Analog LED Digital Hybrid Watch Design


Design submitted by Devindh from the UK.

Devindh says: “I looked at the watches featured in the Tokyoflash Watch Museum and the ‘Nekura Tumbler’ style of watch with it’s rotating, semi obscured face appealed to me. I did some more research online and decided to combine some of these design elements into my own hybrid version.

Telling the time is very simple. The hour markers are read through a small window that is integrated into the case in such a way as to draw focus. The minutes are read from a linear arrangement of LEDs that are ‘flush’ with the surface of the watch.

This watch design is aimed at ‘sporty’ people who also enjoy casual styling. This watch does not represent any particular ‘innovation’ in time telling, but I think the combination of design elements and styling will be enough to help it stand out from the others.”


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Analog LED Digital Hybrid Watch Design, 3.5 out of 5 based on 66 ratings

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24 Responses to “Analog LED Digital Hybrid Watch Design”

  1. avatar cygnus より:

    the most exciting concept design for a long time !!!!

  2. avatar Beto より:

    Rated 5.
    However, I would like to see more colors variations.
    I think the straps being a different color would do a great combination.

    • avatar Colored circle より:

      Hi Beto. Thankyou. I can certainly render out a few different colour variations to see what it might look. I’m not entirely sure that having different colours for the strap and the case would be as strong visually a single colour, but i can make some tests.

  3. avatar Avatara より:

    Hi Devindh, nice design, well done. the shape reminds me of R75. Is it actually an analog watch for the hours section? And LED for the minutes? It’s interesting to have the combination. Not sure about red myself, that is quite a statement.

    • avatar Colored circle より:

      Avatara. Thanks. The hour disc is analog. I chose red because there are not many red watches on this blog, so I thought it would help to make the watch stand out. My first instinct was to try White, but i find it difficult to render white objects convincingly.

  4. avatar Samukun より:

    Wow, great design! Very very nice shapes you have there. I like the mix of analog and LED. Can you please try a version with your special devindh gold? Please! But this version already looks like it belongs in a shopping window (and then out to the people) :D

    • avatar Colored circle より:

      Hey Sam. Once again thanks for your comment. I think it’s great that you always have something positive to say about everybody’s submitted ideas. It’s that kind of generosity that makes this blog a pleasure to visit:).
      Hmmm…Gold. If I rendered a gold version I think i would need to redesign a matching bracelet. But I might give it a try:)

      • avatar Samukun より:

        Well I also see little things which aren’t 100% perfect. But I can say that about the Tokyoflash watches, I already have – so not worth mentioning. I would buy it, that counts :D I try to see it with a bit more neutral eyes, because too specific tastes take a while to discuss. Oh yes, I liked your gold pretty much (some other people didn’t…). It’s a warmer alternative to chrome. If you have time, try it. I like to try a gold [1440] now.

  5. avatar MisterD より:

    Red is not my most liked color, but I’m sure this can be changed. :P Rated 5 and would buy :D

    • avatar Colored circle より:

      Thanks MisterD. I get the message about the colour……perhaps I’ll render out a few more variations:)

  6. avatar Cory より:

    The Case is awesome, the way the strap comes together with it is really neat and interesting, and the time telling method is too slick! The ONLY thing I don’t completely dig about this design is the color. Me gusta! 5/y!

    • avatar Colored circle より:

      Hey Cory. Thanks. Check out my replies above for the reason behind my choice of colour. I look forward to seeing more ideas from u:)

  7. avatar Colored circle より:

    The font that I used for the watch dimensions is called ‘Micro N55′ and is available at

  8. avatar ??? より:

    This is absolutely terrific! One or two different colors would be nice, but besides that it’s a 5 star watch to me!

  9. avatar TomRoll より:

    Beautiful watch, I love it. Would definitely buy it. Perhaps the led can be negative, for a black band.

  10. avatar Aphosno より:

    I start with the only thing i dont like: the green hours. Why green out of the sudden? The rest is great! I could tell you what I like, but it would be telling you things, you already know, hahaha. It looks so good!

    • avatar Colored circle より:

      Thanks Aphosno. Maybe i need to recalibrate my eyes:) I can’t seem to get the colours right….:)

  11. avatar Firdaus より:

    professional presentation. the idea is not new, but the arrangement is great and looks appealing. I am a guy and the color is not my favorite. 5* and yes for sure!

    • avatar Colored circle より:

      Hey Firdaus, thanks for the feedback. You know in some cultures red is considered to be good luck:)…..(well thats my excuse)….

  12. avatar Pete より: