Spiraling LED Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: “I was sketching for a bracelet-like watch with a cornered spiral as eye-catcher.  After experimenting with the shape and the time reading layout for a bit, I continued my work in 3D.  I had this image of a staircase in my mind from the start and that’s why I let the spiral go deeper and deeper in the material”.

The first four segments of the cornered spiral consist of 60 LEDs and represent the minutes.  The LED of the current minute flashes at the position, that minute would have on an analog watch.  The following four segments represent the hours.  There are 12 bigger LEDs of which the current hour LED is also flashing.  The last four segments are decoratively finishing the spiral.

There are small indicators which help in reading, but you still have to keep the analog watch dial in mind because there are no numbers.  When pressing a button, the spiral grows until it is complete, then the time LEDs flash for five seconds and afterwards the spiral shortens until it disappears in the center of the case.

The simple but remarkable geometry allows many appearances – natural/synthetic, funny/serious, warm/cold, expensive/less expensive… and it always looks good.


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57 Responses to “Spiraling LED Watch Design”

  1. avatar Heather より:

    My goodness, Sam – we do think alike… I also had a spiral idea a while back that I never posted. It was similar, but at the time, I had trouble making a clear distintion between reading hours and minutes. Your design is much better, rendered beautifully, and the time reading is very nicely polished. I especially love that the spiral goes deeper into the material – although you can’t see that in all of the renderings…This piece is pleasant to look at/wear even when the time is not shown. (As you know, I usually prefer always on.) The animation is a cool idea as well. 5*/yes(if not too big for a woman’s wrist) My favorites are “sacrifice” and “science”. I’m not as crazy about “renaissance”. The marble look seems to interfere with the cornered spiral design.

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Hehe, I know Heather, I know ;) I do think, there are ideas out there, that sooner or later just have to be made by someone.

      Thanks for your views! Yes, to really experience the third dimension, you need several perspectives or a gentle touch. I think this is a nice experience. I thought about an always on LCD. But yeah, as you said (and I like this) the off-expression is nice already. I like, how the time telling comes after the first impression. Hehe, rennaissance and baroque are a shy step into kitsch. The people back then (in times of baroque and rennaissance, european style epoques) liked to create many things out of diffrerent natural materials. I didn’t like their ornamenting policy to be honest. But I thought, with this simple geometry, it’s worth a try :) I like to play with the different faces, this geometry can have. Oh and it would fit a womans wrist perfectly, I say. Thank you Heather!

  2. avatar Laszlo より:

    …no words…

  3. avatar Joe より:

    Love it!

  4. avatar Patrick より:

    Yes Sam, like Heather, I also had this project in mind of a spiral, but this watch is very beautiful and suits my taste.
    I’m not sure to be several floors needed (professional deformation of the young architect?), Because the production, I guess it’s more complicated?
    I order the Black with red LEDs, very very beautiful!
    5 * / Yes, of course!

    • avatar Samukun より:

      I’m glad it suits your taste, cause I like your taste :)

      Oh yes, it would be a little more complicated with the different levels. But “cutting” the spiral is already the most difficult procedure.

      We have some spiral inspired watch concepts in the blog. I’m glad I found a different approach. This geometrical principle is inspiring and pretty fresh in the world of watches, so we just have to make it sooner or later.

      Patrick, merci beaucoup for your comment and your vote!

  5. avatar Pete より:

    Where did that come from! eerrrrr like Laszlo Im short of words! Very funky style and the depth created by the spiral cutting deeper into the face like a geometric orange peel is tremedeous. The time telling method is criptic at first but clear when your used to it. (by the way loving the wood effect one) 5* and grande Yes

    • avatar Samukun より:

      It comes from… oh well… sour comes from the tree, sacrifice come from the Mayans, time travel comes from the future… it comes from everywhere/when :) I like your orange peel analogy! Very visual! Thank you for your view and your vote Peter!

  6. avatar Firdaus より:

    Thank all for comments and feedback. I voted 5* and yes for wooden version. We are fan of your design, continue the good work!

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Thanks for thanking all for the comments, you Firdauses! And of course for yours and your vote. You know, I’m expecting suggestions everytime, but if the watch appeals right away, it’s great. I’ll do what I can ;)

  7. avatar Samukun より:

    Wow people :D

    I recommend the youtube video and my page (click my yellow name) for more versions. I played around with different materials, cause this geometry allow so much! Which one is your favorite?

  8. avatar MisterD より:

    Stop beeing good. PLEASE. XDD

    without any other unnecessary comment: 5*/Yes

  9. avatar Melissa より:

    Hey Sam,

    sag mal, wann genau soll die Uhr auf den Markt kommen? ;-)
    Kann man die schon vorbestellen? :-P
    Also ich würde sie vom Fleck weg kaufen!!!

    Sag Bescheid, wenn sie zu kaufen ist!!!!!!

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Hi Melissa! Danke für deinen Kommentar! Ich kann dir leider keine Prognose geben. Das funktioniert so: wenn die Uhr eine gute Bewertung bekommt (sie muss einen Monat lang durchhalten) und auch noch die Nachfrage gut ist (durch YES und entsprechende Kommentare) dann kann es sein, dass Tokyoflash die Uhr produziert. Du kannst deinen Freunden davon erzählen und die Kunde verbreiten. So wird die Wahrscheinlichkeit erhöht, dass die Uhr ihren Weg in die Realität schafft. Wenn du auf dem Laufenden gehalten werden magst, schau hier regelmäßig vobei oder gehe auf meine Facebookseite (klicke auf meinen gelben Namen). Drück die Daumen!

      At all, that was german. Melissa left a kind comment and I explained how this blog works :)

      • avatar Melissa より:

        Danke für Deine Antwort. Ich habe auch schon auf facebook gepostet, dass die Leute hier ein YES abgeben sollen ;)
        Sag mal, kann man bei Deiner Uhr auch das Datum sehen? Wie gesagt, ich würde das Ding sofort kaufen :)

  10. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

    Anything with descending case detail is an instant win!!
    the shape is simple, the time telling is simple, yet its unique and original and damn cool…this = tokyoflash
    5 stars and yes

  11. avatar Gordon より:

    5 and Yes, gotta be the wood one for me its got that retro futuristic feel, very classy!

  12. avatar Ranjan より:

    Its really a nice design … I have also submitted the spiral design different from your one … however, not displayed by Tokyoflash … I am not expert in 3D designing … may be the reason … but my idea was also vivid … Congrats … your design is displayed …. Its really a attractive one ….

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Thank you Ranjan! I see, spiral is a favorized theme.

      You can write to watches@tokyoflash.com and ask about your submission. Normally, just having no 3D skills is no reason for Tokyoflash to deny a concept. The contents are important, not the wrapping. I hope you get helpful feedback!

      • avatar Ranjan より:

        Thanks a lot for the suggestion … Definitely I will write to Tokyoflash …. We all are hoping to see your watch in market soon …

  13. avatar diclonius より:

    i like the overall design, and ththink it looks nice.
    however, i don’t like the “bracelet” theme.

    make it look like a watch and not a bracelet imho.

    other than that i really like it!

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Thank you diclonius!

      Well the segements could start closer to the display, giving the watch the traditional case-straps-division without loosing it’s flair. If this is the only issue, I’m glad :)

  14. avatar Sandra より:

    Sam did it again! Wow indeed… I like that its simple but still totally awesome.. Well done:)

  15. avatar logan より:

    Looks great, Sam! A clear idea well executed. If TF makes this, I hope they will keep the depth variations on the face…that’s what really makes this special. My favorite style: “sky.”

  16. avatar Xenagogue より:

    beauty and simplicity. Sleek design with a contemporary edge. Flawless.
    5* and Definitely.

  17. avatar digitalleftovers より:

    I love the seamless integration of the time pattern into the band. I think it is really beautiful. Its unique, yet simple enough to really have mass appeal. I would definitely buy this product.

  18. avatar digitalleftovers より:

    In the wood image, I see lines that hint at the links of the band, but they are difficult to see. I would love to see some pictures that detail your vision for the links (if any), how they fit together, etc… Thanks!

    • avatar Samukun より:

      I must admit, I have no more detailed suggestions for the segements. I want them to be simple and not distracting from the display as well as not integrated in the geometrical play. I’d like the segmentation to be functional only. To be feasible, there has to be an interlocking system of course. Here is a little sketch :)

  19. avatar Tim より:

    This is very similar to my Mugen watch I bought fro Tokyoflash a few years ago. Has the same animation.

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Thanks for pointing that out Tim!

      Not “very” but shares an idea indeed :) I think the differences are way stronger though. So, do you like my concept? I don’t know the animation of the Mugen, I’m open to alternative animations, assuming there is another satisfying way to animate a spiral ;)

      • avatar Tim より:

        Sure this is a nice looking design. I think the Mugen is a simple design where this one is more dynamic. Maybe it’s hard to make, that is why? I see many cool designs but think maybe they are hard to make for some reason as I don’t see any other watch brand make such dynamic designs. You are a good designer for sure!

  20. avatar rachid より:

    i have a headache! hum it’s probably caused by the awesomeness of your design… too much for my brain
    nice job sam ! 5 yes

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Hehehe, hypnotic eh? When I count to three, you wake up again and feel the need to tell all your friends about it. 1, 2, 3 :D Thank you Rachid!

  21. avatar Travess より:

    Very good design. I like it, probably even buy it if the right color/look combo shows up. I like the silver/blue and the wooden/white is awesome and reminds me of some ancient japanese magical item or something HAHA. maybe try a Stone-ish style? So many variables in the photos, I can’t see TF NOT picking this up. Looks solid and easy to manufacture yet still eye popping visually.

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Why thank you for your detailed comment! Nice how your brain comes up with associations! It’s good to keep it basic, so there is space for individual interpretations. A stone-ish style is a good idea. I’m showing some marble-ish acetate versions – renaissance, baroque. That’s basically polished durable plastic capable of organic or christalline appearance. Your optimism is nice :)

  22. avatar Cassone Alain より:

    Une montre superbe, originale, bravo Tokyoflash. :-) )

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Merci! Tu peux dire merci a Tokyoflash s’ils le produisent ;) Si tu veut ca, dire a tes compin(e)s d’aller ici et commenter pour mon concepte de montre.

  23. avatar Cory より:

    <3 spirals.

    The similarity with Mugen is nominal, this is an original design. Red w/ black plz :D

    I also like how the LEDs go off the side of the case, as if they didn't want to stop for anything.

    I don't usually like bracelet style watches, but for spirals, I give the 5/y

  24. avatar AcanthaceousShrike より:

    This is the most sculptural watch concept next to the scifi minimalsim watch. I prefer this one. It plays creatively with the display. It distorts time without making it unreadable. It is a neutral and timeless design. I would buy any version Tokyoflash makes. Congrats to this masterpiece!

  25. avatar Pete より:

    Not long left to go on this epic design! (with an epic score to match!) Take note TF! :)
    Best of luck Sam :D

  26. avatar Samukun より:

    I am honestly impressed by the rating. I had a good feeling when I made the watch, but the resonance here is just beyond my expectations! If this concept should ever come into beeing, I hope, the wooden version can be done – it is my favorite. Thank you everyone for taking some time to rate and comment. I appreciate especially the comments. It shows me how my designs are seen.

    I keep dreaming, that’s my propulsion.

    Sam from Germany