great too, explains it well. 5*

  12. avatar Injected Valley より:

    Definitely one of the best watch concepts i’ve ever seen. I’ll totally buy it the first day if they decide to make it real.

  13. avatar Samukun より:

    Wow everybody, thank you!!! I’m glad this concepts is recieved that good already!

    As long as Cypher was pending, I thought about placing indicators underneath the watch hands, to make it precisely readable. Maybe some of you prefer this. Check out my album here.


    • avatar Tzu より:

      Please do NOT change anything. Its awesome just the way it is. =)

    • avatar diclonius より:

      the indicators are such a minor detail in the overall awesome-ness of the watch, it really matters little to me.
      i would buy it with or without the indicators.

      although if i HAD to pick, i probably prefer without.

      • avatar Samukun より:

        Thanks for telling! I’m torn between indicators or not. I’m glad, the pure original is accepted!

        • avatar Heather より:

          Hey, Sam!! I love this one. I actually prefer it WITH the indicators. It’s already a little difficult to read the “clockwise end”…takes me some time, so the indicators, while minimal, are very helpful for shortening the time it takes me to read it.

          Sam, this is one of my favorites of yours yet, and I’m already a big fan ;) I would purchase this one as a gift without hesitation, and if the indicators are included, I would want one for myself. :D


    • avatar chaoz4 より:

      they’re both really cool but i still say don’t change it:)

  14. avatar GEEK より:

    YESSS! LOVE IT! Oh my goodness! IT IS STUNNING! It’s a definitve buy, 5 stars for sure!

  15. avatar Xenagogue より:

    This is a beautiful watch. I would buy and wear with pride. Simple, well executed concept that looks deceptively complicated. I think that this watch would look good in almost any setting. With a stainless or silver band, it could be a dress watch. Gorgeous.
    5* and Heck Yes!

  16. avatar Gordon より:

    this is so hot, a definite buy. I would just like a mark of some type that drew my eye to the edge i am supposed to read but thats an easy fix. great job

  17. avatar rachid より:

    wow if that TF doesn’t buy for this one what will they buy for…, great! simple! iconic! not an easy one but i could pay 200 box for it.

  18. avatar Scott G より:


    • avatar Ebu より:

      7RON and Cypher in one epic package! That’s my dream…

      Really nice work, especially combination of material (it has to be metal) and lights. Maybe without the glass it would be more impressive.

      Keep the spirit of your creations, Samukun. It has a great potential :)

    • avatar Samukun より:

      TY!!!!!! (mine was shorter :P thank you, legend!)

      Ebu, thanks for your comment! Yes, if it can go without glass, it would be great. But I’m affraid weather and everyday actions will require glass. But I know exactly what you mean, let the sculpture unfold it’s strength.

  19. avatar diclonius より:

    wow, REALLY nice!
    5/yes for sure. this is one of the best designs i’ve seen here, period!

    only thing on my wish list is a stainless steel strap, and usb recharge would be nice too.

    i would buy this for sure!
    hey tokyoflash, you really need to make this one!!!

    • avatar diclonius より:

      also just wanted to add that it’s the light that really does it for me.
      i’ve seem some kinda/sorta similar designs b4 (like your half-circle design for example)), but never with the light up feature as well.
      i loved your Half-circled design, but this one blows that out of the water!

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Oh yes, strap and usb recharge shouldn’t be a problem for Tokyoflash ;) As well as the color of the light. The light makes you wish, it’s night all time right? Thanks alot for your comments diclonius!

  20. avatar Jordan from Canada より:

    Wow, this is slick. I love the backlight.

  21. avatar John より:

    I have been looking for an absolutely stunning watch for a long time. This is it.

  22. avatar John より:

    You deserve your own watch company.

  23. avatar GMTao より:

    This is a must-have for me. I loved some of the other concepts here, but this one must absolutely be made. If titanium is an option, I would strongly suggest it here if only for those of us with SS allergies. Even then, if this was only available in SS, I would still buy it in a heartbeat, right at day 1.

  24. avatar chaoz4 より:

    how does this work does the watch come out when that count down finishes with the right number of votes? excuse me im new.

    • avatar Tzu より:

      In 28 days Tokyo Flash will lock down the thread and read all comments, check the rating and check how many people that wanted to buy the watch. Then they do a check to see if the could make the watch, if the cost would be to much, or maybe its to hard to make. If they deside that they want to make it they will contact the maker and give him an offer. (Note that i dont work for TF so I cant be 100% sure.)

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Thank you Tzu! I read chaoz’ comment, but couldn’t reply thanks to busy day.

      Hello chaoz4, welcome to the blog! Thanks for showing your interest :) I think, Tzu got it right – that’s how it works. Feel free to tell around and let’s hope people like it!

  25. avatar Matt.L より:

    Awesome! Very simple and clean design, very unique! 5* and YES!

  26. avatar Gordon より:

    Sam will you start your own watch co. already so that we may buy your beautiful watches

  27. avatar paulie より:

    I like this watch lots, Samukun, and surely it is a must for TF to bring into reality!
    Currently I’m wearing an EleeNo disc watch, and it looks like the underlying technologies would be much the same…
    Only I really like the whole rotating lock tumblers malarkey :D And a glowiness with a button!
    I would go for without indicators myself – they are cluttering the nice, clean design.

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Thank you paulie, for your view and the hint about the indicators! I’m glad, the watch is accepted how it is. And yes, it’s actually a simple analog watch underneath :D

  28. avatar Lee より:

    when can i buy this watch? or are there any other watches like this that i can buy now?

  29. avatar Travess より:

    Freaking amazing. This is one awesome design. I hope TF picks this up because I would actually buy and wear this watch. I should note, I have not worn a watch in over 10 years. I can seriously say there are a very small number, probably less than 5, watches that I have seen that I would wear. So Congratulations you made my list. Hope it gets made. Good luck!

  30. avatar bagen より:

    Great design….. I have to start saving my money to anticipate the real version. But I think, the strap and lock still need additional details there

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Cool, thank you bagen :D If TF would take care of this concept, they would do the best to satisfy a wider range of people. Let’s cross fingers!

  31. avatar Ignatius Reillius より:

    Oh damn! Recently I had a very similar idea and I was developing it, but you have me in advance.
    My idea has also rotating circles, but mine has 2 more (whichs show the date) and they are transparents.

    Anyway, as your design is similar to mine, 5* but I won’t buy this version (personally); sorry and good luck :D

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Thank you Ignatius :) Oh I know this, it’s calles “great minds think alike” or in short GMTA. I’m sorry if I cut off your creative process. Maybe you can adapt your design? I sometimes do it, if someone else was quicker, hehe.

  32. avatar Gordon より:

    new rule, anyone who says “i was working on the same idea for a watch” has to post a link to see pictures of the watch they are talking about. Saying and doing are 2 totaly different things

  33. avatar Jakob より:

    says enough, i think^^

  34. avatar NL1 より:

    A great tokyoflashy (one of the few) & makable analog watch. More catchy than most Eleeno watches imo.

    I like the global minimal look & the 3d mechanical aspect. Feels like there’s a robotic thing running on your wrist.
    The only challenge will be to choose a metal-like plastic whose aspect is not cheap and not too heavy.

    Good job Sam !

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Wow cool, thank you! I have some metallic foil here that is translucent. Some I-cheekily-watch-you-mirrors are translucent too, the people can be seen in their spy office, when they have light on. Still, the challenge is to find the right material. About the running robotig thing: yes exactly! Imagine it with ever rotating second hand, mhhhh!

  35. avatar Dylan より:

    I’m ambivalent about the strap and clasp, but the face and casing on it are absolutely perfect. You slap a metal link strap on that and I would buy this without even needing to give it a second thought.

  36. avatar Twix より:

    WOW! This watch is pure beauty. So simple and complex at the same time. One of the best watch designs I have seen. Please make this watch TF!!!!

    If the rings were different shades of metal it would make it easier to differentiate the time perhaps? Love it.

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Thank you Twix!

      I tried some interesting shapes before I finally took the simple 3/4 circles. First I thought, it’s too simple and maybe boring. When I turned the watch hands, it suddenly became really interesting.

      My initital idea was using one material only, no paint. But it’s an interesting point about the different shades. It could add some virtual complexity without becoming more complex actually. But my will to keep the purity is stronger ;)

  37. avatar Boo より:

    Forgive me, but i still do not understand how one would be able to tell the time? I understand that the outer rings are seconds, semi-inner are minutes and the most inner rings are hours. But when i look at it, how would one distinguish like 4 or 5

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Good point! A fully precise time reading would only work with indicators. I let them away in favor of minimalism. Look at this. I think this would suit you well :)

      Thank you for commenting!

  38. avatar Laszlo より:

    congrats Sam! I hope this watch will be on my wrist.

  39. avatar Pete より:

    TF you have to make this watch! not only is it the coolest analogue to ever grace the blog but also because I told Sam I would eat my hat if it wasn’t made! and its a huuuge Sombrero! :)

  40. avatar Samukun より:

    Thank you Pete! We will negotiate about the hat eating details in private :)

    I’m impressed be the high rating. Such is rare. You maybe realized the downrating spree of the last days, on my designs and on other ones even more. I must admit, I doubt the 4.9 up there cause when downrating can be inappropriate, uprating can be too. But enough of this now.

    This watch was accepted well from the beginning. Thank you everybody for telling me. You rock! Thanks for sharing short fan screams as well as little wishes or even doubts. All welcome and appreciated! I named my designs “futurewatches” and maybe this one is indeed a future watch.

    Kind regards,
    Sam from Germany