An E-Paper Watch Design – This is Your Canvas

Design submitted by Sam from Germany.

Sam says: “Two things guided me to make this watch design. The first thing was the idea to make a wrist watch that the wearer can adapt as they please. The second thing was, I thought about why should one use e-paper for a watch? It is just black and white, has no background light and doesn’t look spectacular at all. The big benefit is, it can show anything you want (within the restriction, e-paper has) and the black-white is pretty artistic actually, so it was the perfect display type for my idea. And the word “spectacular” is subjective, you decide how the display on your watch looks! This watch is your canvas…

My concept concentrates on the method to use e-paper and two elements, the wearer of the watch can change: the time display type and the background of the display.  I chose a neutral looking watch with a big display, space for buttons and LEDs for the lighting and a USB port. The final appearance of the watch design can be different of course, but I think my proposal fits the needs pretty good. I am open to suggestions though.

This is how the watch works: you press the center button and then a menu opens. With the left and right button you can change the menus, with the up and down buttons you can change whatever value the menus offer. I am listing, what I think would be cool editing: the time (of course) the time display style (12h, 24h, numbers, words, roman, analog…), the tag which divides the numbers (:,-,_, ,~…), the typeface (you can upload fonts from your computer), the time display size, angle, position, black or white, border strength (can ease up reading), the background (you can upload images from your computer), the background size, angle, position, contrast (greyscale images will be shown reduced, so you can pic a value) and the LED color (to make it fit your style). The menu also shows the battery status. It could be more, it could be less. I think the creative mind finds enough customize already.

When you have finally made all your choices, you can save your “theme” (that adds a folder containing the typeface, the background image and a textfile with your settings on your watch). I think it would be cool if you share themes online. Tokyoflash could also make themes or special plug-ins for other display styles (like my Rorschach system) and post them online. So this watch would never get “old” or boring.

Everything you need, to widen the amount of possibilities, is some font files and images. You upload them via USB in the according folders and they are available in the watch menus. You don’t need programming skills, just a healthy amount of creativity.

This watch design is for people who don’t like to be restricted and who like to be creative. You can make your own themes, so sci-fi fans, artists, party people, business people… anyone can make this watch perfect for them.

With this watch, you can express your style in a whole new way. You looked for a watch, nobody else has? This is your canvas, make it look different!”



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108 Responses to “An E-Paper Watch Design – This is Your Canvas”

  1. avatar Samukun says:

    Hello everybody. I know, that’s much text up there. Short form: I made a concept for a watch, you can change the display of :D I posted this watch on my facebook account already and I already recieved some input. I’d like to share it with you. (text in ” ” is from me)

    Laszlo asked if the stripes in the background are animated: “The stripes are not animated. I think, e-paper cannot animate.” Then he gave me a link about a new e-paper with a high refresh rate. “I don’t know how expensive and how small this technology can be. And I don’t know about the energy needs, when changes. It has NO energy consumption when “on” so only one little bit of energy in a minute is needed. But when it changes each second… If it can be done, great! That would be a good addition to the menu the watch, I think. Because the idea of this watch is: Change it until you like :)

    A.F asked, why not make the editing on the computer and you just pick saved profiles on the watch. Then you would need less buttons and less processing power on the watch and it would minimize the price: “I would be willing to allow this simplification, if it helps the watch. Actually I wanted to leave out the computer as far as possible because this “addiction” is feels pretty confining. If you don’t like something when you’re outside, then you’re helpless. Well, today there are many computers everywhere… Or using blutooth and a smart phone…” I think it’s a cool idea, if it really drops the price. Less flexibility, more simplicity…

    Firdaus said: having a canvas on my wrist is surely an awesome thing, like having a wrist phone. but wrist phone has camera, mp3 function etc… (eg. pulse from blackberry, LG, and other brand from china).. the verdict; it probably best as concept, but for reality, it’s a risk for the company to test selling this watch if the cost is high. the wrist is not a big thing imho, just make sure it looks prestigious and comfort. Let see, who knows the result before the design appear on the blog. – the concept comes 1st.
    My answer: “oh i try not to compete with wrist gadgets. no cam, no phone, no colors. i just made an artistic watch you can edit. and u r right about the risk. i see the canvas watch is a very tough task. but i “needed” to come out with this idea, because it’s the ultimate e-paper idea. led screen would be a higher (at least the same) risk. and more gadget functions…. there are smart phones who can do it all for you…”

    And I must say, I forgot to add the “choose theme” option in the menu. But I’m expecting more input, and I’m open for suggestions, so this watch isn’t done yet. So, what do you think?

  2. avatar Kagiso says:

    OMG this is 1 of the best watches I’ve seen in a while, please let me knw wen the watch cums out coz that timepiece is classic

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Thanks for your impression and for using the term “classic”! This is exactly what I meant to have, when I chose a not photorealistic but a more graphical display.

  3. avatar Samukun says:

    Oh oh, if you have a display idea, a font, a background image or anything else you would like to see, tell me here, and I’ll do what I can.

  4. avatar Laszlo says:

    Great respect to you Sam! (and 5 stars + yes)

  5. avatar MisterD says:

    o.o holy s*** looks now more extraordinatry than last time somehow :D
    I’m just speechless…
    5* and clearly buy

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Thank you D! Yeah the 1440 was an appetizer to the topic “e-paper, and the fun you can have with it”. Glad you like it!

  6. avatar Beto says:

    Just Incredible, if this one doesn’t get made I think Armageddon will hit TF studios… (just kidding) :P

  7. avatar Firdaus says:

    Long literature, many images, this is surely a “mega” design submission ever in this blog. The best concept so far ever created in watch design (at least in this blog, or at least in my opinion). Who doesn’t love art? Having a canvas on your wrist, and u can do many customized art of your favorites on it for time telling is just awesome thing. The screen should be touch screen , and incorporated with accelerometer for additional awesomeness. Why u just don’t come out with colorful touch screen pixel-qi instead on b&w e-ink? Suggestion, there are two version; Original Canvas ~ B&W E-ink, Canvas Pro ~ Touch screen Pixel-Qi. It’s currently 4.8, so I hope either the rating increase to 5 point owh or at least remains as it is now.

    ps: why the heck u quote my private statement without asking me? I’ll talk to my lawyer. See you in court Sam ;-)

    • avatar Samukun says:

      First of all sorry for quoting. But I cut out all the things, rated pg and worse. My lawyer… she will talk you yours ;)

      Touch screen is nice. I decided for a “normal” screen and extra buttons because a flat e-paper screen looks so cheap (although it is more expensive). I placed a thick glass block on top here and I like it so far. But I totally see the benifit of a touch screen. Less menachics, more intuitive usage… If there really is an affordable e-paper with a high refresh rate, it is the thing to take. I love your alternative of the Canvas Pro. If it can be done in a good price, great! I think, I should try some renderings for it. An accelerometer would only be cool, if there are fluid refresh rates. Otherwise, I think a manual editing is way sufficient.

      Tech talk back and forth, I hope the concept gets along well :) As you said: Who doesn’t love art?

      Thanks so much for the input Firdaus!

      • avatar Firdaus says:

        Kindle cost +-$130 something…, so I guess for the small size as watch, the price for display shouldn’t be expensive, but the thing that contribute to the price might be other factors, ie the chip inside, battery, body, construction, etc. I changed my mind, the watch if being made probably sold around $200 (retail), must not be expensive as hell that we imagined. But who knows the future.

        ps: have u received any letter from my lawyer? ;-)

  8. avatar iswood says:

    very cool I like

  9. avatar Cory says:

    This thing rocks the house. Being able to adapt it to your tastes means it can be what you want it to be. like like

  10. avatar Sandra says:

    I’ve been staring at this watch for a while now and I still don’t know what to say:D
    It’s… great! And I like that it’s simple enough not to make things ultra mega hyper complicated. It’s still a watch, not a computer/phone. I hope it would work well with e-ink.. Anyway, it needs a good research on the materials and other solutions which is cool I think. Makes the whole progress more interesting.

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Speachless? That’s cute. Sandra, thanks alot! You take the words out of my brain! And you are right, there is quite some research necessary, if the watch is ever considered to be made ;)

  11. avatar Nicolai says:

    Woah, this thing is just awesome, well done=).
    I really loved your other designs, too, but this is by far the best (I rated all of your designs 5* though^^).

    Many greetings from germany, please keep making stuff like this sam;)

  12. avatar cygnus says:

    I pray now that this is real !!!

  13. avatar ??? says:

    The designs this past month or so have been incredible and this one is definitely no exception!! Amazing job on this one!!!

  14. avatar werwolf says:

    holy 5hi+! :D
    loving this, sam.

    do you intend to enable the user to set different themes to different times or dates?
    e.g. on the 1st of september my watch display morphs from my summer theme to my autumn theme or at midnight the theme switches to the alternative colorscheme, that i have prepared?

    great work! this goes on my would-buy-list!

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Heyhey thank you werwolf, for the creative input!

      I did think about occasional themes, but didn’t think about an automated schedule, which is a great idea! This would need some extra tabs in the menu and a little text file in the system folder – relatively easy task. There can be birthday scheme or halloween or anniversary… Ok, this watch needs a calender and an optional date display! Then you could say, when which theme gets applied. And if this watch has an alarm, the display could change accordingly too. As I wrote in the introduction, it would be more functions (flexibility), it could be less (simplicity).

      Inspiring, isn’t it :)

  15. avatar MD says:


  16. avatar jeremy says:


  17. avatar Aphosno says:

    Watch out samu! Someone started to rate you down again. 4.9 to 4.7 within one hour! Within a day, ok. But not in one hour! I think he found a way to trick tokyoflash again.

    I agree with the preceeding comments. This is amazing! Seems you really thought this through. I hope this can be done! The technology exists already, so it just has to be combined. 5*/y!!!

    Common people, support this! Let’s show that hater, he’s not welcome!

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Oh I see… thanks for watching, but don’t take this too serious ok. I agree, haters aren’t welcome. Honest support is :)

      Yeah I thought it quite through, as far as my layman knowledge let me. I have the same hope, Aphosno.

      @ MD and jeremy above: TYVM!

    • avatar Firdaus says:

      Agree with Aph-dono. I told Sam to observe the rating movement to find out who is the culprit. Its not too hard to find out the zealot(s) ~ zealot(s) and hater probably are different person ~ zealot(s) obviously work(s) on behalf of hater. But who cares now, since I believe Sam already convinced as I do that the zealot is epic fail.

  18. avatar Keiron says:

    Awesome design Sam! I think this technology will one day change fashion completely, low voltage, vibrant and higher resolution than any lcd display, (personally i’d really like an e-paper tie to match :p). Very attractive strap and case, and the customization is a truely revalutionary feature. Even if it was priced at £200+ i’m sure it would still sell, you can keep your rolex, i’d have one of these instead any day!

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Thank you Keiron, for your impression! Yeah, I tried to use the advantage of e-paper towards lcd, but tried to keep it uncomplicated. I’m glad, the case and straps seem good or at least neutral, because they mustn’t distract from the display. About the price… if the quality is right, why not? Tokyoflash often said, the like to cover a wider range ;)

  19. avatar KuroHito says:

    Wohoo, nice concept man, really appreciate it. Thought I can help you bumping up the rate by voting for you, but I guess 1 vote is not enough no change it, never mind i’ll get as much vote from people that I know, lets make this thing go viral.

    Tokyoflash you better make note of this guy and make this design happens, its a shame to let a very thorough and intricate design like this wash away, make it and I’ll buy it for sure

  20. avatar RelaxAndRawr says:

    Amazing concept. Very clean when you don’t see the display, and pretty cool when you do see the display. And very versatile. Great idea.

  21. avatar Rascle McPherson says:

    Brilliant idea! Wanted an E-ink watch for a decade now! And having just seen the e-ink screen on a kindle (UBER fast and VERY clear) this tech already exists!

    Tokyoflash, build this today! and you have a sure fire hit! and the community will no doubt form to create the screens! Walking dead screen anyone?! ;)

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Thanks so much for your enthusiasm Rascle! Oh yes, such e-paper is uber readable. Better than a book, when ur in sunny outside. And better than lcd too. I have to admit, there are e-paper watches out there already. But they don’t fully use the potential of e-paper. Cool idea, about the walking dead :)

      • avatar Rascle McPherson says:

        Walking dead render is amazing!!! This has just become even more amazing!

        Alas will Tokyo flash want to release a watch that no-one replaces for a few years!

  22. avatar James Fursedon says:

    Hi Sam,

    Love the work as always, you have come up with a design classic this time!
    I have been working on a similar design for some time now but yours is a work of art (and I’m happy with one watch in production :-) ). My only concern is that the software to make this run would be too complicated to make within a reasonable time-frame (it took almost a year from design to production for the Kisai RPM).

    My idea was that the watch would be a simple usb storage device with 1440 pictures stored in it named simply as the time (0000.jpg, 1356.jpg etc.). Each picture can be completely unique and represent the time in any way imaginable so the watch can be totally individual and will surprise you every time you look at it! This is a lot of pictures so Tokyoflash would need fan suggestions as you have mentioned to get started, but the user could change any picture they liked just by replacing the file.

    This takes the editing away from the watch and on to the computer, not as geeky but a lot easier to get into production.

    Perhaps this is a totally different idea to yours but you got there first and the name “canvas” made me draw comparisons, so didn’t want to be accused of taking your idea. I suppose it’s up to Tokyoflash if they consider my idea worth drawing up separately (I don’t have the skills to do it myself).

    Good luck and keep designing,


    • avatar Samukun says:

      James, thank you for your thoughts! Cool, you see the watch as “classic”.

      Oh yeah, tricky situation with these coincidental similarities. I cannot say much about it. Your idea can be covered by mine, but would definitely be seperately produceable in a short time. My intention was to open a discussion: do I propose too many options, or not many enough. There are already optinions on both sides. It is about complexity and simplicity… I’m not sure, if there is a “reasonable” time frame. Good things need time, hehehe. Hm, let’s wait and see what TF does…

      I’ll keep it up ;)

  23. avatar Patrick says:

    As often with Sam, I am impressed by the technology and design without talking about the presentation impeccable!
    Just a point of view and very friendly staff, why design as “classic”? (deutsch Nüchternheit?)
    Full star for Sam, certainly the best of this blog and many others …

  24. avatar Samukun says:

    Hehehe, I see “classic” as elementary, neutral and fashionably timeless. I liked to let the display take over the main part, and the case and straps are the underpart, wich have to support it. Nüchternheit is soberness, in designs as well as in people who drink :) I let the display be sober in a certain way though… artistically simple.

    Patrick, thank you for coming by and leaving your kind words!

  25. avatar Akinori Nemoto says:

    Wow. It’s so cool.
    Great customizable watch.
    I love this one.
    If it is about 300 dollars, it pays without the hesitation.

  26. avatar Matt says:

    Wow, I cannot think of such a perfect design for a watch. I would pay (almost) anything; this is so cool! I hope the software/API would be flexible enough to display the time in any way you want (especially non-traditional ways if you come up with a cool idea). Like binary displays, a polar clock (concentric circles), et cetera. It seems like it would be.

    Amazing work!

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Cool Matt, thank you!

      Yeah, e-paper can be that flexible but the software… there is actually more possible than I can think of, hehehe. Assuming, there can’t be graphical non-text displays, there is still so much you can customize. If the base code is open source, not only laymen can upload their themes to share them with others, also programmers can offer results of their creativity – infinite possibilities! But I tried to give access to non-professionals in the first place. Everyone has pics and fonts on the computer. And if even that is too much, one could download themes from people who love creating. About the price, that is an interesting way to evaluate a design, by asking, what would you pay? There are $200 – £200+ ($335+) mentioned already, and your “(almost) anything” :D

  27. avatar Laszlo says:

    I guess I’ve lived so far in mistaken when I thought of a watch, to buy it. That would be the only one!

  28. avatar Scott G says:

    I’ll be honest and say i have never been a huge fan of E-ink technology. The main reason being the blackness of the black (if that makes sense). It has never been black enough for me.

    However, i also have to honest in saying this is probably the most exciting design on the blog to date. I’m sure this will have a mass appeal (as the comments and rating already suggests) and its definitely a watch id like to add to my collection.

    Personally, i’d like it as ‘buttonless’ as possible – so editing is done via USB – keeping the watch as clean looking as possible. I think most people who would get excited by this design would be computer literate anyway so it wouldn’t be an issue, in fact it would add to the ‘geek factor’! :)

    I have a couple of questions for you:

    - What would the resolution of the screen be?
    - Is it actually possible to add a back light to E-Ink? I ve never seen this on an e-ink watch before (although i’m certainly no expert!).

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Hey Scott, first of all thank you for your impression and opinion :D You mention good points!

      Yeah e-paper has good and bad aspects. I try to squeeze out the good ones. The e-paper watches it saw so far, could be lcd watches too actually… I didn’t know, the black is not that good. I thought black is black. I am more concerned about the white. Many e-papers are light grey, wich I don’t like. The reflectivity of e-paper is pretty good, maybe that’s the reason why black isn’t that super dark…

      I can see the point in having a clean look. I tried to make subtle buttons for that reason. I think, if the watch can look like anything you like, you should be able to change it wherever you are. You see, it’s like “Oh yes you can park here, but only on weekends.” But I also see the advantage of outsourcing the editing from the watch into the computer: pure design (very good point), less internal a.i. (price), more practical editing options (rotating by pulling instead of pressing a button again and again for example).

      About the resolution: Well I’m not sure about it yet. I advertise with a high resolution of course, as long as it is a concept. For e-books, 170 dpi are getting overdue already, 300 dpi are getting more and more and that would be the minimum I suggest for the watch because it is recommended paper print resolution. Since such e-paper is outside already, it should have a reasonable price. If it also has a 4 level gray scale, it should look great.

      Oh, I read black light first. Backlight… as far as I know, the base of THE e-paper is opaque. For me it is totally ok, because I like the appearance of the e-paper when it tries to look like paper, and not like a tft screen. There is this PixelQi display, which is like e-paper with colors and light. But it is relatively new. That’s a big jump… Black/white plus LEDs or full color and light emitting. I don’t know about black/white and light emitting. I’m definitely no expert too. I like the not photorealistic, more graphical appearance and praise it ;) I think the relation between adaptability and prize is pretty good now.

      If it helps the watch, I wont stick to my initial proposal of course. It’s not easy to find the “borders” of this design (how much of this, how much of that?) The base image is clear: it is your canvas. Very cool, that we have these different points of view here! I’m curious how far this goes!

      • avatar Scott G says:

        Cool. I think if you can keep the screen resolution sharp then you are on to a winner. I can see a lot of the tech blogs featuring this if it gets selected, so marketing should be very easy. Good luck!

  29. avatar Bogarte says:

    Scott what happened to your 7r0n.

  30. avatar question mark says:

    Would it be possible to have a Tetris background on this? I think a moving Tetris background would be awesome haha

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Hey ? (short form, :P ), I’m not sure about the energy needs of a constantly changing e-paper (like one step each second). If energy is no problem, it’s an easy task to have such. In any case it is super easy to have a static image. Thanks for your entry, ?

  31. avatar Bulent says:

    how to get this wonder?? :) does it ever block if you try to install something?

    • avatar Samukun says:

      How to get… many comments, good ratings and a manufacturer.

      I’m not sure what you mean with block… “Trying to install” is plugging in a USB cable and add images/fonts/themes. The watch continues it’s service when doing so becasue the time signal is independent from the display style source memory. Or do you mean, if the buttons seize functioning if a USB cable is plugged in? This is still a concept, so implementing user-friendly options is something for a possible future :)

      Thanks for your comment, Bulent.

      • avatar Bulent says:

        Thanks for your time & explanation, how and where can I buy it from? any direction would you give me?

        • avatar Samukun says:

          Oh Bulent, this watch can’t be bought because it is a concept design. If many people like it and/or make corresponding comments here and if Tokyoflash finds affordable technology, and if the watch fits their coming catalog, then maybe this watch gets made. Maybe, Bulent :)

  32. avatar rickjake says:

    I want this watch! I really hope this gets put into production. Great design my friend!

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Me too, unknown friend, me toooooo :D

      @Bogarte below: Scott might not see your question in here. Why don’t you ask Tokyoflash? You could go to their Facebook or Twitter page. This beauty needs to be made!

      • avatar rickjake says:

        Will do! I hope everyone does. I think it is the most innovative watch on this blog. Again great job, do you have a personal website?

        • avatar Samukun says:

          Thank you!

          I have collected my watches on a free website here, where I also give a preview of the most recently submitted watch.

  33. avatar Bogarte says:

    @Scott it’s been along time since the 7r0n was thought of. Is it every going to be made

  34. avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

    Well done sam, may i ask what programs you use? the rendering is so very good

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Thanks Jun! I use 3ds Max for the geometries and the renderings. For post processing and finishing I use Photoshop. There are realistic renderer plug-ins for SketchUp out there, if you would like to give it a try.

  35. avatar Jordair says:

    I’d like to see this watch go into production. Unfortunately, I think the cost would be too great to make this watch practical. Who am I to say that though?

    This concept has potential and I hope Tokyoflash is able to make this a reality.

    Best of luck.

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Thank you very much :D Yeah adaptability in a smooth shell has it’s price. I hope have that hope too. Let’s see what the future brings 8)

      • avatar Jordair says:

        Also, you mentioned that you use 3ds Max…

        Is that the 2011 x64 version? And do you do the display artwork in there too, or do you do that in Photoshop?

        • avatar Samukun says:

          Oh I’m using an older version of Max. I’m not that much into it, to know the big differences in the latest version. But you make nothing wrong with a 2011 x64. Yes, the display artwork is done in Photoshop, then imported into Max where it gets combined with the watch, the image I let Max produce, will be edited in PS then… So it’s back and forth and back… But Max and PS are just two programs, I can recommend Blender and GIMP which are free and also very strong.

        • avatar Jordair says:


          I too use Max and photoshop but I’m pretty terrible with both programs. I didn’t know you could import .pngs from photoshop into Max and combine the images into one?

          I’ll have to look into this.

          Thanks for the information :)

        • avatar Samukun says:

          Oh I actually meant, I used the display artwork image as texture (like wallpaper for geometry) in Max. But “combining images into one” is also possible im Max, but that’s not written in the help section ;)

  36. avatar Can says:

    this, man; is the best watch I’ve ever seen.

  37. avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

    Congrats sam on magnificent design :D

  38. avatar Jun Fan Lee says:

    This watch would be very addicting to control by the wearer…knowing that you can customise your watch will make everyone change it every second to loo kat every single design xD it would be great fun

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Thank you Jun :D Yeah, I think so too. That’s why I prefer editing the display on the watch (everytime and everywhere) and not on the computer (which you just have to take fonts and pics from then). And if you are tired to make it for yourself, you can go to the internet and take themes, others share. You could collect them all (another addiction hehe).

      @Can above: Hey thanks for sharing your impression!

  39. avatar Sandra says:

    Wow, Im glad I came back to check your design again – you have made some really cool extra versions, and I so love them!! The Tetris looks very chic and the walking dead one is my favorite:) Now I want this watch even more!

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Then I’m even more glad to have made them :D When a girl loves zombies on her wrist, the world is more than ready for this watch, hehehe. I’m working on another version, but lunch first ;)

      • avatar Sandra says:

        Ha haa, I like that catchy advertisement :D And that new version for rock’n'roll gals is pretty cute too..
        Seriously, can’t wait till I can buy it. Let’s hope for the best ;)

  40. avatar Pete says:

    Just simple: Great

  41. avatar Steffen says:

    a cutomizable watch, crazy
    5 stars and a YES
    Could you extend it with the date?

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Oh yeah, I think adding date would be easy. An internal calendar offers some nice options like date specific themes… But it’s easy for me to say ;) Thank you Steffen!

  42. avatar lumi says:

    Superbe vivement qu ‘elle soit commercialisée

  43. avatar Wilfried says:

    Neeeeeeed !

  44. avatar Tim says:

    Can’t wait !
    Enfin une montre totalement customisable !
    J’attend avec impatience

  45. avatar Kehreir says:

    Price don’t matter, I need this watch.

  46. avatar Akalia says:

    Chameleon watch, always the watch that fits you the best. Awesome concept, can’t wait for this watch to be available !!

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Hahaha “Chameleon” was the working title for this watch!!! On the example animation, the 6th possibilities image was my first teaser image, the one that shows 9:18. It’s a chameleon skin in the background :D Well, you seem to see the essence of how this watch was meant. Thanks for your comment!

  47. avatar pyromat says:

    Excuse me but I’m french!

    when will your watch be released for sale
    i can’t wait to wear her on my wrist !!!

    Excuse me but I’m french!

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Salut pyro!

      You’re from France, you’re very welcome! I’m from Germany :D I’m so sorry to tell you, this is just a concept and noone knows if it will ever be made. I’m glad you like it and wrote your message. Thank you for that, that’s good help! So tell your friends, there are two days left to rate and comment.

      Kind regards from Germany,

  48. avatar Rinzler envergao says:

    A la está bien verga el pinchi reloj hahahaha

    that’s the best watch i’ve ever seen dude! ;)

    i’ve given my vote buddy ;)


    • avatar Samukun says:

      Woohoo youre comment #100 :D Pinche? OMG, hehehe. Thanks for your enthusiastic comment and for your vote, muchas gracias Rinzler!

  49. avatar Thomas says:

    Yeah. I want that watch. I love e-paper and its about time for such a watch to become reality. I’m impressed about the concept of that menu and all the tons of options you can set directly on the watch (and not a computer with a stupid beta-software to do it). Gives you also plenty of opportunities in boring classes, meetings and waiting lines. Yeah. I want it.

    • avatar Samukun says:

      Oh yeah you have a good argument: killing time when waiting. Thanks to those options you can create so much and can have fun anywhere. I also agree, that such a watch has to be real. Two reasons: 1st, e-paper can do so much more, why not letting it do it finally on our wrists? 2nd, customizing is THE feature of this young century.

      Thomas, thanks alot for your comment!

  50. avatar Yvan says:

    This concept is really amazing.
    I actually have a “standard” watche and I don’t use it anymore since 4 years…
    If this concept becomes true I will directly buy one and I would be very happy to wear it everyday !!!
    You can change the display when you want to fit your mood and create new ones.

    Just neeeeed :) !

    I hope it will be produced


  51. avatar Inoskyh says:

    I really love this concept…

    So please, simply do it if you have the possibility !

  52. avatar Samukun says:

    Thank you all for your great comments! Some of you had really good ideas while others clearly said, how much they like this concept. All this is a good sign and I hope this helps for the future. Stay tuned and stay critical, you make the blog live!

    Best regards from Germany,