AN-TI Analog Time Watch Design

Design submitted by Laszlo from Hungary.

Laszlo says: “This is an analog watch, with electroluminescent backlighting (yellow or green). The light shining through on two screen-printed acryil dials indicates the time. The fixed hand is printed on the inside of the glass.

The time reading on this watch design is very simple. The dials move in a clockwise direction and the time is always shown in the window at the 12 o’clock position.an_ti_analog_time_watch_design_animationan_ti_analog_time_watch_design_time_displayan_ti_analog_time_watch_design_packaging

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26 Responses to “AN-TI Analog Time Watch Design”

  1. avatar Jordair says:

    You know, I saw a watch almost exactly like this in a little watch stand in Thailand. The concept is simple, the design is actually quite ****, and the renders are fantastic.

    4* from me because I do like it, but the design could probably be improved.

  2. avatar Cory says:

    Nice piece of work, Laszlo. It is square, but round. Easy to read, yet original. The case is brilliant, I’d rather a different band on it; despite this, Still dropping the 5star Yes!

  3. avatar Firdaus says:

    There are many watch like this already on sale in the market. For example, 01 The One Analog – SPINNING DISK and BLACK DICE: GRIND. Let see, this is a watch design, but not a concept watch, neither even an innovation. Just a design. Opps, sorry, you have a new idea hear, I will take it as innovation, this watch has back-lighting support (although the watches I mentioned don’t need that). The vote is up for the masses though, I’ll pass.

  4. avatar Laszlo says:

    Ok Firdaus, I understand!
    But the Twelve – 5 – 9 and the binary watches are also many
    in range of manufacturers can be found…

    • avatar Firdaus says:

      12-5-9 and binary is concept, can come in variety of arrangements and designs, so this spinning disk. A good example is Ronu, that is different concept that breeds from the spinning disk concept. I think (for this watch) you just design existing watch with different style and claim it has electroluminescent back-lighting. Sorry for not being a fanboy, I don’t have that sentiment. BTW, no need to worry since your fingers got many functions ;-)

  5. avatar Keiron says:

    Very nice design, would definately buy one, I already own a lip mythic which is similar but as far as im aware there are no other “spinning disk” watches on the market with electroluminecent backlighting. One thing I’ve realised with my lip watch is its only really practical to wear in the daytime because of its lack of lighting. nice colours too, could see Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell placing an order ;)

  6. avatar Laszlo says:

    Thank you Keiron!

  7. avatar Jens says:

    Not an entirely new idea, but a very nice design.
    - Add an outer dial with seconds
    - Let the dials turn anti-clockwise and and the scales be more traditonal with higher numbers clockwise.

  8. avatar Rob says:

    I love it. My only problem with it is that if you have the numbers rotate the other way you can have it look like a normal clock with 1 to the right of 12 not the left. I think it would be much easier to read because we already see clocks in that fashion. I find it similar to the clock hanging on my wall right now:
    This is what i mean about the dials turning counter clockwise like this does to progress the time as opposed to turning in a clockwise fashion. I unlike Jens think that no second hand is needed. but agree with the “anti-clockwise” turning

  9. avatar Manu43 says:

    You won’t believe me, but I have thought of a design similar to this for a long time. To sum up, I would make the hour dial to spin clockwise, and the minute dial to spin anti-clockwise (or viceversa). I would also display the hour and minute hands. They would spin in the opposite direction of their respective dial.
    How to tell the time? It would be pretty simple: the dials and the hands would be sinchronized, so when the hour hand is pointing up (12 in a regular analog watch), it would be pointing to the actual hour in the spinning hour dial. On the other side, when the minute hand is pointing down (6 on a regular analog watch), it would be pointing to the actual minute in the spinning minute dial.
    I also thought that the hands and dials could vary how fast they spin depending on the time. Maybe the bigger the hour is, the faster the hour hand and dial spin, and so with the minutes.
    I would be a crazy watch and very easy to read. Everyone would hipnoticaly stare at it like: “hey….does that tell the time?”.
    Also, in my dreams this is an analog watch. But I guess it would be too expensive to build such an analog watch, most of us would not be able to afford it and ,so ,tokyoflash would not consider building it. I know, I know. But I just wanted to let you know how it is in my dreams. An analog watch like this would be amazing. But a digital one with a nice design and maybe cool animations (for example when both hands meet each other) would also be great.

  10. avatar makino says:

    i like this very much…5*/y for you

  11. avatar ??? says:

    This is a great design. Simple to read and would look great on anyone’s wrist. 5 stars plus a yes!!!

  12. avatar iznogoud says:

    Great!!! I love this design!!!

  13. avatar TomRoll says:

    Will buy this. Make it happen.

  14. avatar Lil says:

    It`s amazing and brilliant work, i`d buy this when it`ll be available!

  15. avatar AcanthaceousShrike says:

    This is the most ugly watch I’ve ever seen. I the 4.7 are not justified.

  16. avatar akicam says:

    It’ a very good analog watch. Great!

  17. avatar iswood says:

    je la trouve superbe. GG

  18. avatar Scott G says:

    Definitely my favourite out of all your designs. I think you have kept a mainstream element whilst also fitting the Tokyoflash feel.

    I really like the wide strap and chunky face. The yellow compliments the black well too. Very easy to read but looks cool and different.

    The only thing i feel is not quite right is the rotation on the dials. They seem to be going the wrong way to me. Currently you have it going 12…11….10…9, and i would suggest it goes 1….2….3….4, with the dials rotating anticlockwise, rather than clockwise. I think that is also what Manu43 pointed out in their comment. Its only a minor detail though.

  19. avatar jeremy says:

    very slick

  20. avatar mkornel says:

    Whoah, this one’s a great one!
    The colors kick ***, the shape is exciting, the display is clearly readable.
    This is a masterpiece!
    I can’t recall any occasion when I wanted so much watches so bad at the same time, but thanks to Laszlo I could wear a different watch every single day!

  21. avatar Aphosno says:

    4.8 are you kidding me? I have the feeling, that rating cheater has a favorite designer on here.

    Are the 80s coming back? Inconvenient mix of shapes. Not really new way to tell the time. Sorry Laszlo, this time it goes below 3*