Mechanic Analog Watch Design

(English) Design submitted by Patrick from France.

An analog watch that is easy to read using bright colored LEDs to indicate time within a clear and simple watch face design.

The center button activates the ‘night’ function which lights up the LEDs for hours and minutes.

The metal color is for men and bright colors for women.


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21 Responses to “Mechanic Analog Watch Design”

  1. avatar Samukun より:

    Wow cool idea! I submitted a similar (but I think different enough) idea too. I love it :D

    Congrats to your 3D watch. Did you learn 3D Patrick? It looks really nice.

    Like: the gear teeth as indicators, the ringgs with their trapezoid cuts, the different color/material propositions.
    Dislike: no available in the shop now :)


  2. avatar Patrick より:

    Hi Sam, yes this is my first watch 3D oufff, there are many imperfections, but the idea is there, it’s essential.
    Thank you for your appreciation.

    • avatar Samukun より:

      I’m impressed, you made that step Patrick. What program you use? As for the imperfections: you are your biggest critic. And I agree, your idea is clear.

      • avatar Patrick より:

        After several web search to find an easy to use software with “rendered” friendly, I chose the 3D “Shark FX”, but I know a small part, a lot of work perspective …

  3. avatar Firdaus より:

    OMG I thought it was Sam’s. I never have problem with your vector design submissions but now in 3d, also cool, and more sleek. I’m still skeptical if this is done in photoshop or illustrator, but that is off topic. I like the idea, simple analog, looks artistic. Short description and minimal design – no need to think longer to rate it 5* and yes.

    • avatar Patrick より:

      Firdaus thank you, now I no longer need to imagine persepctive and hidden faces of my drawings in 2D, with 3D, these are new designs.

  4. avatar Patrick より:

    Sam and Firdaus, what 3D software do you use?

    • avatar Firdaus より:

      I use blender because it’s free….

      • avatar Patrick より:

        For my part, Blender has a very special ergonomics, a little confusing?
        I am impressed by your designs with this software, but of course the important thing are your ideas.

  5. avatar Laszlo より:

    Congrats for the idea and the 3D render! A joy to watch this watch!

  6. avatar Cory より:

    Very Sweet design, Patrick! I absolutely love the way the mechanism to set the watch rests between two of the gear’s teeth. Excellent!

  7. avatar Patrick より:

    Thank you Cory!
    The Serrated roller of adjustment recalls the design of the watch, with the same splines.

  8. avatar sergeevae より:

    Beautiful watch! If you translate them into reality – I will definitely buy them! Greetings from Russia))

  9. avatar Ferox より:

    Beautiful. I want this now.

  10. avatar Yves より:

    The all-grey one at 8:42 really fits me. Thanks keeping one for me as soon as available. Even better if all stainless ? So, 5*

    • avatar Patrick より:

      Yves OK, all stainless steel, well received.
      For command, it will be necessary to approach Tokyoflash, they deliver in 5 days chrono, it’s great! I already tested several times.

      • avatar Yves より:

        Yes, I did too, but some worries with french customs. For stainless steel, what do you think about different brushings/polish for the 3 main parts ? And what about hiding the roller under a teeth ? Anyway, that’s the one I wish to wear ! Soon ??

        • avatar Patrick より:

          Initially, the production is what counts. Subsequently, various versions can be proposed, if the project will come true?