Hybrid Belt Drive Watch Design

Design submitted by Devindh from UK.

This watch design is Devindh’s new presentation of his previously submitted design, Analog LED Digital Hybrid Watch Design.  Devindh did some research and found two watches that employed belt mechanisms instead of a circular rotating disc for the hour markers.  One was the ‘Devon Works Tread 1′ and the other was the ‘Tag Heuer Monaco V4′.

Devindh decided to use the idea of a belt drive mechanism, but unlike the Devon Works watch, he chose to position the numbers extending sideways from the belt, and to have the mechanism itself concealed to optimize the readability of the face.  The seconds display is playfully angled to suggest perspective and ‘point’ at the current hour.  The display also features inverse illumination.

Devindh hopes that this watch will strike a balance between traditional mechanical timepieces and modern digital ones.


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15 Responses to “Hybrid Belt Drive Watch Design”

  1. avatar logan says:

    I really like everything about this, except for the minutes. Without the minutes, it has a strong and unique style. However, the minutes distract me from the beauty of the rest of the watch. I would like to see variations where the minutes are displayed differently, but everything else is the same.

    • avatar Colored circle says:

      Hi Logan. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think the shape and positioning of the minutes display is something that will not be to everybody’s liking. When I designed it I thought about making them more ‘regular’ in shape, but I decided to go for something less ‘obvious’ simply to try something ‘different’. I’m glad that you like the rest of it though:) Look forward to seeing more work from you.

  2. avatar ??? says:

    I think a different font should be used for the minutes, or just have it in a regular square or rectangular space instead. The minutes seem a tiny bit difficult to read at glance to me. Otherwise I love it.

    • avatar Colored circle says:

      ???. Thanks. Check the reply I gave to Logan above for the reason I chose to angle the minutes.

  3. avatar i says:

    ohh c’mon shut up pair of ********

  4. avatar Colored circle says:

    The font used on the dimensions sheet is called ‘imagine font’ by Jooki.de and can be found at dafont.com

  5. avatar Gordon says:

    well executed, looks like a comfortable watch, nice concept as well

  6. avatar Samukun says:

    I like the style you use for your cases and staps – very elegant. I also like the color combinations. This display is nice. The cut off half is cool and the hours array which peers out looks stylish. It’s a very interesting variation of the belt mechanism. The minutes would be even better, if this cut out effect and the white part would be away – a simple pair of black numbers would suffice. 5*/YES Cause I buy the golden version with blue hours :)

    • avatar Colored circle says:

      Hi Sam. Thanks for commenting (and also for your U.N. peackeeping duties:). I thought you might like the gold version:) I thought the guys at Tokyo Flash would post the full res version, but I guess it’s clear enough. I will definitely revise this design, and a few others, but right now I am working on another watch and hopefully I can control my tendency to include ‘dissonant’ design elements.

  7. avatar cygnus says:

    NICE !!!
    Look like a STORM® watch … ^^

  8. avatar KC says:

    i LOVE this design. Especially in the gold/rose gold. thank you for designing it. Now please make it…with or without Tokyo Flash, and I’ll buy it!