Beam Projector Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Mike from the UK.

To save space, Mike came up with the idea of ‘projecting’ time on the wearer’s wrist.  Mike did a test with a piece of card and it seems to work really well.

The design has a thin metal ‘ID bracelet’ form and is activated by a touch sensor.  Lights along either side illuminate the wearer’s wrist to display the time.  Hours on one side, 5 minute blocks on the other.  Touch the top and the lights illuminate one by one.

This watch design will appeal to people who want something a little more understated but still has that WOW factor.


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26 Responses to “Beam Projector Watch Design”

  1. avatar logan より:

    I’ll support this 100% if the top surface has a solar panel and the strap is wider. The display method is great!

    From a practical standpoint, white LEDs might not stand out against a white shirt, so perhaps it would be better to choose an LED color that isn’t a common shirt color, like red.

  2. avatar Jason より:

    A solar panel on the top is a good idea.

    I like the display method, but the human mind usually can’t count past 6 without having to stop and think. I suggest a color system to try and get an hour/group of five minutes tied to a certain color rather than having to stop and count to 11 as shown in the picture demonstration.

  3. avatar Cherubim より:

    This would be quite difficult to read in broad daylight so color would be nice.Great concept though…:)

  4. avatar i より:

    i agree wirh the idea of color leds in groups. the time elapsed to have the right time with the system in the picture in ridicuosly too long

  5. avatar Patrick より:

    The study is attractive upstream.
    The form can be improved, a little more attractive?
    All this deserves a 5 * with a yes for the design.

  6. avatar Samukun より:

    Alright, the time reading weaknesses have been mentioned above. Brightness: Just shield it with your other hand to have dark surroundings. Counting: Let the 6th LED flash, so people have a quick marker. Precision: You only show 5 minute steps. This might be ok for enough people, especially because this is a cool sparetime bracelet. But I am that much neurotic and need at least the hour and minute in a watch. With 12 LEDs on the right side you have enough so be pecise – it just needs a little brainstorming ;)

    The touch option is really cool. The missing of real buttons makes the watch a nice fashion object instead of a technical thing. The minimalistic bracelet style is very interesting. It’s quite a diversion to the rigid case-and-straps-watches. I would need to test this watch, if it looks good on me, not only because of my hairs there (which scream for a “manly” watch). It reminds me of a friendship bracelet – something casual and fashionable. The cord strap stays adjusted by itself? If so: ok, great.

    This is a very nice idea with some space for development. And it’s definitelty worth developing. It is relatively easy to make and it’s an eye catcher. I have a good feeling about this :)

  7. avatar Pete より:

    I like the principle behind this watch (I had been thinking of something on a similar line) I agree with some of the above comments regarding the lights being different colours to aid clarity. I’d be tempted by a steel cord to add a bit more of an engineered feel and I think the body is a little rounded for my taste (if it was a bit more geometric it would look more purposeful) but all of these points are nitpicking. Its a cool concept with plenty of potential! 5 * and Yes ;)

  8. avatar Guantanamo detainee より:

    Oi! Some people have to wear orange shirts every day and we don’t have a choice! Lol. Sure it would be easy enough to have changeable colour LEDs, would allow u to match/contrast with what your wearing.

    • avatar Pete より:

      Don’t forget the orange people in this world (spray tan fanatics)
      Changeable colours is defenately a good idea.

      • avatar Pete より:

        Mind you the white LEDs would probably match the teeth of the orange people I just mentioned! lol
        Getting a bit off topic again ;)

  9. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

    this watch idea is cool, It really would work well. I would buy it if it had a proper watch bracelet, this watch idea would work well if created

  10. avatar Jun Fan Lee より:

    5* yes hheheeheh

  11. avatar Cole より:

    Isn’t there a similar concept already on this blog from a few months ago, I think it was called Project or something like that?

    • avatar Anders S より:

      Yep, that was one of mine. It’s quite similar, but the hardware, display and overall look are all different. I wondered if anyone would notice the similarity, nice that someone remembered! =)

      • avatar Pete より:

        I remember that one aswell, it was a nice concept.
        I always think if a couple of people come up with a similar idea that usually means its a good idea! :)

      • avatar Pete より:

        Anders, Did you also do the Gnomn concept aswell?
        The reason I ask is that I submitted a sun-dial concept a few weeks ago, I then saw yours a couple of days after. Doh!
        So if it does get on the blog, the simularities are entirely coincidental. :)

        • avatar Anders S より:

          Yeah, although I’ve often found that I am the second (or third, or fourth =) to come up with it…

          Yep, guilty as charged… No worries, I’m cool with it as long as people don’t simply copy other people’s work (which would show pretty quickly, and I’m sure the good folks at TF would notice). Lord knows I’ve been influenced by all sorts of stuff, so it’d be a bit rich to get up in arms about others taking inspiration from what I’ve done, or from the same sources. Not that that seems to be the case here, but you know what I mean…=)

  12. avatar Fabric Studio より:

    Love it. I’d buy it. In fact I will buy it when it’s made.

  13. avatar Firdaus public より:

    creativity: 4/5
    wow effect: 4/5

    verdict: a good, simple looking futuristic hand band that uniquely works as time keeper. looking forward for something like this to be produced. BUY.

  14. avatar Industrial Design より:

    I have a mixed feeling about this design. On one side I agree that this watch looks cool, I like the minimalist design, however the idea where I have to count the light to know the time is really troublesome, especially if you don’t have good eyesight. Why don’t you just project the “number” of time instead of strip of lines?

  15. avatar Aphosno より:

    This reminds me of a concept by anders some time ago. This one: I like that one more because it looks more stylish, like a car detail. This version here is too minimalistic for me, although the display solution looks more readable because of this minimalism. If i wear a watch, I want to feel it. A proper strap, a cool case, a certain weight. And i want the time. There is a tron inspired watch out there (no, please dont think, i mean the 7r0n) and it also has only 5 minute iterations. Why? This stuff costs money! Why would I buy a watch wich does not have the basic function? Let my use firdaus’ rating points:

    creativity: 3/5 too basic
    originality:3/5 Not new
    design:4/5 minimalistic but too light
    wow effect: 3/5 I’m not excited, i’m sorry

    So I give you neutral *** and a NO.

  16. avatar Tom より:

    It would be a pain in the butt to count all those lines. Is it 11 or 12? Gah. This would be a great watch for Raymond from Rain Man.

  17. avatar Joe watt より:

    Unique design that makes us think about the watch and the design, not just the time.