Magnetized Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Peter from UK.

The idea for this watch design was based on a kids toy which consisted of a clear plastic packet of iron filings that could be manipulated with a magnet to create images or decorate pre-determined images.

The basic premise is that there is a void between the face and glass which contains iron filings (other metallic shapes could also be used – dots, shapes, metal backed gems, etc).  The appropriate areas of the face are magnetized when the button is pressed (digital and analogue could be a combination).  Then with a light shake of the wrist, the iron filings would stick to the magnetized areas and tell the time in a rustic arty fashion.

This watch design stands out because of its simplicity.  The means of telling the time is very conventional but using a different media.   The concept could also be expanded to a large range using different colors and materials.


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47 Responses to “Magnetized Watch Design”

  1. avatar Samukun より:

    If it can be done, I’m the first (or one of the first 100) who buys it. So simple but extraordinary. I think it would be cooler, if the digits are invisible when the time is not shown – a totally empty face would cause more awe :) What is that toy you are referring to in the description? I’m wondering if the iron fillings would indeed disperse satisfyingly (equally). Anyway, it’s a cool concept. Magnets rock!

    • avatar Peter Fletcher より:

      Hi Samukun,

      Cheers for the feedback, I have made the magnetised areas on the images visible for the clarity but I agree they should be invisble if the watch ever got made. I think that the iron filings probably wouldn’t dispearse very equally but I think that would add to the charm and make telling the time allmost a game. The toy I refer to was a very cheap gineric item that was always available at sea-side resorts back in the early 90s, ideal for a rainy british summer!

  2. avatar Patrick より:

    This is an original watch (I remember this toy with iron filings)
    * 5 / Yes for the idea.

  3. avatar Peter Fletcher より:

    Hi Samukun,

    Cheers for the feedback, I have made the magnetised areas on the images visible for the clarity but I agree they should be invisble if the watch ever got made. I think that the iron filings probably wouldn’t dispearse very equally but I think that would add to the charm and make telling the time allmost a game. The toy I refer to was a very cheap gineric item that was always available at sea-side resorts back in the early 90s, ideal for a rainy british summer!

  4. avatar Graham より:

    What a truly original idea to bring a little quirkiness into an everyday object like a timepiece. I too remember the toy that this idea is based upon. If it gets made I can see this being popular with folks who enjoy having something different, me for example.

  5. avatar Kim より:

    Brilliant design, brilliant idea, I want one for my Grandson

  6. avatar Jayne より:

    This would make fantastic present for kids and make learning to tell the time so much fun. What a fab way to make learning fun!!

    • avatar Peter Fletcher より:

      Hi Jayne,

      I hadn’t thought about it being educational.
      I think it would definitely be fun, and it would look unique every time.
      Thanks for the feedback

  7. avatar Gordon より:

    I think you have a winner!!! Very fresh idea.

    • avatar Peter Fletcher より:

      Thanks Gordon,

      I think visually it needs some work but I tried to concentrate on the concept rather than the looks.
      Thanks for the commets.

  8. avatar Ferox より:

    I really like this idea.

  9. avatar Firdaus wants to learn より:

    As iron concept base watch, the strap should be better made of metal, the design and concept would better agree each other. BTW, I really like the idea, its an impressive and above average. Wonder if it possibly implemented, and let’s hope the concept can be realized. 5*!

    • avatar Peter Fletcher より:

      Hi Firdaus,

      You might be right, the strap might look better in metal.
      To be honest I didn’t spend much time on the strap design, the only reason I made it blue was becasue the dial looked very monochrome and I thought it could do with a bit of colour. I wanted it to be a bit of a blank canvass as I could image a whole range based on this concept (if its works of course)
      I would be very flexible with the overall styling if it was considered for development, its more of a concept than a refined design.

      Thanks for the feedback and the stars.

  10. avatar Clare より:

    I love the idea behind this watch, I remember the toy you mention.
    Its very original, lets hope they make it. 5* and Yes

  11. avatar Peter Fletcher より:

    Hi Clare,

    Thanks for the feedback and the stars.

  12. avatar Clare より:

    Has any one been having trouble rating this entry? I showed a couple of friends this design and they tried to rate it but it didn’t seem to work, it also didn’t ask if you would buy it?

  13. avatar Peter Fletcher より:

    Hi Clare,

    I have heard a few people say that had difficulty rating my design.
    They said that in some cases it wouldn’t allow them to rate or they would rate it but it didn’t seem to save.
    I wouldn’t worry,

    Thanks for the comments (and telling your friends)

  14. avatar Aphosno より:

    Cool thing! I would take a fully chrome or black one. ****/YES.

    • avatar Peter Fletcher より:

      Aphosno, if they make it I’ll send you one of each!

      Cheers for the feedback and the stars

  15. avatar Jordan from Canada より:

    An oldie but a newie :)

    5* and a yessir. Good work Peter.

    • avatar Peter Fletcher より:

      Thank you very much Jordan and Cheers for the stars.

    • avatar Peter Fletcher より:

      Hi Jordan,

      I took a look at the liquid magnetic watch you linked, thats frickin cool. Hard to read the time but very sinister looking. I wonder if TF looked into the feasibility.

  16. avatar Jayne より:

    Ive tried several times but the rating stars wont work???

    • avatar Samukun より:

      Interesting, I read this often since 5 days. Mine works perfect. What is it, you see when trying to rate?

      • avatar Pete より:

        Hi Sam,

        A few people have said they have not been able to click on the stars (it does nothing, as if they had already voted) others have said they have been able to click on the stars but it doesn’t appear to save.
        Also the would you buy this yes/no button doesn’t allways appear ( I have noticed this one on other peoples entries)
        The only positive is that people who intended to give me poor ratings may noy have been able to lol.

        Have other people had these problems?

    • avatar Peter Fletcher より:

      A few people have said they have had trouble, I don’t know whether this is a general problem that affects everyone or just me. Hopefully it means a few people who would have given me a low rating haven’t been able to!!!

      Thanks for your comments

    • avatar Firdaus より:

      That means someone elese who online with same ip address as you already rated on this design. Don’t be fancy about this rating system, some people who can have different ip address whenever he/she connect to the net might be able to commit rating many times (for example connection with ppoe) while sometimes different people using shared ip address (like on public wifi, office Internet etc) might not able to commit individual rating. If you want to know how good a design, please consider comment, share, and see if it got featured on external blogs / sites. The Gd star rating is easily manipulated and Im aware it happen here. BTW please be cool, if a design deserve being made, Tokyoflash will definitely chose it regardless of rating. Regards.

      • avatar Samukun より:

        Wisely spoken, I second that.

      • avatar Pete より:

        I’m not overly concerned, because theres no real way of knowing if this has had any effect to the rating anyway. If there has been a balance of high and low ratings it won’t make any difference other than to the hit rate which we can’t see anyway.
        Like you say you would hope that TF sees the designs/concepts for their merit rather than ratings.
        And lets be honest the important opinions are the people who take the time to comment like your goodselves.

        • avatar Tokyoflash Japan Product Design Studio より:

          Hi Pete, just to allay your concerns, the rating is only one of a number of criteria that we consider when choosing designs to become reality. The final rating is not the main factor that affects choosing a design to make. There are a number of other factors that hold weight in the decision.

          These include but are not limited to:

          - is the idea is completely unique
          - is it is feasible for the design to be manufactured
          - is the design is economically viable
          - does the design have an interesting theme and who is the design aimed at
          - will the design fit into our product range in 9-12 months time
          - is the design suitably different to other designs that we will have in our product range

  17. avatar Pete より:

    Looking forward to the arrival of my tokyoflash light speed I ordered on thursday. Bargin for £30

    • avatar Pete より:

      My light speed arrived today. Thanks TF for the excellent and prompt service.
      Probably the best 30quid I’ve spent in a long time!

  18. avatar Peter Fletcher より:

    Thankyou TF for taking the time the comment and putting my mind at rest.
    Nice work on the 3D unlimited by the way!!

  19. avatar Wayne Craddock より:

    Very simple but also very interesting! I like the idea of the watch manipulating the ion filings in order to tell the time and if the strap was changed I would certainly buy one!

    • avatar Pete より:

      Hi Wayne,

      I think if it was to be made there could be a selection of straps and finishes to suit peoples individual tastes.
      Thank you for the feedback.

  20. avatar Derek より:

    I really like this design and too remeber the toy it based on. 5* and yes.
    Please hurry up and make it!!!

  21. avatar Pete より:

    Hi TF,

    I don’t know whether or not you will read this but I was wondering, I submitted quite a few other concepts shortly after this one (end of July start of August) and they seem to be taking a long time to get on the blog. Is there a back-log (and I should be more patient) or were they not up to the standard?

  22. avatar AcanthaceousShrike より:

    Very cool technology. The display would be boring if it wouldn’t be made of iron fillings. Interesting watch with potential.

    • avatar Pete より:

      I’m glad you see the potential, not everyone sees past the simple visuals (I should have spent more time on the looks) but again this is a concept rather than polished design. Thanks for feedback ;)

  23. avatar Pete より:

    The clock is ticking on this one, if there are any more supporters out there now is the time.

  24. avatar Pete より:

    Time is nearly up for this entry, so thanks to everyone who supported, voted or commented on this concept. I think it got a very reasonable score overall considering the simple visuals. Not bad for a first attempt!
    Hopefully the TF gods saw some merit in the idea or have at least had a play in the studio with some magnets and bits of swarf! (if only for fun)

    Kind Regards

    Pete from the UK ;)