QR Time Watch Concept

(English) Design submitted by Madhanaraj from India.

This watch design is based on QR (Quick Response) code technology.  The face of the watch displays real time QR code which includes time and other information.

The generated real time QR code will display time, time zone, day and date, and weather using a sensor.  Display glows in the dark automatically using a light sensor.

There are two ways to see the time: by shaking the hand (motion sensor) which will activate the QR code to reassemble itself to show time in digital format, and by using a QR-based camera, phone, or reader to fetch details from the watch.

This watch concept targets young, tech savvy, fashionable, fun-liking, geeks, professionals, and everyone who is interested in technology.


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28 Responses to “QR Time Watch Concept”

  1. avatar Bruce より:

    great concept, certainly very geeky – but having to use a secondary device such as a camera-phone (which incidentally will already display the time) is absurd!

    • avatar Madhanaraj より:

      Thanks for your comments!
      Primarily time will be shown while shaking the hand, QR code animates and reassembles itself to form time.
      using secondary device is an added advantage only. This is also to help value add part of it with more features.

  2. avatar jonny hart digital より:

    Yes, absurd. That’s the word I was looking for. But as an application of e ink in a watch u might have something. Contact details for exchange in a club or meeting.

    • avatar DStaal より:

      Yeah, with a USB interface to upload 60-150 characters (roughly the amount allowed in a recognizable QR code) I could see it being fun. Just having the time in the QR mode doesn’t seem all that useful.

  3. avatar Mike より:

    great idea! will be definitely a design show off! At first thought it may look absurd, but rethinking gives real sense of unique design.. I will go for it.

  4. avatar Chanchal より:

    A watch is something that keep on moving. So I guess, having a motion sensor to display the time, would mean that QR code is displayed only when the watch is not worn

  5. avatar Madhanaraj より:

    Thanks Chanchal. The QR code dynamically generated and displayed to show the latest time (real time).

  6. avatar Velan より:

    This is really very good idea and some times we dont want to see times while work or while spend time. so sometimes we want to see the time to speed up our work. So here both options are available – very creative idea

    Have a nice creativity


  7. avatar JM より:

    Beautiful idea! i like it.

  8. avatar Riyan より:

    creative idea!


  9. avatar Yoganathan より:

    Wow!! Innovative one!!!

  10. avatar Firdaus より:

    As far as I’m aware, this tech is better used on smartphone or tablet with autofocus camera. But never mind, implementing it on the watch can be interesting, should be used and quick scanner but must be smartly integrated with the computer, there must be an app for it. That is my suggestion, since I’m not really agree with the idea suggested, even though it’s cool. Good luck Madhanaraj!

    • avatar Madhanaraj より:

      Thanks for your wishes! The QR Code is primarily for design appeal. Shaking the hand will make the QR code to move itself to make digits.

      Scanning and seeing the time with QR scanner is nice to do, but not primary way of seeing time.

  11. avatar Rick より:

    We cool concept, I can see this trending very fast as kids these days love technology. Not only is it a watch it also is a conversation starter. Great idea nice work!

  12. avatar Prasad Subramanya より:

    The QR Code technology + with other cute little enhancements [May be scanner/other app] would be more attractive and best seller perhaps. Nevertheless, to start with its a innovative idea to have this designer watch in my wadrobe. I would surely go for it.

    Great creativity Madhan. Keep it flowing high.

  13. avatar V Mohana Maniganda Babu より:

    sounds like some creative and innovative idea….it cud be recommend for college going and IT persons ….

  14. avatar kanaka priya より:

    its really nice innovative idea. let’s shift to a new tecnhnology….

  15. avatar Gowri より:

    It’s a new of digital watch which we can embed with all type of technologies like camera, phone. People want new thing in all. So it will reach to all easily….

  16. avatar Sridevi より:

    Excellent!!! Great!!!

  17. avatar Karthik j より:

    Good try. But I would not like to have or to use another device to get the mentioned information rather seeing it directly. And I believe The mobile device capapable of reading QR codes definitely will have access too www.

  18. avatar boopathi より:

    the concept by madhanaraj is nice, we need to implement such innovations. Good work madhanaraj.

  19. avatar deenu より:

    well done by madhanaraj.

  20. avatar Habeeb Mohamed より:

    Nice work…Excellent

  21. avatar rajkumar より:

    great work anna….


  22. avatar Lokesh より:

    Creative Idea and great work Excellent

  23. avatar Ganesh より:

    Brilliant and innovational!!!

    As always, your idea is commendable. You own novelty in applying your thought in projects that you work.

    Keep up the good work Madan.


  24. avatar Aphosno より:

    Cool! Little fashionable watch from the digital age! ****YES